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Finntroll- Best "Advanced Trollish Metal"

Covers for- Jaktens Tid, Nattfodd, Visor om Slutet

Finntroll is an "advanced trollish metal" band from Finland! Their songs tell exciting tales about the often violent life of a troll! Finntroll blends traditional Finnish "humppa" (a variety of polka), with the traditional line-up of heavy metal instruments, loud Finnish growling vocals, keyboards, and what ever other devices of noise suit their fancy. DWI's favorite Finntroll album is "Jaktens Tid," the song "Aldhissla" is one of the best metal tunes ever! For more info on Finntroll visit: www.finntroll.net
DWI's sample song for Finntroll is "Aldhissla" from Jaktens Tid!

Band pic from Jaktens Tid

Band pic from Visor om Slutet

Band pic from Nattfodd

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