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Alibi Montana "Inspiration Guerriere" (2007)-
Uncle Jack's favorite album at the moment is Alibi Montana's "Inspiration Guerriere"! Uncle Jack picked up this fine piece of French gangster rap while roaming the dangerous streets of Paris! Phat beats, big sounds, dope lyrical stylings! The tracks are generally dark or mean and generally made by synthesizer or other sound device, not sampling! 16 of the 17 songs are either good or very good! That is very rare in hip-hop or most music for that matter! Why can so many people produce a few good songs and have the rest be a bunch of shit?! And... yes... it is in French!
Sample Track-
Alibi Montanta- Rap Francais Sans Complexe

Alibi Montana "Toujours Ghetto Vol. 3" (2008)-
On this compilation album Alibi Montana and crew prove once again that they can kick the ass of your typical American hip-hop which features talentless rapping and weak and empty beats!!! The tracks on "Toujours Ghetto Vol.3" feature thick and mean beats and rapping which actually contains energy and style!!!! You won't find any of the lame-ass R&B shit that often shows up on American gangster rap here!!!!! If you are going to be hard core gangster don't you think your music should have balls??!!! The last two tracks are accapela so they aren't much use unless your going to lay them on some beats. There are two songs which are just so so- one of which features a crappy American rapper (yes the only one Uncle Jack can understand on the album)!! There are 12 solid masterpieces on this 16 track album which make it worth tracking down!!!!
Sample Tracks-
Langue De Pute (Synkronic)
Bienvenue Dans Le Four Feat. Lim et Alpha

Kaaris "Z.E.R.O." (2012)-
Kaaris aka Houdini aka Le Parachutiste aka Talsadoum (that is right... Talsadoum is James Earl Jones' sorcerer character from Conan the Barbarian movie!!!)!!!! This dude is one of the coolest guys ever!!!! Just check out the music videos from this album on his Facebook page!!!!! The video where he is rapping in a burning field of stone at night without his shirt on kicks ass!!! When Uncle Jack first listened to this album it didn't click right in his head for some reason and it seamed like a mess with all the shit it has going on but then... one day driving home with a righteous hangover everything fell into place and Uncle Jack realized this is one of the best albums ever!!!! Yes, more thick beats from France!!!! Every song on this 12 track album is mad dope!!!
Sample Track-
Criminelle League Feat. Booba

Lacrim "Faites Entrer" (2012)-
Lacrim and his DJ- Beat Zeps make phat beats that feature the dense sound that French gangster rap seams to be all about!!! Lacrim sounds like he spent his whole life smoking cigarettes and drinking hard alcohol and sometimes he sounds like he is getting into his rapping so much that he is out of breath which is rad!!!! Only track 15 featuring Atheena is a little weak which is interesting because the best song off of Alibi Montana's "Inspiration Guerriere" album featured her as well!!!
Sample Track-
Faites Entrer

Kataklysm "The Mystical Gate of Reincarnation" (1993)-
Kataklysm is Uncle Jack's favorite band in the realm of Northen-Hyper-Blast! Sylvian Houde is hands down the best death metal style vocalist ever! Completely out of control! Crazy lyrics about demons and alternate dimensions and screams and growls all over the place! The rest of the band kicks ass too! Don't buy any Kataklysm album other than their first three- 1. "The Mystical Gate of Reincarnation", 2. "Sorcery," and 3. "Temple of Knowledge"! After these three albums Houde leaves the group and the bassist takes over and turns everything to crap by changing the lyrical content to angry complaints about how hard life is and the whole band just starts to sound like a lot of the wretch that passes for death/dark metal these days! "Temple of Knowledge," is the best and most ballistic of Kataklysm's first albums, but they are all very good!
Sample Track-
Kataklysm- The Orb of Uncreation (from "The Mystical Gate of Reincarnation" CD)
Kataklysm- L'Odysee (from "The Temple of Knowledge" CD

Mortal Kombat "The Album" (1994)-
While the Mortal Kombat theme song is known by many to be the best techno song ever, not everyone knows that Mortal Kombat The Album is the best techno album ever! Mortal Kombat The Album features songs about all the important characters from the original game-
1. Johnny Cage (Prepare Yourself)
2. Kano (Use Your Might)
3. Sub-Zero (Chinese Ninja Warrior)
4. Liu Kang (Born in China)
5. Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat)- (The Mortal Kombat Theme!!!)
6. Scorpion (Lost Soul Bent on Revenge)
7. Sonya (Go Go Go)
8. Rayden (Eternal Life)
9. Goro (The Outworld Prince)
10. Hypnotic House (Mortal Kombat)- (Remix of the Mortal Kombat Theme!!!)
All the songs are written by The Immortals, the group which wrote the Mortal Kombat theme! This album is clearly intended for children which is part of what makes it so radical! The song lyrics are way dumb and thus... AWESOME!!!!!
Sample Track-
Sub-Zero (Chinese Ninja Warrior)

