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The Octagon (1983)- (Feat. Chuck Norris, Karen Carlson, Lee Van Cleef, Kim Lankford, Tadashi Yamashita)
CHUCK NORRIS!!! If there is one reason to see The Octagon it is CHUCK NORRIS!!!! As everyone knows all CHUCK NORRIS movies should be watched!!! The second reason to watch The Octagon is NINJAS!!!! Yes, the villain in this movie is a NINJA and he runs a training camp which teaches mercenaries to be NINJAS so they can go and commit terrorist acts!!!! CHUCK NORRIS plays retired martial arts champion Scott James, estranged brother to the evil NINJA master!!!!! When people around James start being murdered it doesn't take him long to realize that it is the work of NINJAS and that his evil brother must be behind it!! His search for his brother's NINJA training camp takes James to South America and a final showdown at "The Octagon"!!!! The acting is ok in this film and it is a little slow, but worth viewing none the less!! The NINJAS could use a bit more weapon variety but hey, CHUCK NORRIS and NINJAS!!!! Just watch it!!!!!
Directed by Eric Karson
The Octagon- Video Clip of CHUCK's First Meeting with the NINJAS!!!!!
The Octagon- Video Clip of NINJAS Demonstrating Weapons!!!

The Last Samurai (1989)- (Feat. Lance Henriksen, John Fujioka, John Saxon, Duncan Regehr, Arabella Holzbog, Lisa Eilbacher)
The Last Samurai is an amazingly sucky movie!!! The film is a strange cross between a drama and an action film which doesn't work at all!!!! While two of the film's characters are Samurai they are not the stars and their samurai fighting skills rarely come into play!! Lance Henriksen is the main center of focus for the film, he is a mercenary and chopper pilot with issues and a death wish!!!! While in a fake African country Henriksen is hired for his helicopter flying skills by John Fujioka who plays a wealthy, Japanese businessman and practicing samurai!!! When camped out before the "hunting" trip which Fujioka is going on, he and Henriksen and their traveling companions are captured by a group of rebels who are lead by the strange Caro (Arabella Holzbog)! Before the rebels are able to get their prisoners to their camp and its crappy jail made out of small sticks, Henriksen escapes!!!!! With fond memories of Vietnam and past mercenary escapades flashing through his head, Henriksen joyfully executes rebels on his way to free the prisoners!!!!! Caro the rebel leader puts on many different and strange outfits while trying to get one of his captives, an arab arms dealer played by John Saxon?!!! To give him a great deal on a large weapons shipment in exchange for freedom!!!!! Why didn't they get someone who is really an arab to play Saxon's character?!! Because John Saxon sounds so awesome with a fake arab accent!!!!!! Anyway, it turns out Fujioka was really looking for a lost ancestor of his that was a samurai and Henriksen comes across his corpse after taking a swim so everyone can see his old butt!!!! The sword he finds on the body never comes into play during the movie?!!!! This is a movie that truly has to be seen in order to understand how crappily it is put together!!! What was the movie's writer thinking?!!!! It is surely one of the biggest mysteries of all time!!!!!!
Directed by Paul Mayersberg

