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Below are video clips or pages of video clips and reviews from various movies which DWI did not make, but endorses as quality entertainment- (THE OLDER VIDEO CLIPS WERE MADE WITH IMOVIE, YOU MAY NEED TO DOWN LOAD QUICKTIME FREE ONLINE IN ORDER TO VIEW THEM)


It's Potty Time!!- Music videos about how to use the potty!
Drug Free Kids- An informational film from the 80s about how cocaine gives you a runny nose and pot makes you hungry!
Am I Normal?- Learn about puberty for boys with "Little Jimmy!" in this 80s classic!
Bigfoot & Witches- Bigfoot is awesome, witches from the 80s are cool, this show is so scientific, great facts!
Grace, Guts, and Glory- Clips from a really weird video on the life of St. Francis, he sings! he cuts himself, he eats... we'll, you'll see!
Project Nightmare- The intro clip from this crazy 80s psychedelic-mind-trip movie!
Billy Drago- DWI's favorite actor serves up some murder in Delta Force 2, also a bizarre clip from his wife's acting class!
Ninja Movie Clips- DWI has taken pieces from some great and not so great Ninja films so the viewer may be the final judge of their quality!
Learn Gun Safety with Eddie Eagle!!- This fine, seven minute film was produced by the NRA for kids and is hosted by Jason Preistley and features his animated friend Eddie Eagle!!!
Zombie Movie Reviews- Uncle Jack is slowly adding video clip samples for the fine zombie films he has reviewed!!
Doctor Butcher M.D.- A sample scene of gory-cannibal-feasting from one the the world's greatest films!!
Nail Gun Massacre- The best nail gun death scene from the wonderfully terrible film, Nail Gun Massacre!!!
Indian Revenge Movie Clips- Scenes from movies featuring vengeful Native Americans!
The Divine Enforcer- Two video clips from this excellent movie about a vigilante priest with psychic powers!
Deadly Prey- See Ted Prior use his whittling skills to fashion a deadly spear!
Blood Massacre- Watch the amazing and murderous RIZZO use his home-made, saw blade launching gun!
Xtro: Watch the Skies- Wow! Amazing alien autopsy footage from this great sci-fi/horror film!
Crocodile- Watch our reptile villain destroy an entire village in this shitty film!
Bug- A fire starting cockroach sets a woman's head and house ablaze!
Bugged- A crappy looking mutant bug returns to life and attacks an exterminator!
Superstition- The best two deaths in this tale of a killer-witch-ghost!
Raiders of Atlantis- The arrival of the crappy Road Warrior rip-off bad guys!
The Invincible Barbarian- The Invincible Barbarian hops his way into unbloody carnage!
Dolly Dearest- Evil Dolls stitch a man's hand and get ugly!
Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Death- Dr. Jekyll freaks out when given a drink without ice!
The Carpenter- The Carpenter removes a bad man's arms!
The Devil Master- Laval "The Devil Master" conjures evil and murders in the wonderful conclusion of this great film?
Cameron's Closet- The best scene of gore from this mediocre horror film!
Crystal Force- A priest is visited by a crappy, computer-enhanced devil, spawned from a cursed crystal!
Skeleton Coast- Meet the great team of mercenaries from this dumb movie!
Firehead- All the scenes where Firehead uses his crappy laser powers to do dumb shit!
Repo Jake- Watch Repo Jake meet the lame repo crew and repo his first car! Boy does this movie suck!
Blazing Force- Our heroes beat up a crack dealer and the evil villain kills a helpless bum in this film which is so bad Uncle Jack had to shut it off after 15 minutes!!!!
Scorpion- Scorpion wears short shorts and takes down the terrorists with the help of his radical moustache!!!
Galaxina- A stupid Harley Davidson worshipping biker gang helps prove Galaxina is one of the worst movies ever made!!!
Evolver- The first kid versus robot Laser Tag game!!!
Evolver- Evolver kills stoners at a virtual reality gaming center!!!!
Evolver- Evolver's first kill!!!!
Evolver- Evolver learns to swear from the TV!!!!!
Evolver- The first scene with great computer generated graphics from this gem of a movie!!!!
Robo Chic- Robo Chic talks to Robo Car and shittily takes care of the world's lamest riot!!!
