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Aiwa CS-W300 Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder!!!!
This fine boom box is long and slim at 20" x 4" x 6.5"!! The audio quality is quite good as is the case with most Aiwa stereos! The stereo's features are-
2 built in microphones!!!
Left and right microphone inputs!!
Headphone out!
Left/ right balance slider!!!
Low/ high tone slider!!
2 Band AM/ FM super sensitive tuner!
Hi-speed dubbing system!!!
Mono/ stereo selector!!!!
Made in Singapore

Sharp FV23U 5 Band Radio!!!!!
This attractive radio features AM, FM, UHF, PB1 and PB2 band selections!!!!! The sound that comes out of the single speaker is actually a lot better than that of many similar looking radios!!!!
2 Antennas!!!
Tuning/ battery meter!!
A button for lighting the tuner!
AFC button!!!
A knob for squelch!
Volume and tuning knob!!!
Band selector knob!!
Microphone input!
Headphone out!!!!
Size- 8 7/8" x 3 1/8" x 6 3/4"
Made in Taiwan

Magnavox D7140 Tape Deck and Radio!!!
This cheesy, little tape deck from Magnavox is very plastic and very light!!! The sound from the single speaker is ok! There is no headphone output or microphone input, that is right... no frills here!!!!
Built in microphone!
AM/ FM radio!!!
Record function!!
Volume slider!
AM/ FM / Tape slider!!
Size- 12 1/2" x 3 1/4" x 7 7/8"
Made in Singapore

Lantz SCRP8 Stereo Radio, Record Player, Tape Deck!!!!!!!
Uncle Jack could find no information for this old and radical, portable-music factory!!! Uncle Jack couldn't even find any information about the Lantz company! Everything on this machine works!! The detachable speakers aren't that good, but that is typical of the period- a time when bass didn't exist! The radio has three bands- AM, FM, and SW!! The tape deck can be used for recording from the left and right microphone inputs and the 2 microphones which came with the machine are in the picture above!!! There is a compartment right above the record player for storing the microphones and it is also where the power cord is stored!!!! Right above the tape deck is the compartment for the batteries (6 D size)! The record player is clearly small- thus it only plays EP's, and can play at 33, 45, or 78 rpm!!! Altogether the SCRP8 probably weighs about 20 pounds! There is left and right volume control and tone control!!!! The wires for the detachable speakers are about 3' long!!! When closed the SCRP8 looks like a black leather suitcase with the dimensions- 18" x 5" x 12 1/2"! Made in Japan!!!

The Lantz SCRP8 in Suitcase Form!!!!

Panasonic RX-C60 FM-AM-FM Stereo Cassette Deck Tuner Amplifier!!!
Uncle Jack has an earlier version of this boom box- the RX-C45, on his other boom box page! For the RX-C60 they took away the 5 band eq and replaced it with just bass and treble sliders!! Other features were added however, such as L/R record level sliders and a mixing level slider, along with a loudness selection button and an "easy-matic" recording mode selection!!!! The tape deck on this boom box is broken unfortunately but the radio sounds pretty good!!! Due to the built in amp the RX-C60 is heavier than it looks just like the RX-C45!!!! The RX-C60's other features are as follows-
L/R volume sliders!
A tape/ radio/ line in/ phono selector!!
Mono/stereo button!
Tape normal/ cro2/ metal selector!!
Dolby NR button!!!
Mixing mic input!
Headphones output!!
Two built in microphones!!!
Universal voltage selector!!
AM and FM antenna inputs!
Phono input!
L/R line out!!!!
2 mic inputs!!!!!
DC and AC power inputs!
Detachable Speakers!!!
Size- 20 1/2" wide, 6 3/4" tall, 6 3/4" deep!
Made in Japan!!

Toshiba RT-293FC FM/AM Radio Cassette Recorder!!!
While this little Toshiba cassette recorder and radio looks cool, it sounds kind of crappy and the belts which drive the cassette deck are very hard to get at, so if you find one with bad belts like Uncle Jack, you will probably never fix the cassette deck!!!! There are some neat features on this machine though as follows-
Tone knob!!!
Volume knob!
Built in condenser microphone!!!!
2 microphone inputs!!!
Line in!!
External speaker output (mono)!
An sp moni selector switch?!!!
AC and DC power inputs!!
Made in Taiwan!

