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The best trading cards of all time are, of course, The Garbage Pail Kids. They have something for everyone, something the whole family can enjoy! While the first series may be worth the most by far, the newer series are better entertainment, because they kept having to make them grosser and more offensive to keep everyone's interest. Kids drowning in cars full of urine, pissing in trees which shoot it back in their face, picking their scabs and putting sails on their excrement in a pool, are just a few of the later concepts. Dinosaurs Attack cards tell the story of dinosaurs shot into modern times by scientists and aliens, the result is a violent blood-bath of human and dino carnage! Babies get eaten, children blow up dinosaurs with rocket launchers, and a scientist burns in a blazing inferno to save the world, how can you beat that? And last but not least, we have Trash Can Trolls: Topps effort to make fun of the stupid troll doll craze of the early 90's just as they made fun of Cabbage Patch Kids. Unfortunately, these cards only lasted one season. Too bad.

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