Robo Chic- This crappy shoot out helps illustrate that Robo Chic is truly one of the worst films ever made!!!!
Telepresence- The preview for one of the best/worst sci-fi films ever made!!!!!!
Telepresence- The first robot versus bug battle from the film (all 1996 computer animated!!!!!)!!!!
The Last Dinosaur- The lame, rubber dinosaur attacks in this movie no one should ever watch!!!
Hybrid- The Slimy Barney creature attacks!!!
Hybrid- How to kill a rat and find a rotting human corpse!!!!
The Dorm that Dripped Blood- How to slice a hand!!!!
Alone in the Dark- How to be 80s cool and ask about rastafarians!!!
Alone in the Dark- Meeting crazy Dr. Leo (Donald Pleasence)!!!!
Alone in the Dark- Meeting the killers (one of them is Jack Palance!)!!!
Alone in the Dark- How not to turn into porcelain!!!
Alone in the Dark- Meeting crazy Dr. Leo (Donald Pleasence) Again!!!
Man Beast- The Man Beasts attack mountain climbers in an ice cave!!!!
Reborn- How to be weird when making out and a helicopter is watching you!!!!
The Swamp of the Lost Monster- Horse dancing and The Lost Monster attacks!!!
Too Scared to Scream- The insane doorman at home with his mother!!!
Tower of Evil- The bloody intro to this 1972 English horror film (Contains Nudity NOT FOR CHILDREN!!!)!!!!
Hatchet for the Honeymoon- Our "paranoiac" anti-hero murders and disposes of the body!!!
The Stay Awake- Battling the slimy cat demon!!!
Fear- A crazed Vietnam veteran goes gun crazy in a country store!!
Fear- Frank Stallone and gang escape from their prison bus!!!
Cathy's Curse- Cathy uses her vile powers to rot her mother's food!!!
Cathy's Curse- Cathy gets the handyman drunk and hallucinating about bugs and snakes!!!!
Cathy's Curse- Cathy and her evil doll scare a psychic in the attic!!!!
Telepresence- The preview for the horribly good sci-fi film which features old school computer graphics!!!
Telepresence- The first and best robot versus bug computer animation scene!!!!!
Repo Jake- Repo Jake meets the repo gang, repos his first car, and Jam's crappy rapping!!!
The Chosen One- Carmen Electra puts on her crappy outfit and fights!!!!
Ninja USA- Amazing into with ninja butchery!!!!!
Frankenstein (1993)- The birth of the monster!!
I Dismember Mama- Albert has a discussion with his doctor!!!
Skinner- Skinner goes for a stroll in a black man's skin!!!
The Mad Butcher- The butcher makes and sells his special sausages!!
Sorority House Massacre 2- The girls use an Ouija board in their skimpy night wear!!!!!
Wizards of the Demon Sword- Intro to this piece of shit!
24 Hours Till Midnight- Video Clip of Cynthia Rothrock's First Transformation into a Ninja!!! See Her Ninja Weapons and Her Stunt Double Boobs!!!! Kids Don't Watch This or Your Parents Will Smack You For Looking at Boobs!!!!
24 Hours Till Midnight- Video Clip of Cynthia Rothrock's Amazing Ninja Assassin Technique with Throwing Stars!!!!
Soul of the Avenger- Video Clip of Mark Pelligrino's First Drunken-Cough Syrup Bum Martial Arts Fight!!!!
Soul of the Avenger- Video Clip of Mark Pelligrino Meeting the Bad Guys and Drinking a Hallucinogenic Potion!!!
UFOs "The Secret Evidence"- Video Clip From UFOs "The Secret Evidence" of a Reporter Talking About a Triangular UFO Sighting in South America!!! Notice how Good This Movie is.... Not!!!!
The Love Butcher- Video Clip of A Typical Conversation Between Crazy Caleb and Lester!!!
The Love Butcher- Video Clip of Lester Losing His Cool With Some Garden Sheers!!!!
Cheerleader Camp- Video Clip of the World's Worst Rap From Cheerleader Camp!!!!!
Lady Avenger- Video Clip of Lady Avenger's Lame Shout-Out With Some Stupid Thugs!!!
Dark Breed- Predator Alien Vs Jack Scalia and a Bazooka!!
