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Charles Manson's Death Machine (Right Side of Noise Box #2)!!!!!

Ever since 1592 when man first discovered sound- he has dreamt of creating a "NOISE BOX" aka "a box which makes noise"!!! More than 400 years later, Raw Garbage has accomplished this task which many believed impossible!!!! The "NOISE BOX" box uses magnetic tapes and talking sticks aka "microphones" to produce an infinite array of noises!!! Knobs on the box allow one to change the speed at which the magnetic tapes produce noise, add special effects to the noise, and make the noises louder or quieter!!!!! One can even record sounds onto the magnetic tapes to listen to at a latter time!! To power his "Noise Boxes" Raw Garbage invented a substance called electricity which hurts when you touch it!!!!! Below are pictures of Raw Garbage's first two "NOISE BOXES" he has 5 more which he still has to finish! Long live the "NOISE BOXES" and long live noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Jones' Acid Trip (Left Side of Noise Box #2)!!!

Devil Man, Devil Man (The Front of Noise Box #2)!!!!

Raw Rabbit (The Back of Noise Box #2)!!

Molly's MSC (Top of Noise Box #2)!!

Zombies and Cigarettes (Bottom of Noise Box #2)!!!

We Are All Skulls (Left Side of Noise Box #3)!!!!!!

Padre Maldita Corista (Right Side of Noise Box #3)!!!!

Little Deadie (Back of Noise Box #3)!!!!!!

Guns = Life (Top of Noise Box #3)!!!!!

Malt Dimensions (Speaker Cover of Noise Box #3)!!!!

Crowley's Mind Power (Bottom of Noise Box #3)!!!

Make Sure Club Handle For Noise Box #3 by Marf Century!!!!!

Drunk Pickles Die (A Side of Noise Box #1)!!!!!!!

The Dangers of Running With Beer (A Side of Noise Box #1)!!!!!

Life in Vegas (Back of Noise Box #1)!!!

Dead MSC (Top of Noise Box #1)!!

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