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Iced Earth- Best Heavy Metal Band

Covers for the albums- Night of the Stormrider, Burnt Offerings, Horror Show, The Dark Saga.

DWI's favorite heavy metal band is Iced Earth. While not all Iced Earth albums qualify as great, "The Dark Saga," is an ultra-dope, masterpiece of traditional-heavy metal. The best thing about "The Dark Saga," is that the whole album is about the Image comic book Spawn, yes, a whole album about a comic book! That is really great! For those who don't know, Spawn was a knight who sold his soul so he could see his true love again, and became the disgusting, immortal creature you see above. "Burnt Offerings," is DWI's second favorite Iced Earth album. Iced Earth's first album, "Night of the Storm Rider," features Iced Earth's original vocalist John Greely, and is great for laughs because Greely is one of the worst metal vocalists ever. The rest of Iced Earth's albums have their moments but aren't really worth spending the time it would take to obtain them. For more information on Iced Earth, such as facts about their latest album "The Glorious Burden," that has a song about 9-11! visit www.icedearth.com. (I just bought "The Glorious Burden", man that is a terrible album! The new vocalist, Tim Owens, really, really sucks (worst of 80's style screeching)! Matt Barlow does backing vocals? Why? He is much better than Mr. Owens! "When the Eagle Cries," the 9-11 song is very funny though, check that song out. The rest of that stuff is... Grade A Crap! No good musicianship of any sort here.)
Last but not least, check out Demons & Wizards, a combo of Jon Schaffer (guitarist and song writer of Iced Earth) and Hansi Kurch (vocalist of Blind Guardian a horrible metal band that has songs about Dungeons & Dragons/fantasy related topics), some how the combo of these 2 puts out really good metal, better than the majority of the music they do in Iced Earth/Blind Guardian. "Touched by the Crimson King," is a great Demons and Wizards album, often symphonic metal in nature, songs about Stephen King books, A++++++!
DWI's sample song for Iced Earth is DWI's favorite Iced Earth song "The Hunter" from The Dark Saga!
DWI's sample song for Demons & Wizards is "Beneath the Waves" from Touched by the Crimson King!

Alive in Athens 3 CD Live Box Set, The Glorious Burden Cover, Something Wicked This Way Comes Cover, Picture from the song page for "When The Eagle Cries" from the inside of The Glorious Burden.

Band Picture from inside of Horror Show album.

Covers for Demons & Wizards- Touched by the Crimson King and self-titled.

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