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Molotow Premium by Belton is Raw Garbage's favorite spray paint!!! Compared to American brands like Rust-O-Leum and Krylon, Molotow Premium has more colors, creates less dust, is less toxic, and dries much faster due to it's 4x higher pigment concentration!!!! Fast drying time is very important when doing multi-layer stenciling!!!! Perhaps most important, Molotow Premium does not melt itself when doing multiple layers as most American spray paints will!! The paint is much more expensive at $6 per 400ml (12oz) can but it is money well spent for anyone who is working on an intense art piece!!!! Do to the high pigment concentration, primers are unnecessary as on can easily cover over any color!!!! Raw Garbage believes the Molotow Premium stock cap aka Coversall Super Skinny work best for getting the cleanest stencils!!! A larger cap may be preferred for those stenciling illegally since it will get the job done quicker!!!! Belton also makes Molotow High-Pressure cans but the paint in these is more watery and one is very likely to get bleeds and less clean lines from their stencils if they use it!!!!

Bombers Best is Raw Garbage's favorite fluorescent spray paint!!!! While RG is unsure whether it is really any better than Montana's fluorescent spray paint, the cans look way cooler!! The colors all dry quickly- in 5 minutes or less depending on temperature and humidity!!!! For stenciling purposes RG believes the cleanest results and minimal waste can be achieved using a Molotow stock cap!!! As with other forms of fluorescent spray paint, the paint glows under blacklight! The colors are- orange, blue, fuchsia, yellow, green and red!!!! The can size is 400ml (12oz)!! Bombers Best dries considerably faster than any American brand of fluorescent spray paint!!! Fluorescent spray paints dry more quickly no matter what brand as a rule, due to their high pigment content!!!! Another good reason for using Bombers or other European spray paints is that they have stricter rules regarding safety so they are generally slightly less toxic!!!! RG does not know where to by this product in the US anymore since Art Primo stopped carrying it!!!! So, one may have to substitute Montana (below) which they don't always carry the fluorescent colors of either!!!!!! RG can't figure out where Bombers Best is made- it doesn't say on the can, there is a phone number for Zurich so maybe it is Switzerland but the first language for the instructions is Dutch so who knows?!!!!

Montana Hardcore's fluorescent spray paint is almost as good if not equal to Bombers Best!!!! As noted above, the only difference may be that the Bombers cans are considerably more rad!! Both brands have the same 6 colors, Montana just has the names in Spanish because it is a Spanish company- azul (blue), naranja (orange), amarillo (yellow), rojo (red), fucsia (fuschia), and verde (green)!!!!! The cans are also 400ml (12oz) just like Bombers!!!!

Molotow makes a glow-in-the-dark spray paint- "Nightrocker" which glows well, however it is very expensive at more than $15 for a 400ml can!!! Nightrocker is a thick spray paint and often comes out in bubbly blobs which do not dissipate and look bad!! The can is fairly high-pressure and works poorly for clean stenciling!!!! The paint says it does not need to be put on thick but to really get a good glowing effect out of it, that is not true!! One can covers a small area if used to its maximum glowing potential!!! If applied in the proper amount it will be very slow to dry! Nightrocker comes in green, blue, and orange! Raw Garbage knows of nowhere else to get blue and orange glowing paint!!! The green paint glows the best followed by blue, orange is considerably less bright!! Considering the cost and poor functionality of the paint, RG would recommend going with Krylon Glowz spray paint instead which can be found at many different stores in the US including Fred Meyer and Home Depot!!!! The Krylon Glowz can is only half the size of the Nightrocker can at only 6oz, but it only costs about $3.50! Once again, using multiple layers of this paint, more than the can suggests- will provide a more intense glow but considerably less of a glow than Nightrocker and the glowing does not last as long!!!! All in all though, Nightrocker works too shitty and is too expensive to be of any practical use!!!!! (Remember glow-in-the-dark paint should always be used over a white background or its effect will be greatly reduced!!!)