Chick Boxer (1992)- (Feat. Michelle Bauer, Deloris Jacoby Jayne)
Holy Fuck!!!! This movie is most certainly one of the top five pieces of trash Uncle Jack has ever seen!!!!! The film quality is that of a cheap 80s VHS camera and the filming itself is the quality of a 5 year old kid with shit for brains!! If this movie is funny then the world needs a bullet in its brain!!!!!! Uncle Jack watched Chick Boxer for 10 minutes max before he had to shut the extreme-shit-fart-fuck off!!!!! Acting worse than one can imagine, an unattractive and obnoxious cast, humor that a four year-old wouldn't think was funny, terrible script, horrible plot!!!!!!! Uncle Jack won't even waste time mentioning the films story, suffice it to say that the woman on the front of the box is not in the movie and is about 100 times hotter than the actual "Chick Boxer"!! This movie clearly had zero dollars for a budget and all the film's stars must have been friends of the director!!!! After watching this piss Uncle Jack needs an enema of the head!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Directed by Scott P. Plummer (Scott, You Shouldn't Allow People You Know To Watch This Film, Let Alone Mass Produce It!!!!!)
Chick Boxer- Video Clip of the Dumbest Video Store Robbery Ever!!!!!
NINJA ROBOT- Video Clip of the Preview for NINJA ROBOT Which was Produced by the Same Company that Produced Chick Boxer!!!!! Looks Like One of the Worst "NINJA" Movies of All Time!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaguar Lives (1986)- (Feat. Joe Lewis, John Huston, Joseph Wiseman, Woody Strode, Donald Pleasence, Christopher Lee, Barbara Bach Capucine)
Former undefeated world heavyweight karate champion Joe Lewis stars as an American secret agent code named "The Jaguar" in this crappily constructed film!! While some of the action scenes are ok and all of the acting is ok, the film is held together by stupid dialogues which are dubbed over scene changes to help the viewer figure out what all the jumping around is about! Acting greats Christopher Lee and Donald Pleasence make brief cameos in this film but the movie is not written or directed well enough for their appearances and skill to help out the movie much!!! Plot- The Jaguar's partner is missing and assumed killed after a botched attempt to stop terrorists from blowing up a monument!! Later, The Jaguar learns of a mysterious and brutal drug lord who is systematically killing all his competition and who may be linked to The Jaguar's partner's alleged death! Needless to say, The Jaguar picks up the dangerous case in order to seek revenge! If it is a rainy day and this is the only martial arts film you have lying around go ahead and watch it, but don't expect to be amazed!!!
Directed by Ernest Pintoff
Video Clip of Jaguar Battling Donald Pleasence's Motorcycle Riding Henchmen!!!!

The Master Ninja (1984)- (Feat. Lee Van Cleef, Timothy Van Patten, Sho Kosugi)
The Master Ninja was a TV series that only lasted for one season in the US back in 1984!! The Master Ninja stars the ever great Lee Van Cleef as "The Master" and Timothy Van Patten as "Max", the young drifter who befriends The Master and wants to learn his ninja ways!!!! The Master thinks Max is too emotional and unstable to be a ninja but as he quickly learns, Max can't stay out of trouble and could use a few skills to help him with his inevitable bar room brawls!!! The two end up searching the country together for The Master's daughter that he never knew he had until he received a letter while in Japan teaching the ways of the ninja!!!!! Sho Kosugi plays the role of The Master's star pupil who believes that The Master betrayed the ninja code when leaving Japan, and deserves to die!!! Kosugi does not appear in every episode, and when he does it is almost always just for a quick battle!!! Kosugi is the stunt coordinator for all the shows however!!!!! Most of the episodes feature Max and The Master arriving at some town in their radical custom van and discovering some shady business going on! Being the swell dudes that they are, Max and The Master must fix any ills which they come across and they always do!!!!! Almost every episode features a "hot" 80s chick in distress who Max takes a fancy to, such as Demi Moore or Rebecca Holden!! All the acting is typical of 80s TV action fare such as A-Team or Dukes of Hazard!!!! There are some nifty ninja weapons that show up during the films, and Max has a pet hamster in his van as do most people!!! Uncle Jack has only seen the The Master Ninja 7 and 2 VHS, which only amounts to four episodes, but he would watch them all if he has the chance, surely Netflix or some such place has them all on DVD!!! NINJAS!!!!!! 1980s NINJAS!!!!!!!!
Directed by Lots of Different Dudes
The Master Ninja- Video Clip of the First Appearence of The Master!!!!
The Master Ninja- Video Clip of The Master Vs the Police!!!!!

Irresistable Force (1994)- (Feat. Cynthia Rothrock, Stacy Keach, Christopher Neame, Michael Bacall, Nicholas Hammond, Jerome Ehlers)
Cynthia Rothrock, the Chuck Norris of chicks- stars in this typical action flick as an ex-Navy Seal turned cop!!! Rothrock is the only woman to have ever become a Navy Seal in the movie and she is having trouble as a cop with being too aggressive!!!! Stacy Keach plays a police sergeant who is getting close to retirement and wants a partner who will keep him out of trouble so he says he wants a female partner!! Needless to say he ends up with Rothrock who instantly gets him into a shoot-out and then kicked off the force!!!!! When the two go to visit a high security mall's grand opening, the mall is taken over by terrorists and Rothrock is locked inside with them!!!!! (See "No Contest" movie review for almost the exact same plot!!!) One can imagine what happens from there- Rothrock kicks butt and Keach eventually finds his way in to the mall to help!!! Everything in the film is done fine, nothing special, a must see for Rothrock fans!!
Directed by Kevin Hooks

