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Rolling Vengeance (1987)- (Feat. Don Michael Paul, Lawrence Dane, Ned Beatty, Lisa Howard)
Pretty much no matter what a director does, you can't mess up a movie about a killer monster truck!!!!! Rolling Vengeance is monstrously radical!! When the drunken owner of a redneck bar- Tiny (Ned Beatty) and his sons kill Joey's family and mess with his girlfriend, there is only one thing he can do!!! It is time to finish the monster truck he was working on and add a few modifications like a giant drill!!!! The fire-spitting juggernaut which looks just like the ridiculous beast on the film's cover- begins its reign of destruction by crushing all the cars in Tiny's used car parking lot! Hmmm, so that is why the film's writer wrote in the bit about Tiny also having a used car parking lot?!!! Who would have seen that coming?!!!!! From there on out Joey runs over Tiny's sons one by one and even flattens buildings!!!!! Phat!!!!!! Beatty does a great job of playing a despicable and greasy, hunk of white trash and he and his sons are so bad that there is no doubt in the viewer's mind that they all deserve "Rolling Vengeance"!!!
Produced and Directed by Steven H. Stern

Killer's Moon (1985)- (Feat. Anthony Forrest, Tom Marshall, Georgina Kean)
Killer's Moon is an English horror film which is essentially a big rip-off of the great American film Alone in the Dark!!! Four mental patients escape from a hospital while they are on a drug which is used for therapy that makes them think they are in a dream!! Not believing they are in the real world, they let their violent tendencies run wild!!!! One of the men is suppossed to be a religious fanatic, just like Alone in the Dark, and one is supposed to like molesting little boys (in Alone in the Dark it was little girls)! Interestingly, none of the crazy men ever make any religious speaches and none of them ever mentions or tries to molest any little boys?!!! When the evil men come across a young group of choir girls stranded in a bed and breakfast with two of their teachers in the middle of nowhere, you can imagine what happens! The girls in the film dress and act very young although I'm not sure they are supposed to be!!! It seams fairly wrong when the mental patients have their way with them! There are two death scenes in the film which are also directly jacked from American films- a woman who gets pinned to a door by a butcher knife (Halloween) and one where a mental patient gets his throat ripped out by a dog (The Hills Have Eyes)!!!!! While unoriginal, the movie is not uninteresting and its crappiness is at times amusing! Watch it and you be the judge!!!!!!
Written and Directed by Alan Birkinshaw

Blue Monkey (1987)- (Feat. Steve Railsback, Gwynyth Walsh, John Vernon, Joe Flaherty, Robin Duke)
Blue Monkey is an interesting name for this film because it really doesn't tell one anything about the film and the name is just taken from a tiny scene which has almost nothing to do with the rest of the story!!! The film is actually about an old man who gets pricked by an unusual tropical plant and then barfs up a giant grub which turns into a giant-killer praying mantis type bug!!!! The barfing and bug take place in a hospital where it is discovered the bug barfs are contagious so the whole place is put on lock down until a cure is found and the blood thirsty bug is destroyed!! Steve Railsback plays a cop who gets stuck in the hospital and ends up leading the search and destroy party for the bug! There are some amusing special effects like the grub barfing and the old man's bloody explosion!!! While the giant bug looks cool, it is controlled pretty primitively which is unfortunate!!!! The way Blue Monkey is put together, one gets tired of the constant searching for and running from the bug and wishes the film was about 30 minutes shorter!! OK, that is it!
Directed by William Fruet
Video Clip of the Old Man Vomiting a Bug and of the Full Grown Bugs from Blue Monkey!!!

