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Best Killer Fish / Water Creature Movies!

Piranha 2, The Spawning (1982)- is hands down the best killer fish movie ever made. Why is it so good? There are giant piranhas, the giant piranhas fly, the giant-flying piranhas can breath on land, and to top it off, the film also boasts Lance Henrickson (Aliens, Pumpkin Head, Man's Best Friend..) who plays "Steve" a really cool cop with a boat! He has friends who throw dynamite at him for a joke! The fish are the result of a top secret US military experiment, of course! Excellent!! *****

Orca, The Killer Whale (1981)- actress Bo Derek makes her screen debut in this great variation on Moby Dick (and gets her leg bit off!).
When a giant Orca's mate is killed by a fisherman, it must track him down for revenge! Smashed boats, collapsed buildings and big fires ensue- and then the movie becomes amazingly boring and concludes with a very anti-climatic final death. The beginning is definitely worth viewing however, due to a very interesting/disturbing event which happens, after the killer Orca's maimed, female partner is hoisted from the sea. The amount of awesome science involved in this show is also amazing! Orcas are smarter than humans... apparently! Orcas also look like monster humans before they are born! Last, but not least, an ORCA VS. a GREAT WHITE SHARK!! PHAT! ***
P.S. Orca's have very mean eyes when they are angry!

Alligator 2 (1991)- An alligator that seems to range from 8-50' in length terrorizes people at a lake where new development is being built. The size of the gator depends on whether it is the real one they use for the film (which doesn't look very big), or a really crappy fake gator which is quite large. Richard Lynch (one of DWI's favorite actors) plays a professional alligator hunter in this film. Alligator 2 also features Steve Railsback (another DWI favorite, check out Ed Gein the movie to see him at his best). Good for laughs, one big cheesefest. **

Up from the Depths (1979)- Your typical story about a new resort that refuses to let anyone know a prehistoric fish is eating the people who play in the water. Some amusing characters in the film, some decent, intentional-dumb comedy. ****

Island Claws (1980)- Bloodthirsty giant crabs are always a welcome topic in everyday life. The crabs in this film, from the 80s, look like they stepped right out of a movie from the 50s. Glen "King Kong" Robinson can't do special effects as well as the people who did the first King Kong, so who knows what idiot gave him that name, maybe he gave it to himself. Any ways, giant crabs on a tropical island, which happens to be a tourist destination- eat people, or just mess them up. Your average failed science experiment to solve world hunger. **

The Crater Lake Monster (1986)- (Feat. Richard Cardella, Glenn Roberts, Mark Siegel, Bob Hyman)
Stop-motion animation monsters like those from the old Sinbad series of films, are phat! A meteor falls in Crater Lake, warms up the water and boom! You get an old plesiosaur egg to hatch and a rampaging, hungry dinosaur as a result! Obviously this dinosaur has to eat people!
Directed by William R. Stromberg

Devilfish (1984)- Devilfish looks kind of like a giant piranha made out of stone. Created by human, Devilfish escapes to wreak havoc on the Florida coast, it even has the power to self-generate! Killer fish film! Any killer fish film made before the 90s is great in my book! ****

Demon of Paradise (1987)- "It Waits Underwater... To Skin You Alive!" the box claims, but don't be fooled. Demon of Paradise sucks major eggs! The monster pictured on the front of the box is reminiscent of "The Creature from the Black Lagoon," while it is no where near that good looking in actuality, and this film was made how many years later? A dog with roots growing out of its head in a scaly wetsuit, yes, I'm afraid that is what our film's beast truly resembles. Acting = F-, plot = F-, entertainment = F-, monster = F---- All you really need to know is DON'T WATCH THIS! It bored me to tears!
Poopy, crap, shits! *

Frogs (1972)- (Feat. Ray Milland, Sam Elliot, Joan Van Ark, Adam Roarke)
Jason Crockett is a mean, old, rich man who lives on an isolated in the deep South. He hates the sound of frogs and wildlife so he has his island sprayed with chemicals to try and destroy all the bothersome beasties. What happens? Nature has its revenge! Snakes, lizards, turtles, alligators, and frogs of all types and sizes show up to butcher the ignorant humans. Hey, some living moss even kicks in by covering a man so tarantulas can bite him! Awesome! No... not really. Clearly inspired by Hitchcock's film, "The Birds," "Frogs" is actually quite a bore. The only thing impressive about this flick is the large number and variation of reptiles which make appearances and were actually brought in to do so, not just stock footage. The most sad thing about the film is, the mass of frogs which are constantly shown throughout this motion picture never eat any of the actors as the cover and name might leave you to believe, they just hop around all over the place making noise.
(Directed by George McCowan)
** (I would have given this film one star if not for the moss and tarantula bit! That was neat!)

