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Two of the best movies ever are, "Project Nightmare" and the Indian film "Grace, Guts, and Glory." "Project Nightmare" tells the story of two friends who like to spend their weekends in the mountains away from the chaos of the big city. One weekend however, very strange things begin to happen, and if one has avoided reading the back of the box, which kind of ruins things, both they and the cast will be thrown into a world of drug-trip like madness, with very quality computer generated special effects, courtesy of the early 80's. Click here for Project Nightmare's Intro

"Grace, Guts, and Glory" is a bizarre and hilarious tale about the life of St. Francis Xavier, which is meant to be neither bizarre nor hilarious. The sets on this film are like nothing one has ever seen. Stupid, gross, and weird things happen constantly, including a music video breakdown when St. Francis sings the ten commandments, in true Bollywood style. An excellent addition to any intoxicated party. See below for various excerpts from "Grace, Guts, and Glory."

St Francis Sings The 10 Commandments!
St Francis (Maggot Eater)?
St Francis Jumps Sticks!
St Francis (Troubled by God)

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