Defecation "Purity Dilution" (1989)-
For fans of the group Napalm Death, Defecation is a must! Defection features the Harris brothers, Mick (Guitars, Bass, Vocals) and Mitch (drums, vocals), who prove on this album that they are what made Napalm Death so great before they left to do other things and it turned less great! The recordings have the very rawness that old school dudes like Uncle Jack relish! Modern day metal sound production is generally so over done that it robs the music of its blackened soul! For rough, distorted, low-English accent growling brutality check this poo out!
Sample Track-
Defecation- Granted Wish

Grave "You'll Never See..." (1992)-
The epitome of what Death Metal is supposed to sound like! The Swedish band Grave blasts you with de-tuned mayhem and growls about what else... DEATH!!! "You'll Never See...", and their first album- "Into The Grave," are priceless gems of Death Metal history! After these first two albums Grave ruined its brutal sound in favor of a more highly produced and technical one and the vocal stylings went down hill, boring shit! Apparently Grave recently released a return to their roots entitled, "As Rapture Comes," which they claim will please fans of the first two albums, Uncle Jack will have to check that dope out! Word!
Sample Track-
Grave- You'll Never See

Iam "L'Ecole Du Micro D'Argent" (1997)-
This is the French hip-hop group which turned Uncle Jack onto French hip-hop! Apparently friends with Wu-Tang Clan, this album features a guest appearance with Dreddy Krueger! Iam could probably be called the French Wu-Tang Clan since they have a similar fascination with Asia and the martial arts! Musically this album is far more solid than most Wu-Tang Clan albums however! While Uncle Jack would characterize most Wu albums as having 50% or sometimes more drastically crappy content (Bobby Digital you know I'm talking about you!) "L'Ecole Du Micro D'Argent," is all listen able and 60+% is really tight!
Sample Track-
Iam- Petit Frere

Six Feet Under "Haunted" (1995)-
Six Feet Under's "Haunted," is quite possibly the best death metal album to come out of America! Obituary's Allen West plays guitar (Uncle Jack's favorite metal guitarist) and Cannibal Corpse's Chris Barnes does vocals. We get the best of two worlds without some of the baggage of their previous bands! Allen West doesn't have to play for a group which has a very unfortunate vocalist (John Tardy who consequently sounds a little like an angry tardy!) And Chris Barnes takes a moment to slightly change up his lyrical content and depart from his not so cool topic of female mutilation! Wake up nerds, just because you can't get a date and girls think you are a dork because you are- doesn't mean lyrics about eating parts of the female anatomy is cool, get a life! Any way, now Barnes growls about zombies, werewolves, and dismembering the dead! Much better! Allen West's slow, low,chugging guitar riffs kick ass! If I could have only one death metal album this might just be it!
Sample Track-
Six Feet Under- Tomorrow's Victim

DJ Swamp "Never Is Now" (2001)-
DJ Swamp rocks! Swamp has to be one of the best/worst rappers ever! Nice drum machine! Nice turntable scratches and loops! Funny shit with beats and music that are often actually quite phat! Swamp has toured with and done turntables for Rob Zombie and other musical groups!
Sample Track-
DJ Swamp- Malakai

Amorphis "The Karelian Isthmus" (2003)-
Amorphis' album "The Karelian Isthmus," (1992?) was re-released in 2003 and included their first album "Privilege of Evil" (1991)! Both these albums are very good albums about Finnish folk lore (they are from Finland) and ancient battle history (The Karelian Isthmus) and the typical death metal anti-religious-death stuff (Privilege of Evil). Amorphis' albums "Tales from the Thousand Lakes" (1993?) and "Black Winter Day" (for this album think Mr. Rogers meets death Metal) (1993), are also very good works. After these albums Amorphis basically sold out, nicened up their sound and started singing about alien abductions (which was quite a hip topic at the time, think X-Files)!
Sample Track-
Amorphis- Privlege of Evil m p 3
Amorphis- Black Winter Day m p 3

Landscape Body Machine "Structure" (1996)-
I don't know if this album would be considered techno or not?! I got it from a friend who knows the artist and most of it is quite good! The music ranges from driving techno beats to dark, ambient noise! It is all about track number 3 however, "No Cable," a hilarious yet very solid piece featuring samples from a man who is very mad at his cable company (the recording is real and apparently famous in LSBM's home country of Canada!) A+!
Sample Track-
Landscape Body Machine- No Cable

Ministry "Psalm 69" (1992)-
This album actually has a title in what is ancient greek I think, but, everyone always just called it "Psalm 69"! This listing is mostly just for all the younglings out there since old folks like Uncle Jack most likely recall the popularity of some of its songs such as "Jesus Built My Hotrod," (actually one of the worst and most obnoxious songs on the album)! "N.W.O" (an ode to President Bush I), "Just One Fix" (the best song ever according to U.J.), "Hero", "Scare Crow", and "Psalm 69", are all great "industrial" songs of massive guitar brutality which make this album a must have! Ministry's best album by far! Don't get any later albums by Ministry, they all went down hill, too much heroine or something! "The Land of Rape and Honey," and "Twitch," are good albums which they made before "Psalm 69", they have a very different and more 80s feel however! "The Land of Rape and Honey," is comparable to the best of some of the early Skinny Puppy!
Sample Track-
Ministry- Just One Fix

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