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Sharp GF-777Z!!! The best machine ever created for playing music! Why?! It is 15 inches tall and 29.5 inches long! It weighs 30 pounds!!!! It has 2 antennas!!! It plays audio cassette tapes! There is a phono in and a mic in!!!! You can put a variable amount of echo on the mic or radio!!!! There are lots of buttons and knobs! It takes 10 D size batteries!!!! It has good bass!!! Man would someone get buff and be cool if they lugged this baby around the ghetto!!!
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Boom Box Museum

Knobs and Switches Oh My!!!!!


The Diatone TP-72 8 track player and double cassette recorder is awesome!!! Uncle Jack replaced the shitty and papery 32 watt Sharp speaker which came with the machine with a Radio Shack 50 watts RMS, 10" polypropylene woofer from the 80s!!! The speaker was new in box and only 2.50$ at Goodwill!!!! All the lettering on the machine except for the name is in Japanese!!! Radical!!!! This system will receive a custom paint job and new speaker cover (it didn't come with it)!!!! The system seems to work perfectly, the mic input hasn't been tested yet!!! There are green, yellow and red lights which flash along to the beat of the music!!! There is a speed control for the 8 track and cassette tapes!!! Everything sounds wonderful on the slowest speed!!! Uncle Jack can't sing along with fast music!!! Go get a Diatone TP-72 today!!!

See Japanese!!!!!!!!!

Its Hard to Tell But Yes, Those Lights Are Flashing!!!!!!

Yep That is The Phat Speaker Uncle Jack Installed in the TP-72!!!!


The JVC "K-99 Stereo" karaoke machine is Uncle Jack's largest double cassette/ 8 track karaoke machine at 24" tall, 20.5" wide, and 11.75" deep!!! The "K-99 Stereo" weighs 40 pounds making it a bit too heavy for old people to move around!!! The "K-99 Stereo" boasts the most features and best sound quality of the three double cassette/ 8 track karaoke machines which Uncle Jack owns at the moment!!! There are two mic inputs, a headphone out, right and left line inputs, a speaker output which if used provides the "K-99 Stereo" with stereo sound (the machine was originally sold with an external speaker which the main unit was made to be able to sit on!), there are volume controls for both mic inputs, a volume control for the line in, a master volume control, the obligatory echo knob, a headphones volume control, left / right speaker balance, bass and treble tone controls, and a tape speed knob for the 8 track or cassette deck A!!!! The "K-99 Stereo" also has an echo on off button, 8 track endless play button, bilingual tape button?!!!, cassette music scan button, and an awesome light meter for the record level!!!! Basically this machine is super fly and if you sing with lots of echo on your voice with the music being played at the slowest speed, everyone will think you are cooler than Boston Baked Beans (which by the way are gross and certainly not cool)!!!!!


The Denonet GP-K220 is Uncle Jack's smallest and most simplistic double cassette/ 8 track karaoke machine!! The GP-K220 is 21" tall, 15" wide and 8" deep!!! The GP-K220 is almost half the weight of the JVC "K-99 Stereo" at only 22 pounds!!!! Like the Diatone TP-72, the GP-K220 can be powered by 10 D size batteries, an AC input or a DC input! The only audio output the GP-K220 has is a headphone out! GP-K220 features knobs for- 8 track / tape 2 balance, echo, master volume, mic 1 volume, mic 2 volume, and tape 2 / 8 track speed!!! The GP-K220 has buttons for tape 2 auto select and cueing the 8 track!!! The GP-K220 also has an auto eject button for the 8 track which neither the "K-99 Stereo" or the TP-72 have!!! The casing for the GP-K220 is vinyl overlay particle board unlike the "K-99 Stereo" and TP-72 which have particle board covered in fake leather, the vinyl provides a better surface for Uncle Jack's painting purposes!!!! The GP-K220 is a neat little machine but not as good as the other two!!!!!


While the Denonet GP-K3350 lacks the 8 track playing capability of Uncle Jack's other karaoke machines, it does feature a "multi-sound vocal changer" button (the big silver one centered right above the speaker compartment!)!!!!! This feature changes the pitch of the music being played and can be adjusted so that when a person sings the music cuts out!! Yes, there is no longer any need to have music compete with one's excellent vocal stylings! The sound quality of this karaoke machine is better than that of Uncle Jack's other Denonet karaoke machine, but nothing great!!! The machines features are-
A knob to adjust the speed of tape deck 2!!
Music/Vocal balance knob!!
Volume/record volume knob!
Echo level knob!!!!!
Multi-sound volume knob!!!!!!
Knobs for the volumes of mic 1 and mic 2!!!
2 microphone inputs!
L/R Mic mix outputs!!!
L/R CD input!!
Multi-sound headphones output!!!!
Size- 23 1/4" tall, 15 3/8" wide, 10 1/4" deep!!
Made by Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd. in Japan!!!!

Yet another fine karaoke machine from Denonet!!! The Denonet GP-K3800 Stereo Karaoke machine has some of the best sound of Uncle Jack's karaoke machine collection!!! The back of the GP-K3800 has an unusual set of inputs and outputs which require u-shaped connectors in order to use the internal speakers!!! The giant, green and yellow volume knob is rad!!!!! The GP-K3800's squat shape is dope and it's simple styling is phat!!
Normal or multi-sound head phone output!!!
Cassette 2 tape speed adjuster knob!!
Vocal changer button!
Tone/EQ button!!
Multi-sound balance knob!!!!
Echo knob!!!
Mic 1 & 2 input volume knobs!
Mic/mix stereo output!!
CD/LD stereo input!
Key controller/equalizer pre output and main input!!!!
Size- 20 5/8" tall, 18 1/4" wide, 9 3/4" deep!
Weight- 30 Pounds!!!!!
Made in Japan by Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd.!!!

Picture of the Strange U-Shaped Connectors Which are Required to Run the Denonet GP-K3800 Internal Speakers!!!!!

Uncle Jack transformed his Vermil Ventures Corporation HP-K7000 stereo karaoke machine into "Noise Box #2" before he took a picture of it with its original paint job!!!! Originally the HP-K7000 was all black with black mesh covering the speakers which one could read a large HP-K7000 logo through!! The metal handle pictured here was made by Mark Eats Dogs, the original handle was a black plastic strap like that which most old karaoke machines have or guitar amplifiers!!! This decent sounding machine boasts a lot of rad features-
Pitch knob!!!
L/R balance knob!!
Mic/Aux volume knob!
Bass knob!!!
Treble knob!
Mic tone knob!!!
Headphone output!!
Echo knob!!!!
Mic 1 & 2 inputs and volume adjustment knobs!!!
Key up/down buttons!!!
Normal music button!
Multiplex/Voice change button!!
Voice Reducer Button!!!!
Hi-speed dubbing button!!
Program selector button!
Ext/Int speaker selector switch!!!!
Echo adjustment knobs for repeat and delay!!!
CD/Aux inputs!
Pre output!!
L/R speaker output!!!
AC outlet!!!!
Size- 21 1/8" tall, 15" wide, 11" deep!
Weight- 30 pounds!!!
Made in Japan!!!!



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