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"The Realist" 3/2/12!!!!!
The great Unknow found a pack of IDC Fortune Telling Cards from 1976 at Goodwill and instantly recognized their value in the world of stencil creation!!!! The sides of the paintings are a collage of pictures and text from Astrology magazines which date from the mid 60s to early 90s! Eventually Unknow plans to create stencil pieces with all 12 face cards from the deck!!!

"The Temptress" 1/20/12!!!!!!!

"The Patrician" 1/12/12!!!!

"The Telepathist" 1/23/12!!!!!

"The Nobleman" 1/13/12!!!!!

"The Companion" 2/15/12!!!!

"The Leader" 11/22/11!!!!!!

"The Realist" 11/22/11!!!!!!!

The Amazing Flyer for the "A Strange Life" Art Show at Tasty Featuring Unknow's Fortune Telling Art!!!! 3/8/12!!!!



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