Ninja Strike Force (1988)- (Feat. Richard Harrison, Geoffrey Ziebart, Gary Carter, Fredrick Bresma)
IFD Films and Arts Ltd. strikes again with another ninja story spliced into a crappy Chinese film!!!! The Chinese film into which the ninja story line is splice, is about a young man and his kid brother who are always getting the short end of the stick in life!!!! Eventually the man works his way into a decent job as a graphic designer but then discovers that even that business is corrupt and his boss wants to take advantage of him!!!! The man has a friend who is chronically sick and collects junk all day on his bicycle!!! The sick man has a gambling problem and gets them all into trouble with a group of thugs!!! Anyway, that is not the important part of this film!!!! The ninja story revolves are "THE SWORD OF CATASTROPHY", a magical ninja sword that makes whoever wields it nearly invincible!!!! "THE SWORD OF CATASTROPHY" is stolen by a member of the evil Black Ninja Clan!!!!!! The Black Ninja begins to hunt down and kill the leaders of the five other ninja clans one by one and with each kill "THE SWORD OF CATASTROPHY" turns a little more red and a little more powerful!!!!!! Can the good ninja (Richard Harrison) who's master was killed by The Black Ninja avenge his master's death and return "THE SWORD OF CATASTROPHY" to its home?!!!! He will only succeed if he can make the star of the crappy Chinese film tell him the secret of "THE SWORD OF CATASTROPHY"!! "THE SWORD OF CATASTROPHY"... what an awesome name, there is no cooler weapon in the world!!!!! This movie could be the crappiest ever and it would still rock because of "THE SWORD OF CATASTROPHY"!!!!!! Many different weapons including the infamous 3 part staff make appearances in the ninja battles!!!! One of the better IFD Films and Arts Ltd. movies!!!!!! A must see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "THE SWORD OF CATASTROPHY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Directed by Joseph Lai
Ninja Strike Force- Video Clip of the First Half of the Ninja Scenes!!!!!!!
Ninja Strike Force- Video Clip of the Second Half of the Ninja Scenes!!!!!!!!

Death to Kill (1994)- (Feat. Bolo Yeung, Martin Kove, Maryam D'Abo, James Pax, William Zabka, Michael Bernardo, Sigal Diamant)
It is too bad that this movie wasn't originally titled DEATH TO KILL!! which is clearly one of the coolest movie titles ever!!! DEATH TO KILL!! is the radical Korean name for the American film Shootfighter!!!! Uncle Jack had never heard of shootfighting before but, it is apparently a real sport which began in the 1980s in Japan! Shootfighting began as a type of professional wrestling which has predetermined outcomes just like in the US, but there were several matches where the opponents ended up really trying to hurt or kill each other and today it is a sport similar to the Ultimate Fighting Championships!!!!! Thus, the film is partially based in reality as it tells the tale of a shootfighter (Martin Kove who used to be TV spokesman for King Cobra Malt Liquor!!!!) who has gone bad and starts his own shootfighting league where people fight to the death!!! Kove's obsession is to battle the shootfighting champion (Bolo Yeung!!!) who he never got to re-match after he was kicked out of the league!!!! When Kove learns that Yeung is in the US teaching martial arts he devises a plan to trick two of Yeung's star pupils into coming to Mexico to compete in his illegal shootfighting tournament! Of course, when Yeung learns that his pupils' lives are in danger he goes to Mexico for a final showdown with Kove!!!!! DEATH TO KILL!! has a pretty typical storyline, but Bolo Yeung kicks ass and Martin Kove always plays a good bad dude, so DEATH TO KILL!! aka Shootfighter is certainly a must see!!!!!!!
Directed by Pat Alan
Death to Kill- Video Clip of the First Shootfighting Match From Death to Kill!!!!!

