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Goldstar TSR-951 FM/AM Stereo Cassette Recorder with ASAP Automatic Search and Play System-
This beautiful boombox is 29 7/8" x 9 1/4" x 7 7/8" and almost 22 pounds (not including the 10 D size batteries!)!!!
The speakers are detachable!
There are left and right mic inputs, a mixing mic input and a mixing volume knob!!!
5 band graphic equalizer!!!!
Dolby NR and Loudness Switches!!!
Line and Phono Inputs on the back!!
An edit switch? I think it has to do with the automatic search and play system?!
Good sound from the 3 way speaker system!!
Stereo or mono mode switch!
Metal, CrO2, or normal tape selector!!!
Made in Seoul Korea!!!

Close-Up of the Goldstar TSR-951!!!!!

AIWA CS-200 4 Band Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder!!!
This little boombox is just 15 3/4" x 5 3/4" x 3 1/2" and very solid!!!
This boombox is awesome because the speakers are so large compared to the rest of the stereo!!!!
The 80s colors are great!!!!
4 band radio!!!
Low/high tone control knob- this boombox has good volume and bass for its size!!!
Stereo or mono FM mode!!!
Weird super sensitive 4 band tuner with the knob on the side, the tuner on the front, and the stations listed on the top!
Left and right auxiliary inputs!
Two built in microphones!
Takes 6 D batteries!!
Made in Singapore!!!

So Nice and Rectangular!!!


Sanyo M 9935K 4 Speaker AMSS Automatic Music Select System!!!!
This boombox has decent sound and can get fairly loud!!
Dimensions- 19 3/4" x 10 3/4" x 4 3/4"!
4 Band Radio!!!
Tone and Balance Knobs!!!
Left and right mic inputs!
Left and right external speaker outputs!!
Beat cancel switch!!!
AC/DC settings
Two built in microphones!!!
Takes 6 D size batteries!!
Made in Japan!!!

More Inputs and Switches on the Sanyo M 9935K!!!

JVC CX-500 (1979) Color TV-Radio-Cassette Recorder!!!!
Ahh the good old days when it was cool to have a crappy little TV and a stereo in one unit!!!
Thanks to the conversion of TV stations to digital, the TV on this awesome system only picks up one channel really poorly!!!
There are VHF and UHF inputs so one can hook up their VCR or DVD player and watch videos on a 5" screen!
Not so great sound!!!
Dimensions- 16 3/4" x 13" x 4 1/2"!!!
FM/FM AFC/AM radio!
Tone control and mic mixing knobs!!!
Built in microphone!
Beat Cut Switch!!
Auxiliary input and mic input!!!
Remote input!!!
Optional rechargeable battery (Darn! Uncle Jack does not have this!) also powered by AC or DC inputs or 10 D batteries!!!
Degauss, v hold, picture, color and tint controls!!!
Made in Japan!

AIWA Stereo 250 (CS-250U) 4 Band Stereo Cassette Recorder with DSL Dynamic Super Loudness system!!!
While this boombox has more features than the CS-200 it does not look as cool!!!
When the DSL (dynamic super loudness system) button is activated, the stereo does get louder and the bass improves!!!
The sound is good and the stereo can get fairly loud despite the size of this system- 18 3/4" x 6" x 4 1/2"!!
2 way speaker system!!!
Built in microphone (the CS-200 had 2!)!!!!
Mic input and mic volume knob!!
Left and right auxiliary inputs!!!
Mono and stereo mode!!
4 band radio, AM radio is called MW on this unit?!!!
Takes 6 D size batteries!!!!
Made in Singapore!!

That's Right! DSL Mofo!!!!

Magnavox D8127 2 Band AM-FM Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder!!!
This boombox has a 4 way loudspeaker system!!!
The sound is OK- it is hard to tell because only the left speaker works on this unit!
Dimensions- 17 1/2" x 9" x 4 3/4"!!
2 built in microphones!!!
Sliders for spatial stereo control, tone, balance and volume!!
Left and right line outputs!!!
Takes 6 D size batteries!!
Made in Singapore!!!

Electro Brand 2950 AM - FM - SW1 - SW2 - CB - TV1 - TV2- PB - Air - Weather Multiband Radio!!!!
This wonderful find is missing the chrome caps to its knobs!!! It is also missing the chrome ring around the band selector!!!
Dimensions- 12 7/8" x 9 1/8" x 4 1/4"
2 antennas!!!
10 band radio!!!!
Radio or PA switch!!!!
AFC on/off switch!!!!
Antenna and mic inputs!!!
Headphone out!!!
Squelch, tone and volume knobs!!!
2-part fine tuning knob!!
Leather carrying case!!!
Tuning and battery meter!!!!
Takes 6 D size batteries!!!
AC power cord storage compartment!!!
Small microphone storage compartment!!!!
Made in Hong Kong!!!

What a Handy Carrying Strap!!!!

Tokai TC-99 (9 Transistor Transceiver)!!!!
Ok, so these aren't any kind of boombox or radio but they are old and cool!!!!
These walkie talkie's have 5' long antennas!!!
The cases are made entirely out of metal!!!!
They take 7 AA batteries!!!!
Frequency Tolerance- 0.005% (crystal control)!!!!
RF power input- 100mW!!
Modulation AM!!!
Transistor 9 Diode 1!
Audio output 130mW!!
They have a range of at least a few hundred feet (haven't fully tested them yet!!)!!!
Who needs cell phones?!!! These are much cheaper, radder, and heavier!!!

