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Fart Bombs aka Fart Bags aka Fruit Bombs are the best practical jokes ever. The most high-tech version of the stink bomb to date, Fart Bombs don't leave little pieces of glass all over, as their earlier counterparts did. The art work on these novelties is to die for too, much more amazing than small glass vials. To use a Fart Bomb simply (as the box instructs)- 1. Do not tear the package 2. Find the object. Break the small water-bag inside the package which will be full of air immediately. Drop the bag beside the object. 3.When the bag pop and smell the odor like fart. 4. Eating prohibited. So please go to Ebay now, where you can buy Fart Bombs by the box, 72 for about 12$, and use them all over the place! Your friends,family, and co-workers will love you for making everything smell like a really bad fart! If you want the fun of a Fart Bomb without the stink, buy Bomb Bags, they inflate and pop loudly and that is it! Great!

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