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Doctor Butcher M.D. (1984)- (Feat. Ian McCulloch, Peter O'Neal, Alexandra Cole, Donald O'Brian)
While Doctor Butcher M.D. is not the best film ever made it is so very good that Uncle Jack declared "Deathwish Industries must have a special Doctor Butcher M.D. section"! So, here that very special section is!!!
Doctor Butcher M.D. begins with someone stealing the hand of a cadaver at a hospital! Soon one discovers that this is not the first body to be mutilated! Next one is astonished to discover there is a cannibal at the hospital!!! What to do?! Other places have had this same problem!!! Solution- go to an island where these cannibals come from to discover that there are zombies there too!!!!
Doctor Butcher M.D. boasts a mad doctor who experiments with human brain transplants, cannibals, and zombies!!! Uncle Jack calls this the ultimate gore story combination ever!!! A Big Bear Malt Liquor of horror/gore films so to speak!!! Throats are slashed with gushing blood!!! Guts are removed and eaten by joyous cannibals!!! And the zombies?? They look interesting but don't really do much!!! Great!!!! Need anyone say more!!! Watch this mother, everyone should own this mother!!! Uncle Jack even found a review of this masterpiece by chance in Turbo Force the "Turbografx-CD System Game Magazine"! The crew at the magazine knew Doctor Butcher M.D. was so important that they had to take a pause from Turbografx game reviews to tell the world about their new found, splatter-filled entertainment!! Below Uncle Jack has provided this intense, two-page review!!! Uncle Jack has also provided some black and white movie promo card pictures and a short review of Doctor Butcher M.D. from horror movie reviewer Chas. Balun's book "Horror Holocaust"!!!!
-Click here for a video scene of cannibal feasting from Doctor Butcher M.D.!!!!!-


A Thai Movie Poster for Zombi Holocaust aka Doctor Butcher M.D.!

A German Movie Poster for Zombies Unter Kannibalen aka Doctor Butcher M.D.!

Spanish Movie Poster for Zombi Holocausto aka Doctor Butcher M.D.!

Below is the "Zombie Holocaust" aka Doctor Butcher M.D. movie review from Samhain magazine (Issue 19)! Uncle Jack has to take issue with the fact that reviewer Martyn Carre doesn't really say anything good about the film! Clearly Carre wouldn't know what one of the world's dopest movies ever was if it ripped his rotten guts out and ate them like a cannibalistic-zombie! Samhain magazine has plenty of reviews and interviews but is rather lacking in the pictures department and is unfortunately in black and white!

Some other names for Doctor Butcher M.D. are- Queen of the Cannibals, Regina dei cannibali, Terreur des zombies!

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