Bloody Murder 2- Trevor Moorehouse's First Victim!!!
Epitaph- Insane and Drunk Mom Butchers the Painter!!!
Jugular Wine- LEGION Murders a Fellow Vampire!!!!
Time Barbarians- Doran the Barbarian Arrives in Modern LA and Battles Obnoxious Gang Members!!!
Panther Squad- SPACE JEEP, N.O.O.N. and Crappy Rocket Launch Stock Footage!!!!
Panther Squad- The Arrival of the Girls of Panther Squad!!
Panther Squad- Sybil Danning Sucking At Stage Fighting in a Bar Room Brawl!!!
Dudes- John Cryer and Daniel Roebuck have a Stupid Cowboys and Indians Hallucination!
Time Barbarians- Doran the Barbarian Arrives in Modern LA and Battles Obnoxious Gang Members!!!
Day of the Animals- Vultures Attack and Kill a Hiker!!!!
Ms. 45- Video Clip of a Sleazy Photographer's Bullet-Ridden Demise!!!!!
Kingdom of the Spiders- Video Clip of the First Meeting with the Spider Hill!!!!!
Night Master- Video Clip of the First Scene of "The Game" From the Film's Intro!!!!!
The Octagon- Video Clip of CHUCK's First Meeting with the NINJAS!!!!!
The Octagon- Video Clip of NINJAS Demonstrating Weapons!!!
Chick Boxer- Video Clip of the Dumbest Video Store Robbery Ever!!!!!
NINJA ROBOT- Video Clip of the Preview for NINJA ROBOT Which was Produced by the Same Company that Produced Chick Boxer!!!!! Looks Like One of the Worst "NINJA" Movies of All Time!!!!!!!!!!!
Mandroid- Video Clip of Mandroid Getting Cave Mushrooms!!!!!
Invasion from the Inner Earth- Video Clip of Pie Tin Alien Smoke Bomb Attack!!!! (video is a little scratchy)
Creepozoids- Video Clip of the Best Special Effects in Movie, Toxic Food Reaction!!!!
Thrillkill- Video Clip of the Stupid Video Game from the Film!!!!
Warlords of the Twenty-First Century- Video Clip of "Battletruck" Attacking a Village!!!!!
Scream Baby Scream- Video Clip of the Crappy Acid Trip Sequence and One of the Crummy Looking Bad Guys!!!!!
Mill of the Stone Women- Video Clip of the Moving Wax Statues on a Track in the Mill!!!
Lethal Victims- Video Clip of the Severed Dick Scene!!!!!
Savage Vengeance- Video Clip of a Chase Scene With the Crappiest Soundtrack Ever!!!!!
Savage Vengeance- Video Clip of the Cheesy Chainsaw to the Head Scene!!!!!!!
Angel of the Night- Video Clip of a Bullet Filled Run-In With Vampires!!!!
Track of the Moonbeast- Video Clip of the Moonbeast Attacking a Card Game in a Tent!!!!!
Psyclops- Video Clip of the Arrival of the Brain Bugs Via the Shitty Machine!!!!!!
Psyclops- Video Clip of Brain Bugs!!!
Psyclops- Video Clip of Stupid Zombie Happenings in the Cemetary!!!!!!!
The Tempter- Video Clip of the Famed Orgy in Hell Scene!!!!!!! NOT FOR KIDS THERE ARE SOME BOOBS AND BUTTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Winter Beast- Video Clip of the Monster Infested Dream From the Begining of the Film!!!!! Rad!!!!!!!
God Told Me To- Video Clip of the Sniper in the Beginning of the Film!!!!!!
The Cage- Video Clip of Carol Kane Being Crazy About Mafu!!!!!
The Escort- A Video Clip That Demonstrates This Film's Shit-Dump Acting!!!!!!
The Ripper- Video Clip of Two Scenes of Mutilation and a Bad Rap!!!!!!!
Ninja the Protector- Video Clip of Sho Kosugi's Ninja Theater from the Beginning of the Movie!!!
Ninja the Protector- Video Clip of the Intro, all the Ninja Fight Scenes, and the Final Ninja Battle!!!! DON'T WATCH IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE ENTIRE FILM THIS WILL SHOW YOU THE VERY END!!!!!!!!
