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King of the Dead (1994 FantaCo Entertainment)- While searching the realm of gold and jewels that is Ebay for zombie comics, DWI discovered "King of the Dead." And just to show that it is always true that you can judge a book by its' cover... oh wait. King of the Dead sucks. Books 1-3 contain some nice black and white art work but the story is dog vomit! Why do 90% of all obscure comics have stupid, shitty stories?! Talking zombies that make jokes are not, and never will be cool! And what is up with book #3? Can you say there are no zombies at all?! There is just a lame-ass guy in a rat suit fighting a big, shirtless man on a roof top. King of the Dead #3 is one of the most boring comics ever made! The artist change for King of the Dead #3 is obvious as on the cover shown above. Books 0-2 featured a story (shit) by Steve Niles and Art by Brian Clark, book 3 featured a story (shit x shit) by Steve Niles and art by Stephen Ittner. Ittner's art is totally different than that of Clark, and unsuitable for the medium. Ittner's work is very sketchy while Clark's is fine and clean. Did I say that #3 sucks and the story will give you brain damage from its' extreme level of stupidity? PS the series just comes to an abrupt stop in #3 which makes it even more annoying if you actually bothered reading them all like me.
Below I have included the one page which is truly cool from King of the Dead.


Zombie War (1992 FantaCo Tundra)- I knew this comic existed because I obtained the Zombie War trading card set which is derived from it in my trading card collecting-craze-days. The trading cards are kind of amusing, the comic is not. The story is by Kevin Eastman and Tom Skulan and the art is by Kevin Eastman and Eric Talbot. The inside art which is pictured below, seems sloppy and the story which contains a talking zombie king, as does King of the Dead, is not very good. Don't make zombies talk!!! It doesn't work!!! I imagine King of the Dead was inspired by this comic, especially since they are both from Fantaco. King of the Dead 0-2 has better art, but much worse story and humor. Don't waste your valuable eyes on this comic series either.


Dead World (Arrow Comics 198?)- Now that I have just discovered that Dead World was made in the 1980s (I just have comics 7,8,9,12 which span 1988-1989 so I don't know when Dead World 1 came out) I can safely declare that it may be responsible for the contents of other 2 comic series above. Dead World follows the adventures of some characters who look and act stupid as they attempt to destroy the intelligent and all too talkative "King Zombie". King Zombie dresses like an 80s heavy metal rock star, what zombie king wouldn't?! The zombie army which King Zombie commands also includes four armed creatures with giant teeth and no eyes!
Dead World is written and illustrated by Vincent Locke who combines realism with cartoony elements for unappealing results. The first example below is from part three of Dead Tales which appears in the back of Dead World 12 and which proves Locke can do decent art and story if he wants too. The other 2 examples below show 2 of the particularly lame and cartoony main characters from Dead World. While the covers of Dead World are nice and gory, the comics inner contents will let you down.

Dead Tales art, yes, a truly interesting effect!

This Guy Sucks!

This Kid Sucks!

Yes, that's him, King Zombie.... and yes.... He Sucks!


The Walking Dead (Zombie Special #1 of 1, Aircel Comics 1990)- The Walking Dead Zombie Special from Aircel Comics is better than many zombie comics because it features no stupid jokes! Yes, we all know how hard it is to find zombie comics without stupid jokes! The comic features two stories written and illustrated by Jim Somerville! The first story, "Dead or Dead," has very few zombies! The piece is really more about a kid sheriff in a future world full of motorcycle-driving outlaws! The kid imagines all the people and zombies he kills are cowboys! A short, not that interesting story with so-so art! The second story (Dead Mass) is a little hard to follow- a priest falls into the abyss of hell and returns to earth as a zombie to raise the dead and the end! Both stories could use a lot more development and substance, they leave the reader going... "hmmm, so what?"! I have included the best picture from the comic below and a page which shows Somerville's zombie-art style! This comic is worth a look if you find it for a buck somewhere!

The Priest's Rude Awakening in "Dead Mass"

Rise of the Zombies in "Dead Mass"


Tomb of Bloke (#1, Virus Comics 2009, art by Ju Gomez)- Tomb of Bloke has a story line that almost every zombie comic/movie seems to feature- a top secret experiment goes wrong and zombies (some of whom are intelligent) take over the world! Right off the bat this comic loses a number of points because that story is way over-used! This comic first appeared online on Myspace which is cool except that Myspace is dumb (and Face Book!) but the internet is a great way to get a comic out there without having to pay for printing and Myspace is unfortunately very good at getting things out there! You can't beat a good old paper comic in your hands though! Any way, the story goes- a security guard named Bloke (nice to use an unusual name but Bloke is a dumb name) is attacked by zombies and turns into an intelligent zombie bent on revenge against those responsible, especially after he discovers that zombies ate his girl friend who has giant tits! Bloke gets in a fight with a bear monster thing and shoves a rock shard into the flesh of his hand to tear the bear creature up! Gomez seems to have a fetish for blades on hands (see other Gomez comic reviews)! The art style on the inside of the comic is supposed to look like beat up old photographs or something (see below) but it really just interferes with the images! As with other Gomez comics some of the pages feature pretty decent and detailed art while others seem rushed as the detail suddenly seems to disappear! The end of the comic features a small sample of the Gomez comic "The Horror" which is very Hellboyish- a seemingly "good" demon creature with 1 1/2 horns who assassinates other demons with a gun! Check Tomb of Bloke out online and if you like it buy it to help Virus Comix continue its quest of "indy" comics of blood!

A Mutant Zombie Soldier!!!!

Zombies Roam a Desolate City!!!!


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