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While the front of the "Incredible True Life Murderers" box says 1st series, it is actually the only series!!!! This 40 card set which was released in 1991 features art and murderer information from the twisted minds of The Pizz and Bad Otis Link!! As one can see by the back of the box Rigomor Press ran into some legal trouble with the release these fine cards just like Piranha Enterprises did in 1988 with their release of Killer Cards! If only the courts back then could see the kind of visual carnage which is around in this day and age such as the Saw movies and video games like Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto... but that is another boring story!!! Incredible True Life Murderers cards also came with a pink "mini-poster" of Jeffery Dahmer, clearly it had to be pink!!!! The cards are ok, The Pizz and Bad Otis Link try to mix up the art style of the various cards in order to keep things interesting but one can never substitute for the coolness of having a bunch of different artists as was the case for Death Cult cards and The World's 40 Most Hated People cards (below)!!!! Uncle Jack wouldn't go out of his way to get these cards but if they are cheap at a swap meet or something they make for a nice and sick reading/viewing experience!!!!

An Example of Some of the Incredible True Life Murderers Cards!!!!!

The Incredible True Life Murderers' Jeffery Dahmer Mini-Poster!!!
Click Here for a High-Quality JPEG Download of the Jeffery Dahmer Mini-Poster!!!!

52 Famous Murderers cards by Mother Productions came out right after Incredible True Life Murderers cards in 1991 which clearly pissed-off Rigomor Press since it says "The Original Murderer cards" on the Incredible True Life Murderers box and Rigomor Press complains about copycats on a piece of paper which is in "The World's 40 Most Hated People" card set!! The art style on many of the 52 Famous Murderers cards is very similar to that which appears on some of the Incredible True Life Murderers cards (obviously intentional) and many of the murderers featured are the same!! The artists for 52 Famous Murderers cards were Bari Kumar and Samatha Harrison, the text about the murderers on the back of the cards was by Paul LeBlanc!!!!! Overall there is a better variety of art styles in the Incredible True Life Murderers cards but neither set is really all that exciting and 52 Famous Murderers cards does come with 12 more murderer cards and one stupid murderer fact card about murders in the US in 1990!!!! Once again, a set of cards really only worth acquiring if one stumbles across them for cheap!

An Example of Some of the 52 Famous Murderers Cards!!

It is no surprise that Hitler made it onto the list of the world's 40 most hated people for "The World's 40 Most Hated People" collector cards!!!! Other hated individuals include- Richard Nixon, Tipper Gore!!!, Ayatollah Khomeini, Arsenio Hall!!??, Ted Nugent!, Rush Limbaugh, Milli Vanilli!!!!!, Saddam Hussein, Satan!... The World's Most Hated People cards were released in 1992 by Rigomor Press in a limited edition of 4000 sets and feature artwork from "LA's most talented and notorious artists"- Chuck Biscuits, Coop, Alan Forbes, Andy Jenkins, Rob Malone, Bad Otis, The Pizz, Paul Postal, Marc Rude, Bob Thomson, and Jeff Tremaine!!! The wide variety of talented artists helps keep The World's 40 Most Hated People cards entertaining- a visual feast for the eyes!!! The backs of the cards feature facts and opinions about the hated individual on the front and are mildly informational!!!! The cards come in a large plastic case which can accommodate an oversized cover-card which is pictured above and another large card in the back which has facts about the cards, a rant about people knocking of the Rigomor Press "Incredible True Life Murderers" cards, and a rant about censorship and the Rodney King beating which took place right before the release of these cards!!!! The World's 40 Most Hated People cards are one of Uncle Jack's favorite collector cards sets and he considers them to be a gem in his collection just below his Death Cult cards and Trash Can Tots.... of course!!!!!!

An Example of some of The World's 40 Most Hated People collector cards!!!!

Mondo Suburbia cards were produced by Starhead Comics and The Teat Horn Entertainment Network in Seattle, Washington in 1990!!!! There are 26 cards in the set which sold for $5.00 and each card had a different artist!!!! While some of the artists featured are very good, the subject- poking fun at suburban life, is kind of dumb and lent itself to mostly boring cards!!!! The backs of the cards either feature a puzzle piece to a not cool puzzle or really stupid joke shopping lists which aren't funny or dumb fake ads about how awesome Mondo Suburbia cards supposedly are!!! The 4 best cards in the set are pictured above along with one ok one, two lame ones, and the shitty shopping list!!!!! Uncle Jack says, "stupid idea, too bad talented artists wasted their time on this crap!!!" Some of the artists featured include- Peter Bagge, XNO, Spain, RK Sloane, The Pizz, Jim Woodring, Wayno, Carel Moisewitsch........

Faces of Death collectors cards were produced in 1994 by Mother Productions!!! FOD cards were clearly created to try and cash in on the success of the Faces of Death movies, they have no connection to the films except for the name and type of content!!! Uncle Jack's FOD card set did not come with the card which gives the names of everyone who was involved in its making!!!!! Many of the black and white images of dead bodies, gagged victims, death devices, etc. are from fairly well known sources and are nothing new, such as the buddhist monk who set himself on fire in 1963 and a famous picture of a viet cong officer who is about to be shot in the head with a pistol!! On the back of each card there is a sentence or two describing the picture on the front! The information is often obvious and so brief that it seems that the card's creators really didn't care or want to put any time into doing research!!!! In conclusion, there are many better sources for people who just want to see pictures of dead bodies and death!!!!! Don't waste your time trying to track down these difficult to find cards!!!!!

Some Examples of Faces of Death Collectors Cards!!!

Bloody Visions 3 Lady Killers collectors cards were created by Michael H. Price and released through Shel-Tone Publications in 1994!! Bloody Visions 1 and 2 were typical mass murderer themed collectors card sets which were also created by Michael H. Price and included the usual line-up of Ed Gein, Jeffery Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, etc.! Bloody Visions 3 Lady Killers is a 36 card set which as one would guess by the name is all about women who killed!!!! The cards are printed in black and white and "blood red"!!! The art is nothing special, mostly consisting of altered photographs and pictures from history books! On the backs of all the cards are facts about the gruesome crimes which each woman committed!!!!! As far as the artwork goes, these are the least interesting of the murderer cards which Uncle Jack has come across!! The Bloody Visions 3 cards come with three preview cards for Michael H. Price's "Love Hurts Crimes of Passion" collectors card set which includes pictures and facts about such winners as OJ Simpson and Lorena Bobbitt! For a couple bucks the Bloody Visions 3 set has some interesting facts but they are nothing great!!!!!

Some of the Bloody Visions 3 Lady Killers Cards and one Love Hurts Crimes of Passion Card!!


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