No that is not Poop!!! The Brown Stuff is Rust!!!!

READER'S DIGEST RD-30!!!! FM / AM / SW cassette recorder?!!! That is right! Who would have guessed that there was a Reader's Digest line of portable stereos? Of course, this little machine has only one speaker so it isn't really a "stereo" but who cares!!!!! Reader's Digest Mofo!!!!!! The sound out of this solid little machine is decent and the radio tuner has an awesome scrolling system controlled by the large chrome knob on the side!! Hands down the coolest portable tape deck and radio one can ever own! There is a pop-up condenser microphone on the top left corner of machine! Radical!!!!
Other Features-
Low/high tone control!
Tuning and Battery Meter!!!
Remote input!!
Mic input!!!
Auxiliary output!!!
Headphone output!!!
Size 7.75" x 11.75" x 3"!!!!

General Electric 3-5251A!!!!
This radical, medium-sized boom box is solid, well made, and very beautiful... obviously!!!!
Two built in condenser microphones!!!
Two separate knobs for left and right speaker balance!!!
Tone control!!
Stereo on/off switch!
Monitor off/high/low switch!!
AM/FM/FM Stereo switch!!!
Mic and Auxiliary inputs!!
Headphone output!
Tuning/record/battery meter!!
Oscillator A/B Switch?!!!
Size- 9" x 15" x 4.25"!

Realistic TRC-101B Portable 23 Channel CB Transceiver!!!!
Now you can talk to truckers with this fine portable transceiver from Realistic!!! The art on the box is great!! Judging from the paper work on the inside of the box I would guess invaluable product was made in 1976!!!!! The TRC-101B has a range of 3-15 miles when its giant antenna is fully extended (about 5' long)!!!! The TRC-101B came with a leather carrying case like the construction worker on the front of the box has!! Unfortunately Uncle Jack didn't find these rare gem with its case, it did come with the instruction book, some ancient batteries, a book on radio broadcast law, papers for getting a use permit, and the electrical schematics page!!!!! Get one of these and go pester some truckers, or just have it to look really cool!!!!!!

Silvertone 132.20750000 Transistor AM Radio and Alarm Clock!!!!
Why yes, Uncle Jack is dumb enough to decide to start collecting old alarm clocks!!! This baby was produced by Silvertone for Sears Roebuck and Company and it stills works wonderfully after all these years!! No fancy features just a nice metal grill over the speaker that looks like the covering for an old, electric razor!!!! Props!

General Electric C 4506 G!!!! AM/FM Radio Alarm Clock!!!
Yes, the reason Uncle Jack purchased this radio alarm clock is because it is ugly!!!!! All alarm clocks should look this good!!!!!!

Sanyo M 2402-3 AM/FM 2 Band Radio Cassette Recorder!!!!!
This attractive little darling doesn't have much going for it other than the cool tuner which spins like a wheel!!! The sound quality of the little speaker isn't very good!!!!! The switch for AM or FM is a tiny little thing on the back of the machine?! Kind of weird!!!! Made in Singapore!!!!
Headphone Output!
Microphone Input!!
Built in Microphone!!!
AC or DC Power!
Built in storage for the AC cord which is hardwired to the machine!!!!
Takes four D size batteries!!

Panasonic RX-C45 FM-AM-FM Stereo Cassette Deck Tuner Amplifier!!!
This chrome mother is not that large- 21" x 7" x 6.75", but it has weight at 11.3 lbs without batteries, probably due to the built in amp?!! The sound quality of the stock speakers which detach is OK! The detachable speakers are interesting because they have a little, pop-out switch on the attaching side which pops into the main unit allowing them to be powered that way while attached, if using them detached, speaker wire is required!!!! The batteries go in the top of the machine on the back?! That is a little strange!!! With the built in amp and all the inputs and outputs, this boom box is clearly designed for use with other stereo equipment!!!! Made in Japan!!
5 band graphic equalizer!!
Mono/ stereo button!!!
Metal/ normal tape select!
Line/phone- Radio - Tape Selector!!!
Built in microphone!!!
AC or DC power!
115v or 127v selector!!
Right/ left phono/ line in with ground!!!!
Right/ left line out!
Right and left speaker outputs!!!

Mmmm... Nice Rear End!!!!

General Electric M-8010 Reel to Reel Recorder!!!
This is Uncle Jack's first portable reel to reel recorder, it is in almost working order!!!! Since the machine is not working quite yet its quality is unknown!!! It comes with a cool looking stereo microphone which has a small stand attached to the back so it can stand up on a desk!!!!!! It is cool that there is no fast forward, who needs that any ways??!!!! There is an input for a remote and an output for an "ear phone"!!!!! There is a little recording level meter in the bottom left corner!!!! The machine runs off of 4 D size batteries or a 6 volt DC input!!!!! The machine comes in an ugly leather carrying case so it can be taken into "the field"!!!!! There is also a clear plastic cover for the tape and microphone compartments!!!!! Yeah, old stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! Made in Utica, New York!!!





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