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The artistic genius J Christ recently sent Uncle Jack a charming package full of handmade comic books!!!! These zine-style comic books which are an astonishing 16 pages long include Moon Treatise 1-3 and the notorious "Banjos Suck" (It's true, they really do)!!!! Like many zines they were created on 8.5" x 11" paper which has been folded in half and then lovingly stapled together!!!
Moon Treatise #1 is a comic of "What I drew when I was trippin' balls," according to J Christ- when one reads it, they find this easy to believe!!! The comic features very sketchy and messy artwork with text which is often difficult to read! There is very little cohesion to the pages, cohesion is hard to come by when, "trippin' balls"!!!! Uncle Jack is a fan of sketchy art and strange-nonsensical things, so he found Moon Treatise #1 to be an amusing experience! If a person can manage to create art of any type while losing their marbles, it is a very cool thing, for most people such experiences result in little productivity!!
Moon Treatise #2 is a far more refined visual experienced than Moon Treatise #1!!! Moon Treatise #2 "Where do Problems Come From?" explains where problems come from!!!! As everyone knows, problems come from a hole in the ground, are processed in a factory and are delivered to unsuspecting victims via "Problem Bees"!!!!! Moon Treatise #2 has much cleaner art than Moon Treatise #1 and a very imaginative story!!!!
Moon Treatise #3 "The Answer Snake and Earth Prime, or, Why Some Shit is Awesome, While Other Shit is God-Awful..." is as crazy and amusing as Moon Treatise #2!! J Christ's ability to come up with bizarre stories about why things are the way they are is truly astonishing!!!!!
Banjos Suck #1 is an interesting collection of short comics by J Christ and some other weirdos!! The highlight of this comic-zine is a 3 page piece entitled the "Lesbian Sex Manual" which addresses the subject of lesbian sex in a scientific and weird way which really has nothing to do with lesbian sex!!!!
Uncle Jack challenges all the insane people of the world to find better entertainment for only 1$!!!! If you are not odd and don't appreciate "trippin balls", aka you suck, avoid J Christ productions like zombie STDs! For more J Christ shit checkout the bizarre website- beefetish.com!!!!!!!!

The super-sketch-drug-madness of Moon Treatise #1!!!!!!

The Problem Hole of Moon Treatise #2!!!!!

How to Meet the Answer Snake- Moon Treatise #3

A Page from the Lesbian Sex Manual- Banjos Suck #1!!!!!!


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