Belton Special Chrome Effekt is one of Raw Garbage's favorite silver spray paints!!! It is silver in color, not chrome- like all silvery spray paints! There is no such thing as a true chrome spray paint!!! Chrome is achieved through a special chemical process!!!! Belton Special Chrome Effekt dries quickly, in no more than 5 to ten minutes max!!! Due to its German origin it is most likely slightly less toxic than its American counter parts! Any one with experience with silver and gold spray paints knows that they are one of the fastest drying spray paints due to the high pigment content!!! RG does not know of any where in the US to get Chrome Effekt any more... how sad!!
Raw Garbage discovered the hard way recently, that Montana Hardcore's Plata Chromada (silver chrome) works very poorly with Molotow paints!! After using Plata Chromada as a base layer on a large scale stencil piece, RG was cleaning off some dust with a pressurized can of air and a quarter sized chunk of the Molotow paint just blasted away, cleanly separating from the Plata Chromada!!! After this happened RG noticed some areas where small cracks had formed due to the incompatibility of the two paint types! Many types of spray paint often bond less well to silver and to some extent gold colors- but this was a new level of crappy bond!!!! So, don't mix Montana's Plata Chromada with Molotow paints! Montana Hardcore's Oro (gold) did not have the same negative effect!!! Nothing about either of the metallic Montana paints makes them much better than American metallic sprays, once again most likely just slightly less toxic!!!!


Sakura's Glow-In-The-Dark Solidified Luminescent Paint markers are an awesome concept, unfortunately they totally suck!!! Imagine if your chap stick was glow-in-the-dark, it would probably work at least as good as one of these markers! The paint glows really well on the tip of the marker but when one uses it, it is extremely soft and unless one really smears it on hard, only a think layer comes off which is difficult to see when it is light out, and barely glows when it is dark!!!! If one can get the paint to come off big and chunky it glows very well but looks like shit!!!!! These markers claim to be useful for search and rescue missions!!!! If one is just smearing big glowing marks on things for that purpose they are probably fine but other wise they are crappy and a rip-off at 10$+ apiece!!!!!!!

Sakura's non-glow-in-the-dark solid paint markers are just as good as Mean Streaks and cost less (4$ or less)!!! As most people know, solid paint markers don't make for the cleanest lines but they are often fairly inexpensive compared to other permanent markers, can mark on many surfaces, and many can withstand relatively high temperatures!!! Sakura makes some fluorescent solid paint markers which are less heat resistant but work well under black lights!!!!!!

While On The Run .030 Streetduster Opaque Liquid markers come in some swell colors, they are one of the dumbest markers ever made! The only use one could have for these would be- if a person wanted to go tagging but wanted people to be able to remove their tags easily!! The markers contain liquid chalk which can be buffed off surfaces in a jiffy!!! The markers claim that if used on a porous surface they will become permanent when dry, it is not true!!!! Raw Garbage has mistakenly rubbed the dried liquid chalk off both wood and paper!!!!! Cool colors with no practical use!!!

On The Run Soultip Paint OTR:401 comes in 4 fluorescent colors (as well as others) and work well in various different drip markers!!! Raw Garbage finds the paint to work well in Art Primo's "Drip Mop Mini"!!!! Make sure to use a refillable marker which is recommended for use with paint, does not work well in markers which are meant for ink!!!! Raw Garbage used fluorescent Soultip Paint on the background of his "Three Wise Men" door.

Smash Ink's Smashville Slugger paint pens are decent chisel tip pens, it takes a long time to get the paint flowing through the nib when first using them however, make sure to have some malt liquor close by to help pass the time!!!!!

Raw Garbage is a big fan of Uni Posca water-based paint markers!!! The non-toxic markers are nice for use on big projects or in enclosed areas where one would have to wear a respirator or risk getting a head-ache from other toxic type paint and ink markers!!!! The markers come in assorted tip sizes, the ones above have a flat, extra broad tip that is 17mm wide! The pens are expensive however, to track down the best deals check Ebay!!!!!


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