The Sanyo M9815K may not have the most features in the world but it looks pretty rad!!! The angled tuner readout is so high-tech!! Having a boom box with short wave radio is always better than just AM/FM! This boom box sounds decent, it might sound better if it wasn't so filthy when Uncle Jack first found it!!!!
AM/FM/SW1/SW2 Radio!!
Tuning knob and fine tuning knob!
Tone knob!!
L/R speaker balance knob!!!
Two built in microphones!!!!!
Voltage selection switch!
AC/DC inputs!!
Headphone output!
Size- 18 1/2" wide, 9" tall, 4 5/8" deep!!
Made in Korea!!!

When Uncle Jack found this boom box it was dirtier than a piece of shit!!!! What was most amazing was that it was even dirtier inside than out!! Who ever owned this bad boy must have smoked 5 million cigarettes a day because the machine was coated with a fine brown dust and even after cleaning it, it still reeks like an ash tray!! The grime penetrated so thoroughly that it caused the system to make a constant hissing sound which ruins one's listening experience to the radio or tape deck!!!! How good does the TRK-9005H sound? Who knows??? Go find one which isn't coated in nicotine!!!!!
AM/SW1/SW2/FM radio!!!
L/R volume sliders!!
5 band eq!!!!
Built in microphone!!!!!
Headphone output!
Voltage selector!
AC/DC power inputs!!
Size- 20 1/4" wide, 9" tall, 7 7/8" deep!
Made in Singapore!!!

Nothing says MAN POWER! like a pink boom box and now that he owns one- Uncle Jack is most certainly a man!!!! This little machine does not boast anything amazing other than its color!!! Uncle Jack picked up the RX-FM 15 because it looks very similar to an old, bright yellow Panasonic boom box which he had as a young lad!!!! Uncle Jack used the built in microphone on his yellow Panasonic to record numerous strange and crappy albums using a horde of bizarre instruments and the help of his friends Abe, Giles, Thane, and Picard!!!! The RX-FM 15 is a little older than the Panasonic boom box Uncle Jack had but their appearance is very similar!!!!!!!
Volume control knob!!
Tone control knob!!!!
Two built in microphones!!
Headphone output!!!
Size- 16 7/8" wide, 5" tall, 3 3/4" deep!
Made in Japan by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.!!

This swell black and chrome boom box is nothing all that special!!! The 4788 does have an interesting black foam cover beneath the metal grills which cover the speakers that conveniently helps keep crud from getting on the speakers!!
Stereo or mono selector switch button!!
FM/AM selector buttons!
Normal/High speed dubbing switch!!!!
Tape/dubbing/radio selector switch!!
Built in condenser microphone!!!
Volume slider!
Left/Right balance slider!!
Tone slider!
Tape counter with reset button!!!
Left/Right external mic inputs!!
Size- 23 1/4" wide, 8 1/4" tall, 5 3/4" deep!!
Made in Korea!!!!

The Joyseven KC-4000 might be the ugliest portable tape player ever!!! It can be used in the shape of a cube which creates a handle for carrying or it can be folded out for a slightly more traditional boom box type look!!!!!! The main unit looks like a crappy car stereo!!!! The tape deck has a button which doubles as both the eject and fast forward button! NO!!!! There are no other buttons for the tape deck!!! No play, no rewind, no record!! The tapes begin playing as soon as they are inserted!!!!!! Quality!!!!!!!!!! The microphone input is an old school two prong input and since you can't record on the tape deck, the Joyseven KC-4000 can only be used as a shitty PA!!! Everyone must get a Joyseven KC-4000 it will increase their level of joy by approximately 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AM/FM/Tape selector knob!!!
Tone control knob!!
Volume and L/R control knob!
Mic input!!
Mic volume knob!!!!
L/R speaker out!
2 or 4 speaker selector button!!!
Fast forward / eject button!
DC or AC power inputs!!
Made in Japan!!!!!

The Joyseven KC-4000 in Full Folded Out Glory!!!!!!!

This "2 Way Speaker System" isn't anything amazing but it is the best sounding and coolest looking of Uncle Jack's non-stereo tape decks!!! Such nice silver and chrome, a nice big speaker (and a tiny one!), nice big knobs, and a nice big, blue tuner!!!!!
Built in microphone!!!!
Low/High tone knob!!!
AC/Battery selector switch!!
FM/AM/Tape selector switch!!!!
Headphone output!!!
Powered by 4 D batteries!
Made in Taiwan!!


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