Skeleton Rider (2007)- (Feat. Bruce Boxleitner, Michael Horse, Clara Bryant, Adoni Maropis, Jesse Janzen)
Skeleton Rider is a movie which was clearly produced with the idea that fans of the shitty Ghost Rider movie might want to watch it, or those who haven't seen Ghost Rider might mistake it for it!!! The film is quite low budget as is obvious by the video quality, poor use of lighting, mediocre acting, mostly unknown actors, and just about everything else!!!! A good portion of the film's budget must have gone to the swell computer graphics which were used to create the film's skeleton, "The Bone Eater" who rides around on a horse made of dust and bone!! Neither The Bone Eater or his horse are ever on fire as the box art suggests!
Story- a greedy, millionaire land developer is building a housing development on sacred indian land and in the process a long dead indian shaman is disrupted from his slumber and he returns to life as a giant skeleton known in indian legends as The Bone Eater!!! The local sheriff is called in when three workmen go missing and they are soon followed by others who are related to the project!! Why are people disappearing?!!!! Because when The Bone Eater kills his victims... they vaporize into nothing of course!!! This vaporization death which is achieved with only the best of computer-generated special effects is dumb because it is the only way The Bone Eater kills people so there are no awesome dismemberments or mutilations!!!!!
The Bone Eater can only be stopped by a sacred bone ax which ends up in the local tow truck owners car! There are many unnecessary elements to the film like when the sheriff's daughter shows up in town for no good reason other than the need for a "hot chick" in the film!!! The daughter's appearance seems important and one gets the feeling she will have something to do with The Bone Eater's eventual destruction, but she doesn't!!!!! There is also a lame subplot about an angry, young indian man who wants to defend the indian land which the developer is defiling and help The Bone Eater kill the white man, but he really doesn't do anything other than try to kill the sheriff towards the end of the film!!! The film's highlight is when the sheriff who is half indian puts on the world's shittiest rawhide, indian jacket and a couple specks of war paint so he can do battle with The Bone Eater!!!!! The only reason to watch this movie is to be stupid, so if that is one wants to do, Skeleton Rider will really help out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Directed by Bob Robertson

The Nightmare Never Ends (? Early 80s)- (Feat. Cameron Mitchell, Mark Lawrence, Faith Clift, Charles Moll, Maurice Grandmaison)
The Nightmare Never Ends was an award winner at the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films apparently!!! The most important thing about this fairly strange movie is that it has three directors!!!! The acting is good, the filming is interesting- although often a little dark making it difficult to tell what is going on, but that is typical of horror films of the time, and the story is intriguing!!!!!! Plot- a man writes a book called "God is Dead" and a man who is the devil and his followers find out and want the author on their side!!!! The author's wife is a devote catholic and has nightmares warning her the her husband is in trouble, they also show her scenes of the devil's past deeds such as Nazi atrocities!! A monk bent on destroying the devil tries to save the author and help his wife but finds it very difficult since the author does not believe in god!!!!!
The devil in The Nightmare Never Ends is a young man who likes hanging out at clubs with his lady friends and who can turn into a beast when threatened- which one never really gets to see well!!!!!! There are nice hallucinatory dream and devil power induced sequences in this movie and a pleasant blood splattering devil dissection for a finally! Unusual and worth seeing for fans of older horror films and weird crap!!!!!
Directed by Tom McGowan, Greg Tallas and Philip Marshak
The Nightmare Never Ends- Video Clip of the Man Who Doesn't Believe in God's Run in with the Devil!!!!

Avenging Spirit (1989)- (Feat. Cliff Robertson, Jean Simmons, Jenny Agutter, Simon Ward, Ron Moody, Judy Geeson)
Avenging Spirit is one of those great movies that a company, in this case Impulse Productions Inc.- got its hands on a re released with cheesy and gory box art that has nothing to do with the film!!!! No, I'm afraid you will never a smoking blob of skulls and tortured faces in Avenging Spirit!! 1989 is the Impulse Productions Inc. release date for Avenging Spirit, it is actually and British film which was made in the late 70s or early 80s!!!!! Avenging Spirit tells the tale of a woman who is driven into madness until she kills herself, it looks like the husband's doing but right after her death he begins hearing and seeing things himself!! Is it a ghost or some kind of human plot?!!!!! Only time will tell!! A good thriller which will surely be too slow for the young people of today but if you can stand a movie that has no computer generated effects and does not cut every two seconds, check Avenging Spirit out!!!
Directed by Michael Anderson

The Godsend (1981)- (Feat. Cyd Hayman, Malcolm Stoddard, Angela Pleasence, Patrick Barr)
The Godsend is one of the infinitude of movies that was made to cash in on the Exorcist and Omen craze!!!! A strange woman ends up at a family's house and has her baby there! The next morning the woman is gone and she left her baby!!! The Family decides to keep the baby and they name her Bonnie!! Bonnie's first act of kindness is to kill the family's other baby when they are both in the cradle! Several years pass by and the family, unaware that Bonnie was responsible for the baby's death, soon find another of their children has suffered from a deadly accident! With two children other than Bonnie left, what will happen next?!! Eventually the father begins to suspect Bonnie is not as innocent as they believed her to be when he realizes that his son is deadly afraid of her!!!! The strange woman in the beginning of the film does an excellent job, and the girl who plays Bonnie is great at being evil! The acting is decent, but towards the end the movie becomes slow and the very final scene is very cheesy and lame, not doing the rest of the film justice!! A good dollar bin find but no more!!!!
Produced and Directed by Gabrielle Beaumont
The Godsend- Video Clip of the Encounter with the Strange Woman who Gives Birth to the Evil Girl!!!

