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*Riot Grrrl*

To me, riot grrrl is empowerment of women and grrrls. Us standing up for ourselves and other girls and not taking crap from anyone. Riot Grrrl is to know who you are in yourself and beliefs no matter what anyone says. To be proud of being black, or punk, or lesbian, to be proud for what you are, whatever it might be. To be yourself. To think for yourself, to be who you are no matter who one might judge you. Living, your ownself, not someone elses. Being proud that you have the courage to go against societies standards. Riot grrrl is not to dream of equal rights revolution, but to create one, first within yourself, and then outside yourself. Women and Grrrls need to stand up for each other, they need to let people know when something bothers them. Loose the helpless cutesy girly image. Girly isn't bad, but don't be helpless. Stand up for who you are as yourself and who you are as a women. Fight back, voice your opinion, be loud, get heard, start the revolution now!!!!!!


Countrary to belief, riot grrrl isn't a group of man hating lesbians. We are not all the same, there is no stereo typical riot grrrl, every grrrl is themselves, every grrrl has their own opinion, every grrrl makes themselves who in themselves they want to be. Riot grrrls believe in equal rights, not only in the gay and lesbian community, but in the man-women community and all over. Ever notice that theres never been a women president in america? People say a women couldn't handle it, but Isabel Peron was president of argentina for several years after eva died and her husband remarried, even Eva who promoted her husband as president ran a feminist group and was the main influence on the people of argentina. Women can do anything men can. Gays can do anything straights can, black people can do anything white people can. Every color, sexual preference, sex is equal, we are all equals. We all carry within ourselves the power to impower, the power to love, the power to make the world peaceful and happy.

With the revolution started now, the strength will only continue to grow.

xoxo jessycka

please remember, this is only my view of riot grrrl, this is only my opinion, everyone has their own view and own beliefs.

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