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I Love You, So I'm Sorry if it Makes You Mad, but it Had to be Said


I have a story about hate. I hope it upsets you. I hope it makes you mad.

Last Saturday me and my wonderful boyfriend, nils were on our way to our friends Larry and Beth's house. We got down to the 37 bus stop in west Seattle by Boston market and sat around talking, waiting for the bus. About ten minutes later, 3 kids walked by, 2 were on bikes and the other was just walking behind. The weather was warm so I figured they were on their way to the 7-11 to get a slurpe or something like that. as soon as the kids saw us they started yelling things like 'fuck you, you freak, I wish you would go back to the hole you came from.' 'what the fuck are you?' so me being the snot I can be, had to stick up for myself. I yelled back, 'hey fuck you, what's your problem?!?' With that the shorter one on the bike walked up and yelled in my face 'WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME, BITCH!!!!????' 'I said fuck you, what's your problem.' he was babbling on about how much he hates people like us and was messing around with nils's mohawk. nils did his best to ignore him but finally he said 'stop messing with my hair' shorty didn't like that very much. He started to bounce around in his Nikes and his 2pac shirt yelling 'you wanna fight, you wanna fight bitch, come on. I was just thinking get he the fuck out of here, but I said, No, I don't want to fight you, I don't wanna fight anyone. nils moved his foot and kicked the kids bike tire. that rapper boy didn't like that at all. he began yelling at nils 'why did you kick my bike you piece of shit!?! You wanna fight?!?' nils was like no, go away. then the little bastard punched him in the mouth. nils grabbed the bike and made like he was going to fling in over the side of the fence. the other side of the fence is this step hill like thing with rocks and stuff like that. the snot didn't like the idea of that very much. He was saying stuff like oh man if you do that you'll be one dead motherfucker. i'll stab your shit up.' for a few a minutes they talked back and forth about how nils was going to die if he didn't give the kid the bike back and how if the kid would just go away he would get the bike back. during this the white kid (there were two black kids and one white) said 'yeah man you better watch out this mans a blood.' that made the twerp all proud and shit 'yeah that's right a blood i'll kill you.' as if you need to be in a gang to kill some one. I might add that while he was prattling on about how he was a blood I couldn't help noticing his blue pants. And from what MTV and the nerds at my school have taught me blue is a cryp color and he could get shot for wearing those blue pants. Anyhow we've got this fight going on. after a while nils gave him the bike back. nils walked past me and sat down on the other side of the bench. I thought that the kids would just go away. I was wrong. the dumb twerp 'G' started talking about my mom. whom as you will later learn I have mixed feelings about. 'Your moms on crack, bitch!' I said oh yeah she's on heroin too, what are you going to do about it? ,oh did I forget that she's fat and ugly to. what's the big deal about my mom, what do you care?' that kind of left him dumbstruck so he went back to harassing nils. then he took this knife-like thing out and was threatening him with. the 'G' got right in his face yelling and shit. nils was clamoring on about how didn't have to be so mean and hateful. Then out of nowhere the jerk hit him point blank in the eye, which cut him. nils was bleeding down his face. It looked like it hurt a lot. That was the last straw. it was nils's turn to get mad he started to kick and push the little bastards around. then as if on que, the bus showed up, and we both hopped on. But the worst thing was that the bus driver asked what was going on. nils told him, that we were getting messed with just because of our hair. The bus driver looked at me and said 'Yeah, well, you deserve it with hair like that, why don't you get a hair cut, you fucking freak.'

I hate the world.

oxoxrachel m.xoxo

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