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It is of course- known the world over that Raw Garbage makes the finest "dirt toilets"!!!! Pictured above is the first "dirt toilet" which Raw Garbage made in July of 2009- model number AK52341922!! Model number AK52341922 also happens to be the only "dirt toilet" Raw Garbage has ever made!!! The "dirt toilet" was constructed using pre-used 2x3s, tongue and groove cedar from a fence, a beautiful new toilet seat, a piece of scrap plywood from Raw Garbage's painting studio, and a lot of screws!!!! This heavy duty mother is the exact height of a standard toilet, weighs around 30lbs and can hold a pretty fat person (if you break model number AK52341922 by sitting on it you deserve to fall in your shit!!!!)!!! To use the "dirt toilet" simply go dig a hole in the dirt, place the "dirt toilet" on top of the hole and then piss or crap all you like!! Yes, it is just that easy!! No longer do you need to be without a toilet in the woods!!!! No more falling in your urine and poop when you are drunk and squatting in the forest!! More pictures of the infamous "dirt toilet" can be seen below! Notice how even the inside of the toilet is painted!!!! Now you can really piss and shit all over Raw Garbage's art!!!!!!!

The colorful mushroom man will watch you do your business!!! (Raw Garbage didn't paint the toilet seat because he didn't want the paint to give any body's ass a rash!!!)

Skeleton's welcome your poop to its doom!!!! Yes, this is a Make Sure Club product!!

Inside the "Dirt Toilet"!!!!!

"Dirt Toilet" hidden in the woods!!!!!!!


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