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Moonsorrow- Best Epic Heathen Metal

Moonsorrow is most definitely the best "epic heathen metal," in town. Hailing from Finland, just as the great Finntroll, with whom they share a member, Moonsorrow boasts Finnish lyrics (growls/screams), keyboards, guitar, drums, bass, and various other acoustic/traditional instruments. Some times classified as "viking metal," many of Moonsorrow's tunes tell tales of viking wars and lore. Voimasta ja Kunniasta and Kivenkantaja are DWI's favorite albums by Moonsorrow, to learn more about the band and "epic heathen metal," visit www.moonsorrow.com.
DWI's sample song for Moonsorrow is "Hiidenpelto including Hapean Hiljaiset Vedet" from the album Vomiasta ja Kunniasta!

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