Ravager- Video Clip of the Preview for this Lousy Film!! Notice the Rad Computer Graphics!!!!!!
Home Sweet Home- Video Clip of the Intro to this Stupid Movie with the Killer Injecting PCP into his Tongue!!!!
Scream Bloody Murder- Video Clip of the Hook-Handed Boy's First Killings!!!!!!
Computer Warriors- The Computer Warriors Rap Video!!!!!!
The Adventures of Little Drip- Learn How the Water Cycle Works In This Educational Video!!!
Why We Have Laws: Shiver, Gobble and Snore- An Educational Cartoon from 1970!!
Cheerleader Massacre- Video Clip of a Blood Spurting-Decapitated Body!!! Best Gore in the Film!!!!
Search and Destroy- Video Clip of Crappy and Crazy Cowboys Attacking Soldiers in Gas Masks!!!!!
American Cyborg- Video Clip of the Cyborg Destroying the Arms Dealer's Hideout!!!
City Limits- Video Clip of a Shitty, Motorcycle Dual Between a Member of the Clippers and the DAs!!!!!
American Ninja- Video Clip of the First Appearance of Ninjas!!!
American Ninja- Video Clip of the Evil Ninja Army Skills Demonstration!!!!
American Ninja 2- Video Clip of the Evil Ninja Army Skills Demonstration!!!
American Ninja 3- Video Clip of the Crappy Evil Ninja Army Skills Demonstration!!
American Ninja 4- Video Clip of David Bradley's First Battle with the Ninjas!!!!!
American Ninja 4- Video Clip of the Evil Ninja Army Skills Demonstration!!!!
Razorback- Video Clip of Razorback Tearing up the Cannery in an Attempt to Kill Gregory Harrison!!!
Blue Monkey- Video Clip of the Old Man Vomiting a Bug and of the Full Grown Bugs!!!
Darkman 3- Video Clip of Darkman Being Shitty While Trying to Evade the Bad Dudes!!!!
Jaguar Lives- Video Clip of Jaguar Battling Donald Pleasence's Motorcycle Riding Henchmen!!!!
Aladin Und Die Wonderlampe- Video Clip of Aladdin Making the Animals Cry With His Sad and Beautiful Song!!!!
Aladin Und Die Wonderlampe- Video Clip of the Princess Singing a Great Song!!!
The Master Ninja- Video Clip of the First Appearence of The Master!!!!
The Master Ninja- Video Clip of The Master Vs the Police!!!!!
Ninja Strike Force- Video Clip of the First Half of the Ninja Scenes!!!!!!!
Ninja Strike Force- Video Clip of the Second Half of the Ninja Scenes!!!!!!!!
Death to Kill- Video Clip of the First Shootfighting Match From Death to Kill!!!!!
Slaughterhouse Rock- Video Clip of the Shitty Music Video Style-Ressurection Scene and the Lame Cannibal Monster!!!
Leprechaun 4- Video Clip of the Most Dumb-Fuck Scene from the Film!!!!!
Leprechaun 4- Video Clip of the Crappy, Cyborg Scientist and the Leprechaun!!!
Dracula: Fact or Fiction- Video Clip of Some of the Idiotic "Dracula Experts" from the Show!!!!!
Aarvy Aardvark Finds Hope- Video Clip of Gross Aarvy, Irritating Ralphy and the Dead Bird!!
El Mofles 4- Video Clip of El Mofles Dreaming of Being a Pro Wrestler and Falling in His Bed Pan!!!
The Fix- Video Clip of the Crappy Intro to the Film Which Sucks so much that it is Cool!!!
Angels Die Hard- Video Clip of the Shitty Bar Fight from the Begining of the Film!!!!
Brotherhood of Justice- Video Clip of Keanu Reeves Yelling at His Younger Brother for Using Cocaine and then Going to Beat Up the Dealer!!!!
Bulletproof- Video Clip of Bulletproof's Amazing Getaway on a Giant Spool and the Inside of the Thunderblast!!!
Cyclone- Video Clip of Jeffery Combs Explaining all the Bikes Features to Heather Thomas!!!
Stunts The Deadly Game- Video Clip of the First Stunt to Result in Death!!
The Fast Kill- Video Clip of the Vault Robbery (This is by Far the Most Exciting thing to Happen in the Film)!
