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AMERICAN NINJA 1, 2, 3, 4!!!!!!!!

American Ninja (1985)- (Feat. Michael Dudikoff, Steve James, Judie Aronson, Guich Koock, Tadashi Yamashita, John Fujioka)
The first American Ninja movie is the second most important ninja movie to see after Revenge of the Ninja with Sho Kosugi which still holds the title of best ninja movie ever according to Uncle Jack and Lance Benriksen! Michael Dudikoff who plays the part of the "American Ninja" is an important star of many fine action films from the 80s and 90s!!! Rather like the film The Bourne Identity, in American Ninja, Joe Armstrong (Dudikoff) is a man with extraordinary fighting abilities who doesn't remember where they came from!!!! When ninjas and thugs attack an army convoy in some unknown Latin American country, little do they know they have attacked the American Ninja!!! Armstrong makes quick work of his opponents and escapes with the general's daughter (Judie Aronson), in the process he gains the respect of a "Black Star" ninja who is overseeing the operation and wonders who the "American Ninja" is!!!!!! Soon ninjas are busting out all over the place trying to kill Armstrong and a new found buddy of his- Curt Jackson (Steve James) who also happens to be a martial arts expert!! James is very good at ripping off his shirt whenever he gets into fights!!!! The highlights of the movie include ninja magic, ninja wrist bullets, and another really awesome ninja weapon too cool to reveal!! A must see for all ninja movie fans!!!
Directed by Sam Firstenberg
Video Clip of the First Appearance of Ninjas in American Ninja!!!
Video Clip of the Evil Ninja Army Skills Demonstration from American Ninja!!!!

American Ninja 2 "The Confrontation" (1987)- (Feat. Michael Dudikoff, Steve James, Larry Poindexter, Gary Conway, Jeff Weston)
American Ninja 2 is not as good as the original but is still a must see because it has Michael Dudikoff and Steve James in it again!!! Story- on a remote and made-up Caribbean island, US Marines are disappearing!! Armstrong and Jackson are brought in to replace two of the Marines who have gone missing! The two instantly get slack from all the Marines at the US embassy which they are there to protect because they are US Army Rangers!!!! Soon local island thugs are trying to kill Armstrong and Jackson along with you guessed it... ninjas!!! Armstrong tracks the problem down to a man called "The Lion" who has an island off the coast where he is training an army of ninjas to help protect his ever growing drug empire!!!! Unable to take action without government permission the Marines say they can't help Armstrong and Jackson so they take it upon themselves to destroy "The Lion" and his ninja legions!! The evil boss ninja in this film is not as cool as the "Black Star" ninja but then how could he be he doesn't have a black star on his face!!!! In the final battle the boss ninja proves why ninjas don't use guns as he fails to hit Armstrong at close range with multiple shots from a sawed-off shotgun!!!! The fights are weaker than in the original film and there are less ninja weapons, but hey... AMERICAN NINJA!!! Just watch it!!!!!!!
Directed by Sam Firstenberg
Video Clip of the Evil Ninja Army Skills Demonstration from American Ninja 2!!!

American Ninja 3 "Blood Hunt" (1989)- (Feat. David Bradley, Steve James, Michele B. Chan, Marjoe Gortner)
American Ninja 3 is the weakest of all the American Ninja movies!!!! While the film still boasts Steve James (on the cover with the sword) as one of its stars, Michael Dudikoff is missing!!! Replacing Dudikoff as the "American Ninja" is David Bradley- who has a fine history of action films such as AMERICAN SAMURAI!! Bradley is slightly less charismatic than Dudikoff, and not quite as good of an actor (not that Dudikoff is that good)!
American Ninja 3 like American Ninja 2 has its story unfold on a remote and fictitious Caribbean island, in this case "Triana"!!! Bradley and James find themselves on the magical and ninja infested isle when they enter into a karate tournament when takes place there!! Soon after arriving Bradley is attacked by ninjas who want to capture him for their boss "The Cobra" (Marjoe Gorner)!!!! "The Cobra" wants Bradley because he is tough and the perfect guinea pig to demonstrate the lethal power of a new chemical weapon which "The Cobra" plans to sell to terrorists!! Needless to say capturing Bradley proves to be much harder than the "The Cobra" expected, especially since Bradley gains the help of James (who he just befriended) and another slightly less skillful karate expert!!!!!
American Ninja 3's leader of the evil ninjas is played by Michele B. Chan who is tiny, seemingly unskilled at martial arts and not menacing as boss ninjas should be!!! Chan is quickly persuaded to switch sides in the battle between good and evil when she realizes that "The Cobra" is not a good man! How she was supposed to not have noticed this sooner doesn't really make any sense! American Ninja 3 and 4 are directed by Cedric Sundstrom who is not as good of a director as Sam Firstenberg so that is part of why they are less enjoyable movies!! American Ninja 3 has the lamest action sequences, Bradley never even puts on a ninja suit until the last couple minutes of the film and it does not make any sense why he does when that time comes, there are also even less ninja weapons than in American Ninja 1 and 2!!! Regardless of the movie's faults, it should still been viewed because it is part of the wonderful saga which is... AMERICAN NINJA!!!!!!!
Directed by Cedric Sundstrom
Video Clip of the Crappy Evil Ninja Army Skills Demonstration from American Ninja 3!!

American Ninja 4 "The Annihilation" (1991)- (Feat. Michael Dudikoff, David Bradley, James Booth, Dwayne Alexandre, Robin Stille)
Cedric Sundstrom creates a considerably improved American Ninja over his first attempt with American Ninja 3 with American Ninja 4 "The Annihilation"!!!! The film's villains are awesome!!!! There is the insane arab who uses his wealth to build a ninja army and figure out how to fit a nuclear bomb into a briefcase to blow-up New York!! There is the film's evil ninja leader who has a metal eye patch and a long piece of fabric on the back of his head!!!! And last but not least there is an ex-British agent who hates Americans and enjoys torturing and executing people!!!! You will be amazed by the glory of the arab's mad rants when he talks about how Allah has declared that he needs to be less merciful- way to play up stereotypes!!!!!!
The film begins with Bradley and Dwayne Alexandre traveling to "an African forest" where American military personnel have been captured, with the hope of freeing them!!!! The two do a crappy job of fending off the horde of ninjas which appear out of the woods and end up being captured themselves!! Enter Michael Dudikoff!!!!! Dudikoff is recruited from the town where he is working teaching in the Peace Corp to rescue the prisoners and Bradley who apparently he became acquainted with since film number 3 because he didn't know about him when James' referenced him in that movie!!!!! Things get awesome when Dudikoff teams up with an army of local rebels who look like they stepped right out of Mad Max!!!!!! This film features the most blood and brutality of any of the American Ninja movies, not that their is much of either by today's standards!!!!! Dwayne Alexandre would seem to be this film's replacement for Steve James as the black sidekick, bad mistake, you can't replace STEVE JAMES!!!! Mad Max-Ninjas-Crazy Arab Stereotype- that is American Ninja 4 in a nutshell, check it out!!!!!!!!!!
Directed by Cedric Sundstrom
Video Clip of David Bradley's First Battle with the Ninjas in American Ninja 4!!!!!
Video Clip of the Evil Ninja Army Skills Demonstration from American Ninja 4!!!!


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