Black Force (1975)- (Feat. Owen Wat-Son, Warhawk Tanzania, Malachi Lee, Judie Soriano, Sydney Filson)
Platinum Productions re-released the 1975 blaxploitation film Four Force as Black Force in 1988!!! Black Force is most certainly one of the worst blaxploitation films ever made and one of the worst films ever made in general!! The intro credits indicate the level of black belt which each of the film's stars has obtained in real life and lets the viewer know that they are about to see real martial arts with no special effects and slow motion only used about twice for artistic reasons! It is no surprise in this case that the film's fight scenes are one big blow job of shittyness!!!! Story- 4 black martial arts experts (3 dudes one chick) are hired to retrieve a stolen African witchdoctor fetish!! As soon as they get the news they go into their martial arts training room and show each other how cool they are!!!!! One of them can even puts out candles with a knife!!! After being cool and showing each other their martial arts skills for well over 5 minutes it is time to hit the streets and get some clues about where the stolen artifact could be!!!!
The looking for clues scene is one of the fucking crappiest scenes in a movie ever!!!! The director films traffic lights, signs, random people and occasionally our four heroes talking to random ass dudes like a grocery delivery boy and a caricature artist and threatening to beat them up if they don't tell them about the "rip-off"!!!!! This is all done with the worst overdubbed dialogue with all the actors blabbing random shit about "the rip-off" over and over again!!! This goes on for at least ten minutes and then there are a couple stupid fight scenes!!!! Then what happens? You guessed it, at least 5-10 more minutes of the fuck shit "tell me about the rip-off" over-dubbed garbage!!!
THE FIGHT SCENES- Wow! Have you ever seen a movie where no one talks during the fight scenes and there is almost no noise what so ever?!!!! The bad guys just walk up and without a single word being exchanged a fight starts?! The bad guys always get their asses completely kicked and then they quietly lie on the ground as the heroes quietly walk away?!!!!! Garbage!!!!!!
THE DRIVING SCENES!!!!!! If the great "tell me about the rip-off" over-dubbed scenes weren't terrible enough, Black Force also boasts many shitty driving scenes which are also lousily over-dubbed and painfully long!!!!!!!
THE GUY ON THE FRONT OF THE BOX WITH THE GUN- There are no guns in Black Force!!! The cool dude on the cover isn't in Black Force and neither is the I'll shoot your balls off chick!!!!
The acting blows, the story is worse than excrement, the filming is horrid, you name it it sucks!!!!!
One could go on and on about how much Black Force will make you think of slitting your wrists to end the agony!!!! More than enough has been said about this stink hole!!!!!!
Directed by Paul (I deserve the plague!!!!) Glickman

The Dragon The Odds (1977)- (Feat. Yuen Bo, Chan Kwok Kuen, Tony Hwang, Mary Han, Tam Ping Man, Kwan Hoi Shan)
This is the 1986 Sho Kosugi Ninja Theater release of The Dragon The Odds which was originally made in 1977!!! As with all Ninja Theater films, Sho Kosugi demonstrates how to use a ninja weapon and then introduces the movie!!!! The Dragon The Odds is about a martial arts student named Mo and his struggle to take back his dead master's martial arts school which was taken over by two evil martial arts masters!! Mo meets a homeless thief named Lobo who helps him to improve and expand his martial arts knowledge and prepare for the deadly showdown!!!!! This Chinese film features lots of over-the-top fight scenes and some dumb humor- the character Lobo is really annoying and stupid, but fans of old, Chinese martial arts films will most likely find the film worth watching!
Directed by Philip Kam

Catch The Heat (1987)- (Feat. Tiana Alexandra, David Dukes, Rod Steiger, Brian Thompson, Jorge Martinez)
Catch the Heat is an obnoxious movie with one of the world's most annoying lead characters!!! The film's star Tiana Alexandra is Checkers a tiny, asian chick cop who knows karate!! When she busts a drug dealer with a bag of cocaine her and her stupid partner (David Dukes) decide to go to Buenos Aires and cut off the supply at its source!!!!! Cops go on secret international missions like this all the time, it is totally in their jurisdiction??!!!!!! Checkers goes to Buenos Aires under cover as "Cinderella Poo" an aspiring dancer from Hong Kong!!! For most of the film Alexandra has to play this undercover role and her stupid fake accent and the retarded way which she decides "Cinderella Poo" has to act are beyond annoying and drive this shit pile of a movie deeper into the ground then it was otherwise destined! The film's bad guy- Jason Hannibal is played by Rod Steiger!! Hannibal runs a talent company as a front for his drug smuggling operation!!! The dancers who apply to work for Hannibal find themselves unknowingly carrying cocaine into America in their boobs!!!!!! The film's action isn't very good, and Alexandra is a very unbelievable tough chick because she is so small it is impossible to believe that she could beat up all the big, mean men which she meets! The film's highlight is when Alexandra falls off a pier at the end of a chase seen and then has a long discussion over the police radio with her partner in a wet t shirt which shows off her nipples and big boobs, classy and rad, that is the only cool thing which happens in the whole film however!!!!!!!
Directed by Joel Silberg
Catch the Heat- Video Clip of a Crappy Fight and Chase and Tiana Alexandra's Wet T-Shirt Scene!!