Prisoners of the Lost Universe- Video Clip of Hostile Midgets with Glowing, Red Eyes, and Meeting the Blue Man!!!
Nirvana- Video Clip of Christopher Lambert's Visit to a Deadly Virtual Reality Competition!!!!
The Adventures of Hercules- Video Clip of Hercules Battling Energy Monsters and the Gorgon!!!!
The Nightmare Never Ends- Video Clip of the Man Who Doesn't Believe in God's Run in with the Devil!!!!
The Godsend- Video Clip of the Encounter with the Strange Woman who Gives Birth to the Evil Girl!!!
Mark of the Beast- Video Clip of Boring Video Editing and A Satanic Gathering!!
The Mind Snatchers- Video Clip of Walken's First Meeting with His Unusual Roommates!!!!
Microwave Massacre- Video Clip of Vernon Learning You Have to Eat the Body and Sharing His Wife's Meat with His Co-Workers!!!!!
The Warrior and the Sorceress- Video Clip of the Dancer With Four Boobs!!!!!! THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR KIDS!!!! IT SHOWS A WOMAN WITH BOOBS- FOUR BOOBS!!!!!!!!!!
SHE- Video Clip of One of the Movie's Most Annoying Scenes!!!
Space Rage- Video Clip of the Only Scene to Have Anything Futuristic Looking- A Space Ship!!!! Also the Shotgun Explanation!!!
Phase IV- Video Clip of the Psychedelic Ant Filled Intro to the Film!!!
Zero Population Growth- Video Clip of Diane Cilento Having Difficulties Loving Her Fake Child!!!!
Cosmos War of the Planets- Video Clip of an Exciting? Space Walk!!!!
Cosmos War of the Planets- Video Clip of the "Cosmic Love" room!!!!!
Cosmos War of the Planets- Video Clip of an Alien Space Signal!!!
Arcade- Video Clip of Arcade's Stupidly Cool Premier at Dante's Crappy Inferno!!!!
The Tomb- Video Clip of the Topless Dancer with Huge Tits in a Cop Outfit Dancing Cooly and Pearson Pulling a Beer Out of His Shorts!!! KIDS DON'T WATCH THIS YOUR PARENTS DON'T WANT YOU LOOKING AT BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!!!
Tokyo the Last Megalopolis- Video Clip of the Evil Kato's First Appearence!!!!!!
The Crawlers- Video Clip of the Final Showdown with "The Crawlers" and the Shitty Model Bulldozer!! Also, the Only Scene with Gore in the Film!
Catch the Heat- Video Clip of a Crappy Fight and Chase and Tiana Alexandra's Wet T-Shirt Scene!!
Ragin' Cajun- Video Clip of David Heavener Singing a Shitty Love Song!
Super Dragon- Video Clip of the Second Fight with the Masked Man and Ninjas!!!!
Mafia Vs. Ninja- Video Clip of the Fight with the Grass Magic Ninjas!!!!!!!
Ninja Hunter- Video Clip of the Battle at the Ninja Training Grounds!!!!!
Convict 762- The Preview for this Amazing Film!!!!
The Toxic Avenger- Video Clip of Tox's First Shitty Fight!!!! Keep in Mind that this is One of the Movie's Better Scenes??!!!!!
The Toxic Avenger Part 2- Video Clip of the World's Fucking Stupidest Fight Scene Ever!!!! From One of the World's Fucking Stupidest Movies Ever!!!!!!
Only the Strong- Video of the Lame Rap Video in the Beginning of the Movie!!!
Only the Strong- Video of Steven's First Day Back at His Old School and His First Fight!!!!
Only the Strong- Video of Steven's First Capoeria Class and His Bonery Students!!!!!
Only the Strong- Video of Steven's First Encounter with the Film's Villain!!!!
Ninja 3 "The Domination"- Video of the Radical Ninja Assassin's Murderous Rampage from the Start of the Film!!!!!!
Ninja Vs. Ninja- Video of the Cool Ninja Magic and Fighting Skills from the Start of the Movie!!!!
Cyborg Soldier- Video of the Introduction of the Cyborgs (aka Crapborgs) and the Crapborg Revolt!!!!!!
Zone Troopers- Video of the "Zone Troopers" Hanging out in a Cave and Some Dumb Things the Alien can do!!!
