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The Barf-O-Rama series of books, is the best book series ever, and "The Great Puke-Off" is the best book ever. Here is a sample which will prove this statement to be 152.9% correct-

The twins screamed in unison. Their faces were a mass of dripping, dribbling, drooling poop. Ordure was in their hair. Ordure was in their ears. Yellow-brown, reeking filth was slithering down their necks and under their clothes.

Willie looked to see what was going on just as his own balloon swung out and smashed into the side of his head. He squealed like a pig. "Yaagh-gh!"

But he screamed a little too soon and got a huge mouthful of substance. It was like a second breakfast for Willie: baby matter stew. Pooptonium. Cream of butt product. Chunky style.


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