Ragin' Cajun (1990)- (Feat. David Heavener, Charlene Tilton, Alan Rich, Sam Bottoms, Samantha Eggar, Hector Elias)
Martial arts movie fans all over the world agree, Ragin' Cajun is one of the most retarded movies ever!!!! The movie box boasts "More blood than 'Bloodsport'... more kick than 'Kickboxer'"!!!!!! That is one big fucking joke!!!!! Ragin' Cajun should be billed as a crap filled musical rather than a martial arts film!!!!!! David Heavener plays Cage Diamante, a kickboxing champion plagued by nightmares of the Vietnam War!!! After getting his ass kicked because he was having war hallucinations in the ring, Cage runs away from his evil manager and starts a new life as a dishwasher in a shitty bar! A lady friend of Cage's (Charlene Tilton) helps Cage cope with his crippling nightmares and sings lame ass songs all the time at the bar in some kind of poopy country band!!! Good thing Cage likes to breakout his guitar all the time when he is by himself and sing terrible crap! AMAZING NEWS FLASH... DAVID HEAVENER WROTE A LOT OF THE PAINFULLY WORTHLESS SONGS FOR RAGIN' CAJUN!!!!!!! When Tilton catches Cage singing a garbage-filled love song out by the sea, she tells him they should sing songs that will make people want to kill themselves together! Cage is too afraid of his flashbacks to perform in front of people so he just sticks to freaking out in the kitchen while washing dishes!! At the end of the movie Cage's old manager kidnaps Tilton and forces Cage to fight "Doctor Death" to the death!!!! But don't worry, right after the fight to the death Cage and Tilton drag their beat-up faces back to the bar to sing a duet!!!!!! YES IT IS TRUE, THERE IS AN ADD ON THIS TAPE FOR THE RAGIN' CAJUN SOUNDTRACK ON AUDIO CASSETTE!!!! PS... who would have guessed that this is an AIP film, another bomb for the toilet- THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Written and Directed by William Byron Hillman
Ragin' Cajun- Video Clip of David Heavener Singing a Shitty Love Song!

Tongs "An American Nightmare" (1986)- (Feat. Simon Yam, Tan, Anthony Leung, Christopher O'Conner, Quitan Han, Daisey Yong, Cornel Chan, Shigeko Suga)
Tongs "An American Nightmare" stars Simon Yam as Mickey Lee a young Chinese immigrant who comes with his brother Paul (Tan) to live in New York at his aunt and uncle's apartment!!! Mickey quickly runs into trouble with one of the local gangs in Chinatown and in the process of standing up to them with a group of new friends, Mickey and his pals end up finding themselves turning into a gang!!!!! With a story similar to that of the legendary Scarface with Al Pacino, Uncle Jack found Tongs to be quite watchable!! There are some memorable scenes like a fight in a pool hall where Mickey and his boys pull machetes on their rivals!!!!!! While not over- flowing with martial arts action, Mickey does have to use his hands and fists to defeat his enemies whenever he is caught without a machete or a gun! The acting, directing, script, etc. are all decent in this movie and all the "bad guys" do a good job of being ruthless jerks!!!
Directed by Philip Chan

A Life of Ninja (1983)- (Feat. Yasuaki Kurata, Chen Kwan Tai, Hung Lieh Chen, Ching Feng Chiang)
A Life of Ninja is a Taiwanese ninja movie of the highest caliber!!!! The film features chick ninjas that flash their opponents to startle then before killing them, ninjas that explode out of statues, buff dudes that lift up cars and break people's necks, ninja poison papers, great demonstrations of ninja training techniques, and many other radical ninja related events!!! The story is about a corrupt business man who finds his life in danger by ninja assassins!!!! The man's body guards and family begin to be murdered and only a man who teaches sword fighting and is a ninja can save him!! Lots of ninja action!!!!! Four thumbs up!!!!!!!!
Directed by Tso Nam Lee

