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Nonsensical Nothings

all right y'all, listen up, cuz I'm only telling u this once, and if you miss it, the you are shit outta luck, first of all, if you couldn't make out the first sentence then you might as well stop now, cuz u r obviously a stupid little fuck who doesn't know how to read (just as I am a stupid little fuck who can't spell or use grammar correctly, 2 bad 4 u.) so anyways, me and my cool pink boots were out romping around the other day, (yeah, don't you wish you could have my cool pink boots, well you can't, so to fuckin' bad 4 u.) when we came across this dumbfuck standin' on the side of the road. so we says, very politely mind u, WHAT'S UP DUMBFUCK? and he just looked at me and my cool boots and smiled cuz he was to stoned to do anything else. that's the end of my story, and if u didn't enjoy it, i will have to insult you by assuming that u listen to OASIS. WHICH BY THE WAY, IF U DO, BY ANY CHANCE LISTEN TO THEM THEN STOP READING THIS NOW because we r way too cool for u anyway...So, i was talking to this hard-core dyke the other day (actually, i wasn't but i would have liked to have been talking to this hard-core dyke the other day) so i was talking to this dyke the other day, when I decided to bake her a cake....and it was the coolest cake u have EVER seen in your pathetic life, but it ended up getting burnt because i was watching TANK GIRL for the three millionth time, which reminds me.....) and i got to wondering about my pink possse, which by the way, is this soon to be nation wide under ground parody of a gang, in a sense, but we r so much cooler than a stupid gang because we fight for a good cause, and it's almost to easy to join. So i met this gut from Michigan, and i told him about my posse (which the actually name of is 'the pink posse for revolutionary feminists,' which my good friend calls the man hater club but it's NOT,) and he said he couldn't join cuz he was a guy. i asked him 2 questions: 1) do u believe in equality and rights for women, and 2) do you like beating the living shit out of gay bashers? well, of course he said yes, which really didn't surprise me cuz he was 2 cool. and so i says, well r u in or not? and he says that was the whole initiation process? and i says hell ya, what did you expect, so he asks what he has to do to be officialy inn, and i say, honey, u already r, so spread the word and stick to your beliefs, and go out and get a pink bandanna so people in the posse can recognize you. and let me tell you, he thought it was the coolest thing since fake puke, so, just in case you were wondering where this whole thing was actually going, this is it. And so, thank u for joining us on masterpiece theater...this episode has had absolutely nothing to do with any thing, so now go home and listen to corin and kathleen scream their lungs out on that new vinyl u just got cuz u were to lazy to get before. g'day tobi C.

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