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The Death Cult cards from Carnage Press are truly some of the best collectors' cards ever!!!!! The cards were produced in November 1988 and came as a set of 40 cards, 1 sticker (pictured above) and a tiny, paper book which lists the artist for each card and shows what the 2 complete puzzles from the backs of the cards look like!! There were only 2000 sets of Death Cult cards made! The ink on the cards seems to be cheap and some of the cards were printed lighter than others, the purple ink from the puzzle pieces on the back of each card also got a little onto the front of some of the cards for some reason!!! Many of the cards were also cut off-center, that said... the cheesiness of the Death Cult cards only makes them even cooler!!!! There are two different cards numbered 13, clearly this was intentional as the 40 card set only goes to 39 due to this fact!! Collectors' cards dedicated to Jim Jones and his crazy-cult shenanigans... what an awesome idea! All the cards are pictured below along with a high-quality download of card number 13 "Jones's Nightmare", possibly the dopest collector's card ever made!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!
1. Robert Armstrong 2. J.R. Williams 3. Carol Lay 4. Anthony Mostrom 5. Mike Matthews 6. Kaz 7. Carel Moiseiwitsch 8. Gary Wray 9. XNO 10. Bob X 11. Krystine Kryttre 12. Oisif Egaux 13. Dan Wandery 13. unknown 14. Penny Moran 15. Dennis Worden 16. Gary Panter 17. D. Worden 18. J. Ryan 19. Charles Burns 20. Ric Heitzman 21. Mark Mothersbaugh 22. Jim Blanchard 23. R.K. Sloane 24. Brian James Riedel 25. Brian James Riedel 26. Wayne Honath 27. Carel Moiseiwitsch 28. The Pizz 29. Bob X 30. Savage Pencil 31. Wayne Honath 32. Jay Condom 33. Wayne Honath 34. D. Worden 35. Paul Mavrides 36. Mary Fleener 37. Roy Tompkins 38. Jeff Gaither 39. Raymond Pettibond - Puzzle art by Gary Panter and Jeff Gaither

Kool-Aid Man Dick in the Eye!!!!! Yes, This is About the Coolest Piece of Art Ever!!!!!
Click Here for a 400 DPI GIF Download of "Jones's Nightmare"!!!!!!

Cover for the tiny artist-info book!!! Yes, this set is number 1199!!!!!

Pictures from the artist-info book shpwing what the completed puzzles look like!!!!


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