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Horror Comic Book Reviews!

Nightmares (1985 Eclipse Comics)
Art: Paul Gulacy, Color: Steve Oliff, Story: Doug Moench/ Don McGregor
I was excited by the covers of this 2 comic series when I discovered it on glorious Ebay. The two stories which take place in this comic mini-series are very wordy and quite boring however. The stories are reminiscent of a bad, old Hammer Horror film. The books rely too much on words rather than pictures to convey their stories. I think the point of a comic is the art. The inside art even looks like someone took stills from an old horror film and drew over them, highly realistic and consistent illustration. Great covers but the two stories "The Trespasser," and "Blood on Black Satin," will put you to sleep.


A scene from "Blood and Black Lace"

A Scene from "The Trespasser"

A Scene from "Blood and Black Lace"


Tales of Terror (Eclipse Comics 1985)- This 13 comic set features consistently awesome cover art and consistently lame stories. While the art contained in the comic is fine, the stories are boring or stupid. I believe there were maybe 3 pieces I actually enjoyed in this series. What a shame. There are 2 stories about killer teddy bears! One crappy, killer teddy bear story is quite enough. The only cool, killer teddy bear is in the movie Silent Night Deadly Night 5! There are also 2 anti-drunk driving stories which appear in the series, I don't want to read a whole story only to discover it is a lame device for someone to convey their anti-drunk driving message. If you find these comics somewhere really cheap, their covers will make nice wall decorations, don't spend as much money as I did to obtain the whole collection.

Gun Fighters In Hell (1993 Rebel Studios)- Gun Fighters In Hell is created and illustrated by Joe Vigil who I assume is brother of the considerably more talented Tim Vigil who produces the amazingly detailed and complexly drawn Faust for Rebel Studios. Joe Vigil's story for Gun Fighters In Hell is no good, and his artwork is somewhere between amateur and professional which always bothers me because you're like, "well if it was a little better it would be good, and if it was a little worse than I wouldn't be thinking if only it were a little better."
Gun Fighters In Hell tells the story of "Anna Sinbuck!!!!!!???!!!" That is a really shitty name, obviously Joe Vigil thought he was pretty cool when he thought that up, it is crap. Vigil is trying too hard to be cool, that name alone is reason not to read this series!!!!!
As I was saying, Gun Fighters In Hell tells the story of Anna Sinbuck and her quest to stop demon gun slingers from leaving hell and destroying the earth. The gun slingers in these books use "live ammunition," another concept Joe Vigil thought was very clever no doubt. The "live ammunition" is living, demon bullets with sharp teeth and ugly tongues! Can someone say holy crap that is stupid shit?! There was way too much time spent on making intricate scenes for these books considering the quality of the story and the quality of Joe Vigil's art.

Take a look at the skeleton horse's head, what happened? Complete artistic crap out! This whole picture sucks but that horse's head, man, was this drawn by a 10 year-old?!

Anna Sinbuck with the head of Cerebus, she is well drawn but what is up with the crappy demon in the cowboy hat?!

The best scene in all of the 5 part series of Gun Fighters In Hell. Great Detail. Did Joe Vigil get help from Tim Vigil to pull this off?

Faust Act 10 (1993 Rebel Studios)- This is the only Faust comic I have but I can definitely say it has some of the best art in town. Very sick stuff, there is a nice scene where Faust gets his head shoved in the slimy crotch of a giant demon with both male and female genitalia. The only problem with this comic is that its' hero, Faust- is a rather blatant rip-off of Marvel's Wolverine, just stupider looking. The pages below will best illustrate why Tim Vigil is an artistic genius.

Son of 6 (#1, Virus Comix 2009)- Son of 6 is a comic similar to Faust in that it features many demonic happenings, nudity, a demon with giant claws on each hand, and a mask similar to Faust's! The artist and creator Ju Gomez is as can be expected- not the caliber of artist that Tim Vigil is (few are) but he pieces together an interesting tale of demonic butchery that seems perfect material for a death metal album!!! A devil woman with Gomez's trademark huge tits creates "Son of 6" to rule over "The Dominion" in a ceremony of blood and carnage! After his creation this Faust type monstrosity goes to Earth or some other human place and starts tearing people apart!!! Now is when things become more difficult to understand, the reader is suddenly taken to a sanitarium where a giant, muscle-bound, angry dude who looks like he just got off tour with his heavy metal band begins killing people and then escapes!! This man calls himself "Son of 6" and is apparently the human form of the demon "Son of 6"!!! As is true of Gomez's other works there are pages which are very detailed and others which are less so and are clearly more hastily drawn! Pencil marks can still be seen on some of the pages which is interesting and results in an more raw look! Being the newest of Gomez's comics the art does seem more refined and I would say this is his best work yet! Some of the demonic references in this book seem to relate to Gomez's earlier work "Psycho Hunter 666" (see below) so if it were very important to one to know exactly what is happening, Psycho Hunter 666 should probably be read first, but understanding this is highly over-rated!!!