Victims (1985)- (Feat. ? box does not say)
This low-budget film is very poorly and choppily directed and often incoherent!!! The film quality is also no less than terrible!! Uncle Jack couldn't watch much of Victims because it is pretty sick and unpleasant to view!! Two crazy men end up in a forest after a number of bloody murders in a town!!!! They rape and kill who ever they come across because hey... that is how they have fun!! The director's fake blood of choice is clearly red paint! The middle age women who are often completely naked are either grossly skinny or a little overweight and the shitty film quality only adds to their unattractiveness!!!!! Are you fucked-up and like watching nasty shit? Well hey, watch this!!!!!!
Produced and Directed by Jeff Hathcock

See No Evil (1971)- (Feat. Mia Farrow, Dorothy Alison, Robin Bailey)
See No Evil is a good English suspense film!!! The movie stars the weird looking Mia Farrow as a girl just returned home from the hospital after a horse riding accident that left her blind!!!! Shortly after her home coming her family is murdered while she is away with her boyfriend and when she returns she has no clue because she can't see the bodies!! The best part of the film is the tension which is built up as she goes about her daily routine and constantly almost touches dead bodies! Good acting, good filming, a well made film!!!!!
Directed by Richard Fleischer

Body Puzzle (1993)- (Feat. Joanna Pacula, Tom Aaron, Frank Quinn)
Uncle Jack thought the box for Body Puzzle looked really cheesy so he put off watching it for a long time!! He was pleasantly surprised when he discovered that it is actually a decent movie! Story- a killer is killing people, taking parts of their bodies, and leaving them at the home of a woman (Joanna Pacula) who's husband recently died!!! When the dead husband's grave is found desecrated and a note in his hand writing ends up on an ear in Pacula's refrigerator, it becomes clear that the killer and her dead husband have some connection!!!! Decent acting and direction and a little bit of blood and gore for good measure!! There are plenty of better films but if you find Body Puzzle cheap, watch it!!!!!
Directed by Larry Louis

Blood Games(1990)- (Feat. Laura Albert, Gregory Scott Cummins, Lee Benton, Don Dowe, George "Buck" Flower, Luke Shay, Ross Hagen, Rhyve Sawyer)
Blood Games tells the story of the sexiest baseball team in the world and the world of shit that they find themselves in after they beat an all male, redneck baseball team and accidentally kill its star player!!! The women end up stranded in the woods and are forced to use baseball bats, booby traps, and guns to defend themselves from an army of pissed-off rednecks!! The girls really do wear the sexy outfits which they are posing in on the front of the box when playing the baseball game!!!! After the game they all have to go to a shower of course, so there are boobs very quickly in this film as in all good horror movies!! One of the traps which the girls set later in the show, involves using a naked girl swimming in the river for bait! Yes, there are always so many excuses for showing tits in horror films!!! Interestingly, Blood Games was directed by a woman- very unusual!!! The acting is quite terrible but the skimpy 80s outfits which the girls run around in the woods in are righteous! Classic 80s style horror flick!!!!!!
Directed by Tanya Rosenberg

Slaughterhouse Rock (1987)- (Feat. Nicholas Celozzi, Tom Reilly, Donna Denton, Hope Marie Carlton, Tamara Hyler, Steve Brian Smith, Ty Miller)
Slaughterhouse Rock starts with potential but quickly crumbles into a pile of fuck-craps!!!!! There are some decent latex-based special effects, especially in the beginning of Slaughterhouse Rock when a young man keeps having terrible dreams which seem very real and are almost lifted right from Nightmare on Elm Street minus Freddy!!!! But as soon as the young man goes with some friends and a teacher to Alcatraz, because for some dumb reason the teacher concludes that is where the young man's nightmares are coming from, the movie dives into universe of fuckyness!!!! Retarded ghosts of a rock band and an evil spirit in an ancient indian pot (which looks brand new from China) show up and one can only conclude that everyone involved in making Slaughterhouse Rock had brain damage!!!!! The rest of the film pretty much revolves around all the characters trying to escape the young man's best friend who becomes possessed by the cannibalistic spirit which was in the indian pot!!! The possessed man looks like a shitty vampire with giant sharp teeth (that is his head on the cover)!! It is not worth talking about this film anymore, it sucks big dicks!!!!!!!
Directed by Dimitri Logothetis
Slaughterhouse Rock- Video Clip of the Shitty Music Video Style-Ressurection Scene and the Lame Cannibal Monster!!!

