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Killer Cards were produced by Piranha Enterprises in 1988, and almost as soon as they hit comic store shelves they were banned apparently, making anyone who owns them very lucky. The first series of Killer Cards shows many ways in which one can die. The second and third series were much less gory, and more often than not, were just devices for their creator to go on political/ecological tirades. The second and third series art was also much crappier because it was less crappy. Get the first series and never let it go, relish the blood and guts! Don't bother with the 2nd and 3rd.

Trash Can Tots are the best trading cards ever! Obviously based on Garbage Pail Kids, Trash Can Tots are better because, well look at that art work! Man that is the best art ever! These cards were dispensed from 25 cent machines in strips of 3 or so, had to be separated by hand, and were about half the size of normal trading cards. Trash Can Tots came onto the market some time before Garbage Pail Kids released their 3rd series, and are very, very, hard to find, heaven must be full of these things! The 3 cards above are from TCT 1st series, DWI just acquired the entire 2nd series which it didn't even know existed! Who would have thought they would have made a second series of these joyous pieces of crap! See below for all the cards from series 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Visit Iron-Jawed Aaron's Parody Pages to learn about all kinds of other Garbage Pail Kids card knock-offs, and other great joke card series!

Unofficial Weird Ball Brand trading cards by Mel Appel are the ultimate combination of idea rip-offs!!!! The cards are a mix of Garbage Pail Kids, Mad Balls, Muscle Men, and Wacky Packages!!! Many of the characters look like wrestlers with Mad Ball heads!!!! Mel Appel also released a series of small, plastic figures that looked just like Muscle Men with Mad Ball heads, some of the Weird Ball cards have pictures of those characters such as Bonehead and Spit Ball Louie below! The art on these cards has nothing on Garbage Pail Kids- one of the coolest things on Earth!! Weird Ball cards would best be described as dumb! It is extremely easy to get repeat cards in your packs, Uncle Jack got three packs of cards and there was a Humungusaki card in each pack and a Rusty Badwrench in two of them!!!!!! On the back of some of the cards there are Wacky Package fake product rip-offs, fake diplomas like Garbage Pail Kids, and puzzle pieces and jokes.... yep, just like Garbage Pail Kids!!!!! Weird Ball cards came out in 1986 and I think they were to lame to exist for more than one series but could be wrong!!!!!! The cards came with no gum which is good because it gets pretty nasty and ruins cards if it sits in a pack for very many years!!!!!!! Rating- CRAPPY FARTS!!!!!

Toxic Waste Zombie collectors cards were produced by Mother Productions in 1991!!! TWZ cards have comical looking monsters in environmentally unfriendly situations on the front and facts about pollution and other environmental problems on the back, along with a dumb quiz question!! Card credits-
Text and Illustrations by Scott Angle and Eddie Young
Typography by Paul LeBlanc
Pre-Press Mechanics by Coral Nilsen
Color Separations by Colorplus Corp.
Printed by Pacific West Litho
Published by Roger L. Worsham
Research by Sandra Angle and Janet Young
Storytelling by Scott Young and Paul LeBlanc
WOW!!! That is a lot of people and shit that was necessary to make one of the stupider sets of collectors cards that Uncle Jack has!!!! Uncle Jack bought these cards off Ebay thinking there might be some cool pictures of zombies in them somewhere, oh no!!!! The beings pictured on the cards could be called monsters or ghouls or goblins or whatever because they are just comical and monsterish and have nothing to do with zombies! The "pollution is bad" theme is important but it is far too easy to come off as preachy when using it in art!!!! These are like a lame version of Garbage Pail Kids for hippies!!!!! Far too much time was spent creating the 39 cards in this set!! More lame shit from Mother Productions!!!!!!! It is no surprise that you can still find these for cheap in un-opened boxes!!!

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