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Why does the "Ricochet" electronic, color, TV game center boast the best video games ever? Well, let's let the box do the talking- "Ricochet puts an end to electronic TV game boredom. How many times can you play the same TV game, the same way, before boredom sets in? Why buy a TV game that only plays in black and white, regardless of whether it's on a black and white or color TV? Why would you buy a home video game that does not utilize exciting, on-screen, numerical scoring? Now that there's Ricochet, you do not have to put up with any of the above. Introducing Ricochet...the electronic, color, TV game that makes others obsolete."

Bachelor Party by Mystique for the Atari 2600 is the world's best video game! Imagine Uncle Jack's excitement when he finally found one of the legendary adult video games for the 2600! Uncle Jack traded part of an Atari 5200 and 8 Atari 5200 games to obtain this Holy Grail of video pleasure! Bachelor Party is in the "Swedish Erotica" video game series! It is so erotic! Bachelor Party is just like pong! The only difference is that the paddle which the player controls bounces the pink silhouette of a bald, naked man with a boner into different colored silhouettes of naked women that look like those found on truck mud flaps! So detailed, such complex game play! If you bounce the boner man into all the colored, naked chicks you get to go to the next level which looks exactly the same and do the same thing only boner man speeds up! Uncle Jack has never actually played this great game, he just enjoys making guests to the realm of Deathwish play it! Below is a page from the "Classic 80s Home Video Games Identification and Value Guide" by Robert P. Wicker and Jason W. Brassard which lists and gives values for all the adult video games for the Atari 2600 system! The book is really great for people who collect old Atari 2600-5200-7800, Coleco Vision, Odyssey 2, Intellivision, or Vectrex games! Lots of full color pictures of games, system accessories and system facts! Unfortunately there are no good adult game box pictures, obviously they had some concern about young or sensitive readers either taking offense or enjoying the art work too much!

Manison Hantee was made by Orlitronic in 1982! It is the best LCD video game ever because it is in French! This is the only French LCD game Uncle Jack owns so, that is another reason it must be the world's best! Get the treasure, don't let the witches kill you!!!

Hungry Monster by Tandy is dope! It is like Pac Man with half the screen! The instructions on the back of the game say-
*Turn on Power, press Start
* Use joystick to move Monster (circle thing). Try to position Monster to eat food (green dots) while avoiding Bogey (red thing shaped similar to Pac Man ghost outline), which will eat Monster.
*When Monster eats red power food (red dot), Bogey becomes a coward and Monster eats Bogey.
So much fun! The play control is so... great!??...

Xonox "Double-Ender" video games for the Atari 2600 are great! This game was made in 1983! This cartridge features "Ghost Manor" on one end and "Spike's Peak," on the other! Uncle Jack has never played this game but, no matter how much the two games suck- they are still awesome because it is a double ended cartridge!

Comput-A-Dice is not a video game but it could be! It is friction powered! Just squeeze the button and watch the two lights spin until they come to rest behind the images of two different six-sided dice! A must for all Dungeons and Dragons players!

Chiller by AGCI is the most important game ever made for the original Nintendo Entertainment System! This game was never authorized because the player uses the light gun to trigger torture devices to kill people, destroy zombies and phantom baby carriages! Blood, torture, hidden objects! Three or four single-screen levels are just repeated over and over again! The arcade of this game had a cross-bow shaped light gun! If you collect NES games this is one of the coolest ones to own! All your friends will love it!

Deathbots by American Video Entertainment is a wonderful, over-head action game for the Nintendo. You control a robot who collects grenades, various guns, and health while destroying the "Deathbots!" There are many levels full of "Deathbots" and each is completed when the exit is found- much like the legendary old school game, Gauntlet!

AGCI spawns another winner! Death Race is a game which is dear to many old school gamers hearts! Choose from four car types, customize your ride with different, wheels, guns, and various levels of control such as speed and acceleration. After one spices up their automobile of carnage it is time to run over people, and fight other vehicles and helicopters! The game is for one or two players! The view is overhead like Grand Theft Auto, and the play control is... terrible! A must for all NES collectors!

Trolls on Treasure Island by American Video Entertainment may well be the very worst game ever made! The play control is almost non-existent! A troll bounces from left to right on a screen filled with walls, doors, and jewels! The player can sort of move the troll up and down! Touch colored cup things to be able to pick up jewels and open doors of the same color! Watch out! You might run out of time!! If this game doesn't satisfy one's need for bouncing trolls- try Super Troll Islands for the Super Nintendo, it is just as shitty!!! Radical!!!!

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