Blood Beach (1981)- (Feat. David Huffman, Mariana Hill, John Saxon, Burt Young)
"Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... you can't get to it," declares the box front for this film which features JOHN SAXON!!! John Saxon is one of DWI's favorite actors, he appears in far too many great movies to name! Saxon, plays the head of the Venice Beach police and even uses the stupid catch phrase from the front of the box in a speech to his underlings. The statement is awesome because it makes no sense in the film, where the water was never dangerous.
Something in the beach sand is mutilating people and decapitating dogs! As one watches this film they learn that it is possible that the people who wrote "Tremors," borrowed this story and put it in a desert instead of on the beach. Like many classic horror films if you don't watch this movie all the way to the end you will never see the creature. Not a radical film, not a bad film.
(Directed by Jeffrey Bloom)

Humanoids from the Deep (1980)- (Feat. Doug McClure, Ann Turkel, Vic Morrow, Anthony Penya)
Genetically engineered salmon some how end up resulting in half-man, half-fish monsters when introduced into the wild by a canning company. Dogs are mutilated, people are killed, and women are raped by slimy creatures which are clearly a crappy knock-off of "The Creature from the Black Lagoon." The back of the movie claims it is scary, and compares it to King Kong, Alien, Psycho and Jaws- those are good movies, this movie is ok. The most interesting thing about this film to me is that it was made by a woman, I would have expected a man with all the booby content. You don't see a lot of women directing horror films any way. So, lets give it up for director Barbara Peeters' bold journey into the realm of fishy horror.
(Director Barbara Peeters)

Alligator (1980)- (Feat. Robert Forster, Robin Riker, Michael Gazzo, Jack Carter, Henry Silva, Dean Jagger)
While the original Alligator is considerably better than its sequel, it is still not a very exciting film. There is a very nice scene when the alligator busts through the sidewalk and out of the sewer. The alligator is just as ridiculously huge as the one which appears in Alligator 2. There is less jumping between footage of a real alligator and the giant prop alligator than there was in Alligator 2 so the creature doesn't seem to be growing and shrinking as much. Alligator has a favorite bad guy actor of DWI, Henry Silva who appears in many quality action films because he is mean and slightly unusual looking. In this film Silva plays a sleazy, big game-hunter who is brought in to kill the murderous reptile. Silva does not get to play the type of mob boss character which he is so good at and while his character is the best in the show, that is not saying much. The film highlight is the rare death of a child in a horror film, a little kid who is forced to walk the diving board at a pirate party and is turned into a mass of red water as he is gobbled up by the beast which was using his pool to take a nap, cool!
(Directed by Lewis Teague)

Crocodile (198?)- (Feat. Nat Puvanai, Tany Tim, Angela Wells, Kirk Warren)
Uncle Jack was very excited to find this film! Unfortunately he quickly became unexcited while watching it! The movie was made somewhere in Asia, there are no end credits to help one guess where, thus it is obviously very poorly dubbed! Our villain, a crocodile made gigantic by radiation (of course!), is played by a small alligator which swims around in various, tiny model constructions! At times or "crocodile" is a very large, fake head- big enough to eat a water buffalo! I suspect this movie might have actually been called "Alligator" in its home country since the monster clearly isn't a crocodile, it may just have been named "Crocodile" for release in the US since there was already a movie called "Alligator"! Any way, the movie is really boring, slow, poorly written, and poorly filmed! Our "crocodile" does destroy at least 2 entire villages however, and eats numerous children which would be cool if it were done well and didn't mainly consist of splashing water which knocks over model shacks and bridges! People sure do spit blood out of their mouths a lot when a giant crocodile eats them! The end of this film is essentially a giant rip off of the first "Jaws" and the last shot is done so poorly that one can't tell if our hero survived the destruction of the crocodile or not! Really not worth viewing!
Directed by Sompote Sands
Video Clip of the "Crocodile" Destroying a Village! Includes One of the Only Scenes of Real Gore! A Man Bitten in Half!

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