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Garbage House (Established April 2009)- headquarters of the infamous MSC America (Make Sure Club of America) was constructed by Legion, Mark Century, Father Denardo, Lance Benriksen and Maximus! Garbage House is hands down the best work shed in all the land! Why is it the best work shed in all the land?! Legion spray paints things in the shed! Legion makes sure he is drinking enough malt liquor in the shed with fellow members of MSC! Last but not least there is a crappy wood TV from the 1970s in Garbage House which MSC America uses to view important VHS tapes such as "Drug Free Kids" and "Learn Gun Safety with Eddie Eagle"!!! Below is a fine collection of images from this all important building made of doors!!!

A Protective Seal for the Front Door?!

Inside of the Front Door and the Legendary Wood TV!!!

Part of Legion's Amazing Collection of Spray Paint!!

The Guts of a Piano in the Wall?!!!

Little Debbie Barfs in Garbage House!!!

The Finest Stained Glass Window in the USA!!!

Yes, The Inside of Garbage House is Also Made out of Doors!!!!
Garbage House is in Constant Change Like a Hive of Stinging Bees!!! As Garbage House Morphs New Pictures will be Added!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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