The Addiction (1996)- (Feat. Lili Taylor, Annabella Sciorra, Chriostopher Walken, Edie Falco, Paul Calderon, Fredro Starr)
The Addiction aspires to be an artistic vampire film as it is filmed entirely in black and white and follows the life of a young woman played by Lili Taylor who is a philosophy major turned philosophy major-vampire!!! However, the film tries far too hard and comes off a pretentious, boring and dumb!! The Addiction is supposed to have a "hip" hip-hop soundtrack which features Cypress Hill's "I Wanna Get High" many times as it relates to addiction! The hip-hop soundtrack clashes with the alleged thoughtfullness and artfullness of the movie however and makes it all the more lame!!!! You will hate Lili Taylor's character, finding her obnoxious and egotistical for no good reason when she just plain sucks (hah get it? she is a vampire!!!)!!!!! When vampires go without blood in The Addiction they go into convulsive withdrawls just like a drug addicit and when they consume blood it makes them high! Christopher Walken has just a small role as a vampire who has overcome his addiction to blood and tries for an evening to help Taylor out with hers!!!!! Christopher Walken's character is very Christopher Walken and therefore the only bright spot in this otherwise despicible film!!! Grade = F- aka worthless! Do not watch!!!!!!!!!!
Directed by Abel "I Suck Dicks" Ferrara

Persecution (1974)- (Feat. Ralph Bates, Lana Turner, Olga Georges-Picot, Suzan Farmer, Patrick Allen, Mark Weavers, Trevor Howard)
Persecution is a pretty good English film about a sadistic mother (Lana Turner) and the mental torture which she inflicts upon her son (Ralph Bates) whom she seems to both love and despise!!! Turner likes nothing more than her cat Sheeba so Bates despises the animal and drowns it in a bowl of milk!! After killing the cat he is forced to bury it in a cat graveyard where the viewer notices many other graves with the name Sheeba on them!!!! Turner gets a new cat and the cycle continues!!!!! Eventually Turner and Sheeba drive Bates so insane that it is murder time!! There are interesting plot twists about what drove both Turner and Bates to their insanity throughout the film! The film is well acted, and while it may be too slow for many people today- for fans of movies about craziness and murder like Uncle Jack, Persecution is quality entertainment!!!!!!
Directed by Don Chaffey

Leprechaun 4 "Leprechaun in Space" (1996)- (Feat. Warwick Davis, Brent Jasmer, Debbe Dunning, Rebekah Carlton)
It was recently reported that after watching Leprechaun 4, the President declared, "I have re-thought my policy on water-boarding and for all the fuck heads involved in making Leprechaun 4, I will make an exception!!" To anyone who has seen the film this will come as no surprise!!!! As if all the other Leprechaun movies were not shitty enough, they clearly decided to raise the craps when making number 4! Story- The lame Leprechaun is traveling to different plants and stealing all the gold and jewels!!!!! A small group of space marines is sent to stop the thief! While stealing jewels the Leprechaun discovers a space princess whom he wants to marry because then he will have the power to rule the universe! Of course the space marines mess with his plans a stupid shit gets shittier!!!! The Leprechaun rarely uses his magic in this film preferring to use a gun which he took from a space marine!! The gun is clearly made from a paintball gun which is awesome!!!!! Don't try too hard guys!!! Lousy special effects, juvenile humor, this movie's suckiness with piss you off! Far too much of a putrid trash heap to be funny ever!!!! Do yourself a favor and shoot yourself before watching Leprechaun 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Directed by Brian "I Should Die" Trenchard-Smith
Leprechaun 4- Video Clip of the Most Dumb Fuck Scene from the Film!!!!!
Leprechaun 4- Video Clip of the Crappy Cyborg Scientist and the Leprechaun!!!

