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The Silent Night Deadly Night movie series is definitely the best of all the great Christmas related horror cinema.

Silent Night Deadly Night (1984)- (Feat. Lilyan Chauvin, Gilmer McCormick, Toni Nero, Robert Brian Wilson)
Silent Night Deadly Night 1 tells the story of Billy, his family is murdered by a drunken-killer dressed up as Santa. Of course, this causes the lad to grow up to become a killer Santa too.
Directed by Charles E. Sellier, Jr.
Silent Night Deadly Night 2 (1987)- (Feat. Eric Freeman, James L. Newman, Elizabeth Cayton, Jean Miller)
Silent Night Deadly Night 2 is about Ricky, younger brother of Billy from SNDN1. Since Ricky witnessed his crazed older brother get shot and killed because he was a killer Santa, he must grow up to do the same, great! The star of this film is an even worse actor than Robert Brian Wilson (Billy) from SNDN1, awesome!
Directed by Lawrence Applebaum
Slient Night Deadly Night 3 (1989)- (Feat. Richard Beymer, Bill Moseley, Samanth Scully, Eric Dare, Laura Herring, Elizabeth Hoffman, Robert Culp)
Silent Night Deadly Night 3- MORE KILLER SANTA, YEAH! Ricky is saved from the edge of death by a doctor who puts a glass cap over his brain. He is in a coma however, have no despair though, it is soon discovered that a "gifted clairvoyant," can communicate with him. This is a bad idea as one might imagine, and the bodies start to pile up. In the tradition of all good SNDN, this new actor who plays Ricky is really bad.
Directed by Monte Hellman
Silent Night Deadly Night 4 "Initiation" (1990)- (Feat. Maud Adams, Clint Howard, Tommy Hinkley, Allyce Beasley, Neith Hunter)
Silent Night Deadly Night 4 is believe it or not, one of the best movies ever made according to DWI. Having nothing to do with the first three movies, and very little to do with Christmas (Some of it takes place during the winter I believe, and I think we see SNDN1 playing on a TV in the background at one point), SNDN4 is very weird. I see the back of the box says nothing about the holiday season at all. Any ways, a really dumb reporter woman with terrible hair decides to investigate an apparent case of spontaneous human combustion. Before she knows it she is caught up in a world of lesbian witches, giant bugs, scary faces in every day objects, a very gross bum (played by Clint Howard), and drugged food. The film is directed by Brian Yuzan, and he does a great job (there is a certain Naked Lunchiness to everything), many of the actors other than the star are actually decent too. Insanity!!!!!
Directed by Brian Yuzna
Silent Night Deadly Night 5 "The Toy Maker" (1991)- (Feat. Mickey Rooney, Jane Higginson, Tracy Fraim, William Thorne, Neith Hunter)
Silent Night Deadly Night 5 in the tradition of SNDN4, has nothing to do with SNDN1-3. SNDN5 is the world's worst (and that just might make it the best), killer toy film! Mickey Rooney!! is "Joe Petto", (pretty clever name eh?) the toys from his store are killer, quite literally. The special effects are amazing, the killer toy dinosaur is just a battery operated Dino Riders toy, and the killer toy soldiers are just battery powered cheap toys also, and look out for the killer toy snakes, yes, they are just toy rubber snakes, the kind you can by for two bucks in any toy department. Radical! Best of all a dumb little kid stars in this, it is no surprise considering it is about murderous trinkets of youth I suppose. The kid is a better actor than all 3 killer Santas however (this is saying nothing mind you). Definitely good for laughs, quite hard to find I believe however, I forgot this film existed till I came across it just recently. Oh yes, there are evil Christmas presents (one is a assassin Santa Claus ball), so obviously it should be in the SNDN series!
Directed by Martin Kitrosser

Terror In Toyland (1985)- (Feat. Brandon Maggart, Jeffrey DeMunn, Dianne Hull)
Ahhh, looks like someone wanted in on the Silent Night Deadly Night action?! Can it really be that this killer Santa movie came out one year after the first SNDN and was not a blatant rip-off, I dobut it! The plot is very similar- a young lad sees his mommy kissing Santa Claus so he runs to the attic, cuts himself, and turns into a killer Santa when he is older! Our killer Santa is a much better madman than the killer Santa's of SNDN 1-3, he is truly obsessed with Christmas, dressing up as Santa and humming Christmas songs to himself in rages of insanity! Some people would probably argue this movie is better than SNDN 1,2, and 3. One could say Terror in Toyland is better filmed, written and acted- it is a little more slow though! I would say... watch it for yourself and be the judge!
Written and Directed by Lewis Jackson

Don't Open Till Christmas (1984)- (Feat. Caroline Munro, Belinda Mayne, Gerry Sundquist, Mark Jones, Kevin Lloyd, Robin Parkinson)
Don't Open Till Christmas is sort of the opposite story from that of Silent Night Deadly Night 1-3. A killer is murdering everyone who is dressed as Santa! The package on the front of the box and its title actually only have to do with the last few minutes of the film! The movie is ok, a must for deadly Christmas fans though!
Directed by Edmund Purdom

Black Christmas (1974)- (Feat. John Saxxon!, Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder)
Black Christmas combines everybody's favorite time of the year with the plot of "When A Stranger Calls!" Black Christmas appears to have been made before When A Stranger Calls, however, it looks like that film was first made in 1979! So perhaps this was the first film to have that plot?! A stranger is calling and talking and screaming in a bunch of voices! People start disappearing! The best thing about this film is- the end really sucks and there are a couple of those patented cut scenes right before the victim gets and there aren't many victims so that is lame!
Produced and Directed by Bob Clark
The crazy phone calls deserve ***** however!

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