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The Psyco Realm- Best Hip-Hop

The Psycho Realm, The Psycho Realm "A War Story Book 1," The Psycho Realm "A War Story Book 2."

The Psycho Realm is one of the few hip-hop groups that can consistently produce phat beats and dark content. They seldom stray from the topics of gang violence, world disorder, drugs, and insanity . No R&B break-downs here. Their first, self-titled album is their best, followed by their second release, "A War Story Book 1." Cypress Hills' B-Real appears on the first two albums, and is reminiscent of Cypress Hill's "III Temples of Boom!" For more information visit: www.psychorealmsonline.com
DWI's sample song for The Psycho Realm is "Psyclones" from the first album!

Sick Symphonies is a total piece of crap album presented by The Psycho Realm, not a single good song, don't waste your time or money on it.

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