Dracula: Fact or Fiction (1992)- (Feat. Some lame narrator dude)
Dracula: Fact or Fiction contains almost no facts and is a terrible film featuring some idiotic "Dracula experts"!!! The viewer learns of some of the real historical figures on which Dracula and vampires are based and is then told for no logical reason that vampires exist! The "Dracula experts" are all freaks who need to get a life in a serious way!! Pray you die of blood loss before you force yourself to sit through this entire 40 film like Uncle Jack!!!!!!!
Produced and Directed by Steve Michelson
Dracula: Fact or Fiction- Video Clip of Some of the Idiotic "Dracula Experts" from the Show!!!!!

Mark of the Beast (198?)- (Feat. James Gordon, Carolyn Guillet, David Smukler)
"The Power and the Gory"?!!! Sorry, no gory!! Mark of the Beast is an amazingly amateur film, probably made by film school students in the mid to early 80s!!!! The video quality sucks (cheap super VHS camera most likely), the lighting sucks, the filming sucks, the acting is horrible and the story is like eating bugs- you will want to gag! Story- a group of rich people worship Satan because they want to get richer and take over the government!!!! They have tattoos of a snake that is a dollar sign!!!!! They hold meetings dressed in hooded robes! Don't all satanists?!!! When the group decides to assassinate a union leader who is interfering with their money making potential and the chance for one of their members to make it into the state government, a stupid film school student catches their sniper on video!!! The film school student is shot by the sniper but the group stills has to retrieve the video tape before anyone accidentally sees it! The rest of the film involves the film school student who didn't die, his friend and a nurse and their struggle to stay alive while the sniper aka satanist assassin tries to hunt them down!!!!!!! The satanist assassin really sucks as a bad guy and for that matter everyone in this boring film sucks!!! It is awesome when the viewer gets to watch the film school student edit an unrelated super shitty video he is working on over and over again!!!!! Wow, he has a room with a couple giant, professional VCRs and some old school video editing equipment!! Clearly this was actually the director's editing equipment and he was really proud of it so he put it in the movie!!!!!!!!! You really have to watch this movie to properly understand how unprofessional, low-budget and sucky it is, BUT DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Written and Directed by Robert "I Blow" Stewart
Mark of the Beast- Video Clip of Boring Video Editing and A Satanic Gathering!!

Deadly Companion (1980)- (Feat. Michael Sarrazin, Susan Clark, Anthony Perkins)
Deadly Companion is an ok thriller about a man (Michael Sarrazin) who is released from a mental institution into the custody of his girlfriend (Susan Clark). Sarrazin is a journalist who became mentally unstable after being held captive by terrorists somewhere in the Middle East and then returning home only to have his wife murdered shortly thereafter!!!!! Sarrazin can not remember what happened the night he found his dead wife and the film is about him using his journalist skills to try and figure out what happened since the police never found the killer!!!!!! Anthony Perkins plays a shady character who seems to be somehow involved in the incident!!!!! In the very beginning of the film when Sarrazin is still at the mental institution, he has a roommate named John who is played by John Candy and although he is only in the film for a few minutes he steals the show with his awesome acting and hilarious character!!!!! Deadly Companion is one of those decent find for a buck type of movies!!!
Directed by George Bloomfield

The Mind Snatchers (1972)- (Feat. Christopher Walken, Ronny Cox, Joss Ackland, Ralph Meeker, Marco St. John)
Apparently Christopher Walken hates this film but Uncle Jack has to say it is pretty damn good!!! If you like to watch Christopher Walken act crazy and say crazy things, this is the movie for you!! Pretty much all Walken does the entire film is say rude and sarcastic things, act like a jerk and a little nuts- pretty much the way Walken acts in a lot of his movies!
Story- Private James Reese (Walken) is a G.I. stationed in Europe with a tendency to end up in the stockade since he has a bad temper and doesn't give a shit or like anyone!!!! When Reese is reported for threatening to beat up a girl who was partying with his girlfriend and a bunch of other people when he gets home from the stockade one night, it is off to the cell again for him!! While at the stockade Reese undergoes a psychiatric evaluation and he is deemed a good candidate for a secret government experiment in attitude correction!!!
Reese is taken to a giant hospital in the middle of nowhere where there are only two other patients, a doctor, an orderly, a nurse, some lab animals and some guard dogs, guards and a jail like fence surrounding the property!!!! One of Reese's fellow patients has a bandaged head and just lies in bed occasionally screaming, the other ingeniously played by Ronny Cox seems quite crazy and oblivious to the strange going ons around the joint!!!!! The rebellious Reese is constantly questioning his detention in the hospital and what they are doing to people's heads! While the film's outcome is fairly predictable, people should really watch The Mind Snatchers so they can enjoy the well acted madness of Walken and Cox!!!!!!!!!!
Directed by Bernard Girard
The Mind Snatchers- Video Clip of Walken's First Meeting with His Unusual Roommates!!!!