Nice Outfit Every Girl Should Have One!!!
The Female Demon Who Creates Son of 6!!!!

An Example Featuring the Range of Detail Which Gomez
Does or Does Not Include in His Drawing!

Psycho Hunter 666 (#1 of 3, Boneyard Press 2006)- Psycho Hunter 666 predates Son of 6 and features similar carnage-filled romps through hell! The comic reads like the lyrics from a death metal song, spitting out the names of demons and demonic places that one would need some kind of bibliography to understand! There is nothing wrong with being tossed into a confusing world of satanic butchery however! A typical page reads- "WARD RULE... The beast has super murdered all that is Morganna... Now the final Sacrifice is at hand.." The story- a muscular demon with a giant claw sprouting from each hand- tears apart and slices other demon creatures to death! Hey, that is a good enough story for Uncle Jack! The text for some of these pages was typed onto blank paper and then laid on top of the drawings which is interesting because one can tell this and slightly see through them to the picture behind! There is also a double page spread where the comic board "Blue Line Pro" which comics are often drawn on can be seen in the back ground of one of the pages, some sort of strange printing error but it gives one an idea of the scale of the comic's production, nothing anyone would see happening at Marvel, but again it is interesting not problematic! Some pages are better illustrated than others, but overall a good, blasphemous read which often features some pretty intense shading work!!!! Click here for the Psycho Hunter Online Comic!!!

Demons Battle in "THE WARD"!!!!

That's Right!!! The Beast Has Super Murdered!!!!!

From the three Beyond the Grave comics which Uncle Jack has read, he can scientifically conclude that they are stupid and suck!!!! The art is generally pretty weak, the stories blow, and the only thing they have going for them are the advertisements for mind control books, weight gaining secrets, ninja weapons, etc.!!! The stories in the comics are just reprints of old ones which were originally printed in the 50s-70s!!!! Shitty stories about evil Egyptian pharos up the kazoo!!!!! All kinds of lame and non-scary/gory trash!!! Why reprint worthless barf?!!!! -THE END

Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told (Monster Comics 1992)- Wow!!! Who would have guessed that the "splatter rock" band The Accused had a comic about their favorite character- Martha Splatterhead?!!!! This underground publication features artwork by: XNO, Mary Woodring, R.K. Sloane, Box X, Dennis Worden, some dude with a weird pyramid symbol for a name, Michael Dowers, Jeff Gaither, Stevo Winters, Jim Blanchard, Mary Fleener and Peter Bagge!! The comic also includes a flexi-disc record with a single of "Straight Razor (Going for the Throat)"!!!! R.K. Sloane and Jeff Gaither have the greatest quantity of art in the comic which is good since Uncle Jack considers them to be the best artists of the bunch!!! The two did the art for a two page spread of Accused logo concepts which is featured in the book, as well as a radical two page spread of "Martha's House of Horrors" (see below)- awesome and strange, psychedelic-gore artwork!!!!! Martha's House of Horrors is the only really cool piece of work in this comic!! Most of the stories (all of which are about Martha) are pretty dumb and fail to be funny like they are supposed to be!!! Decent underground art from underground artists, just dumb stories! Once again, why is it so hard for comic artists to write good stories?!!! If you are going to spend your time drawing a comic shouldn't it be non-dumb?!! A short interview with the band is in the comic! Apparently it took 3 years for this comic to materialize after the members of The Accused came up with the idea!!! Uncle Jack has not researched whether any more Martha Splatterhead comics were made, however, considering that it took 3 years for the first issue to come out and the band only released one more album after the comic's release, it is doubtful they they were together for long enough for another comic to be made!!!!! An interesting relic for fans of The Accused, too bad the stories just aren't good!!

R.K. Sloane and Jeff Gaither's "Martha's House of Horrors"!!!

An example of one of the crappier stories from Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told!

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