Double Feature-
Super Dragon (1982)- (Feat. Cheung Chung, Shu Lin Chang, Hung Lieh Chen, John Cheung)
This cool VHS features two full length martial arts flicks- Super Dragon (miss printed as Super Dragons on the box) and Mafia Vs. Ninja!!!
Super Dragon is an ok Taiwanese martial arts flick about a group of body guards in ancient China who escort expensive items around the country! When the group is contracted to escort 12 priceless pearls, someone in the group sells them out to an army of thieves!!!!! Soon the importance of the pearls is lost as an unknown masked man begins to kill the guards! At times the masked man is accompanied by generally ineffective ninjas!! Most of the fight scenes in Super Dragon just involve fairly unoriginal hand to hand combat but an occasional sword or spear is thrown in for good measure!!!!! Not a particularly great film but a necessary view for old school martial arts movie fans!!!!
Directed by Cheung Chung
Super Dragon- Video Clip of the Second Fight with the Masked Man and Ninjas!!!!

Mafia Vs. Ninja (1985)- (Feat. Alexander Lou, Silvio Azzolini, Wang Hsia, Charlema Hsu)
As one would guess by the title- Mafia Vs. Ninja is an awesome movie!!!!!! Kung-Fu film classic Alexander Lou stars as Jack a man who moves to Shanghai and befriends Charlie (Charlema Hsu) who helps him get in on the sewage hauling business!!! Yes, they carry pots of shit around town for money!!!! One day as they go about their usual routine they notice a truck full of thugs attack a business man in his limo- Jack and Charlie come to the rescue! Impressed by their kung-fu skills, the business man invites them to his place so he can thank them!!!! Eventually the two begin to work for the man's organization which is some sort of nice mafia which helps out the Community and refuses to deal in drugs! When the man is assassinated by an evil rival, Jack and Charlie must get revenge! Soon the Japanese Yakuza becomes involved and they bring in their ninja assassins along with an Italian hitman, a buff black guy, a samurai, and some other bad dudes!!!!! The film's ultimate moment of coolness is when ninjas attack Jack and use their ninja magic to turn themselves in blobs of grass which scurry around the ground!!!!!!!! Quickly Jack realizes that the only way to defeat them is to rip a giant bamboo plant out of the ground and challenge them to fight like men- not blobs of grass!!! Radical ninja action, cheesy fight scenes, a classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Directed by Robert Tai
Mafia Vs. Ninja- Video Clip of the Fight with the Grass Magic Ninjas!!!!!!!

Ninja Hunter (1984)- (Feat. Alexander Lou, Jack Long, Tien-chi Cheng)
Ninja Hunter is a top-notch Taiwanese kung-fu film! When the evil Abbott White (Jack Long) of the Wu-Tang clan and his ninja comrades try to destroy all the students and masters of Shaolin, little do they know they are signing their own death certificates!!!Years later two grown children of a Shaolin master who was killed are given a book which teaches them the ancient art of the Shaolin Finger Jab!! Only with the Shaolin Finger Jab can the nearly invincible Abbott White be defeated! White gets his super strength and impermeable flesh from the kung-fu sacrifice of scantily clad women!!!!! White also uses his kung-fu techniques to activate pressure points on women which turn them into his slave/sluts!!
After mastering the art of the Shaolin Finger Jab the two brothers (One of whom is played by the masterful Alexander Lou) travel to the training grounds of the ninjas who helped destroy everyone at the Shaolin temple!! An amazing battle ensues where ninjas are dismembered in spurting blood and one ninja turns himself into a flying piece of fabric!!!!!! The three boss ninjas are black, white and gold of course!! One of the boss ninjas has a Hitler moustache!!!!!! The final battle with White is great and the technique which is used for his defeat is pure genius! Ninjas, cheesy gore, and a villain with giant, white eyebrows... what more could one ask for???!!!!!!!!
Directed by Kuo-Ren Wu
Ninja Hunter- Video Clip of the Battle at the Ninja Training Grounds!!!!!


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