Deathtrap (1982)- (Feat. Michael Caine, Christopher Reeve, Dyan Cannon)
The movie Deathtrap is based on a long-running broadway play with the same name written by Ira Levin! The story is about a playwright named Sidney Bruhl who is down on his luck and hasn't written a mystery play which hasn't bombed for years!!!! When Bruhl gets a brilliant manuscript called "Deathtrap" in the mail from a student of one of the play writing classes he taught, he schemes up a plan to invite the young man (Christopher Reeve) over, murder him and take credit for the play!!!!!! That is just the beginning of this movie which has more twists than a roller coaster (that is an awesome line? I always wanted to use it)!!!!!!! Deathtrap is well acted as one would guess from its cast, and well written, you never predict the many twists!!!!!! Everything is cool except for the very end of the film which is like a twists explosion and the conclusion seems like a cheesy rip-off!!!!!!!!! Certainly worth watching however!!!!!!!!!!
Directed by Sidney Lumet

Microwave Massacre (1978)- (Feat. Jackie Vernon, Loren Schein, Al Troupe, Marla Simon, Claire Ginsberg)
A new edition of this movie claims that it is the worst horror movie of all time and many people have given it bad reviews, to them Uncle Jack says, "What is wrong with you this movie rocks"!!!! Certainly the new DVD of the film is betting that a lot of people will watch the film if it really sucks so they can laugh at it! There are many, many worse horror films made because Microwave Massacre is one of the best!!!!! If you are looking for a serious horror movie or a scary one, Microwave Massacre is not for you!!!! If however, you want to see a film about an unattractive and overweight, middle age construction worker (Jackie Vernon) who can only speak in crude one-liners, accidentally kills his wife when in a rage over the crappy food she makes and then hears that the only way to commit the perfect murder is to eat the body, then this movie is for you!!!!!! Vernon begins dismembering his wife and cooking her body parts in his new microwave to eat on his sandwiches at work!!!! Needless to say Vernon's co-workers want to try his interesting new sandwiches and they get hooked!!! Suddenly Vernon has friends on the construction site because of his delicious sandwiches!! Eventually there is no wife left to eat so Vernon has to start picking up young ladies and taking them home to turn into delicious sandwiches so he can keep his friends!!!!! Yes, Microwave Massacre is bad but awesomely radically bad and people who aren't stupid should see it!!! Jackie Vernon is a comic genius!!! A++++
Directed by Wayne Berwick
Microwave Massacre- Video Clip of Vernon Learning You Have to Eat the Body and Sharing His Wife's Meat with His Co-Workers!!!!!

Mark of Cain (1984)- (Feat. Robin Ward, Randy Crewson, Deborah Grober, August Shellenburg, Anthony Parr, Cinthi Kereluke)
Mark of Cain was recently re-named "Fart of Cain" because it stinks, like a big fart!!! This very stupid movie starts out with some nice bloodshed and then nothing happens for a really long time! The film's star is Robin Ward who plays identical twins Shaun O'Brien and Michael O'Brein!!!! Shaun is the good brother, Michael is the evil brother who is committed to a mental institution after killing a young girl in a satanic ritual!! Robin Ward gives a very uninspiring performance as both Shaun and Michael and since they are the focus of the film, it fails!!!! Mark of Cain is one of the few horror film's that can't get away with the fact that it doesn't go into further detail about the twins past, there are references to the punishments their religiously strict parents gave them, and mention of the satanic nature of Michael's first killing, but no depth is added to the incidents! If The Mark of Cain wasn't so boring and slow it could probably get away without explanations!!!!!! When Michael escapes from the institution he goes to his brother's house to kill his brother's wife because he thinks she is taking his brother away from him, there is of course the who is who confusion when both the brothers are in the same house!! One or two people die in uninteresting ways at the end of the movie and the very end is anti-climatic and sucky!!! F-!!!!!!!
Directed by Bruce "My Movie Is Boring" Pittman



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