Tales of the Unknown- The Entire "Living on Video" Tale from this Dumb Collection of Films!!!
Witchery- Video of Linda Blair Meeting Witches and Their BBQ Baby!!!!!
Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama- Video of the Awesomely Stupid Sorority Initiation Intro!!!!!!
Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama- Video of the Mega-Lame Imp's First Appearance!!!
Xtro- Video of Xtro's Gory Birth into a Human Form!!! THIS VHS IS OLD AND DIRTY!!!! SOME GLITCHES APPEAR IN THE CLIP!!!!!
Rats "Night of Terror"- Video of the Arrival of the Road Warriorish Gang to the Rat Infested Town!!!!
Beyond Darkness- Video of a Frightening Meal in a Haunted Kitchen and the Evil Ghosts in Black Shawls!!! (This is Pretty Much as Scary as Beyond Darkness Ever Gets!!)
Curse of the Blue Lights- Video of the Ghouls Making Human Soup!!! Best Gore of the Film!!!!
Curse of the Blue Lights- Video of the Crappiest Gypsy-Witch Ever to Bless the Movie World!!!!!
Night Angel- Video of a Scene in Hell with the Best Special Effects in the Show!!!!!
Ninja Death 3- Video of the Impossible to Follow and Amazing Intro to this Legendary Movie!!!!!
Street Asylum- Video Clip of Wings Hauser on His First Trip of Madness With a Member of "The Squad"!!!!!
The Annihilators- Video Clip of Roy Boy Making His First Appearence of Brutality with a Meat Tenderizer!!!! CAUTION THIS CLIP HAS BOOBS!! NOT FOR KIDS!!!!!
Thunder Run- Video Clip of Charlie Morrison and His Battle Semi-Truck Meeting VW Beetles Armed with Rockets!!!!
The Danger Zone- Video Clip of The Girl's Singing Their Crappy 80s Song and Meeting Reaper and His Biker Gang!!!!
Zebra Force- Video Clip of The Vietnam Vets Committing Their First Robbery Dressed as Black Dudes!!!
Scanner Cop- Intro Video Clip of Crazy Scanner Vs. Cops!!!!!
Ghoulies 4- Video Clip of The Arrival of the Shitty Ghoulies and a Lame Assassin/Satanist Chick in Black Leather!!!!
Poison Ivy 2- Video Clip of Alyssa Milano Looking Through Ivy's Crappy Diary and Pictures!!!! WARNING BOOBS CONTENT!!!! NOT FOR DUMB KIDS!!
Bloody Wednesday- Video Clip of Harry Acting Weird and Doing Weird Stuff!!!!!!
Rocktober Blood- Video Clip of the Final Concert and Carnage!!!! DON'T WATCH IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE THE END OF THIS POOPY MOVIE!!!
What Waits Below- Video Clip of the Discovery of the Albino Hair Loom and Bone Weapon!!!!
What Waits Below- Video Clip of the Attack of the Cave Snakes and Albinos!!!
What Waits Below- Video Clip of the First Attack of the Albinos!!!!!!
Midnight Ride- Preview for the Film!!!!!
Manhattan Baby- Video Clip of Terror in the Tomb and the Evil Amulet Gift!!!!!!
Boarding House- Preview for the Film. Warning Contains BOOBS And BLOOD!!! NOT FOR CHILDREN!!!
The Witching- A Satanic Preview with Boobs, Goat Headed Men and Gore!!!! Stupid Kids DON'T WATCH!!!!
Funeral Home- Preview for the Film!!!
Just Before Dawn- Preview for the Film!!!!
The Gates of Hell- A Crappy Preview for an Awesome Film by Italian Horror Master Lucio Fulci!!!!!
The One Armed Executioner- Preview for the Film!!
Hotwire- Preview for this Shitty 80s Car Thievery Comedy Flick!!!!!!
Boarding House- Video Clip of Royce Practicing Telekineses in a Man Thong!!!!
Boarding House- Video Clip of the Girls Arriving at the House!!!
Boarding House- Video Clip of Royce Practicing Telekineses in the Bathtub with Victoria!!!!
Boarding House- Video Clip of One of the Girls Talking with the Crazy and Radical Gardener!!!!!!
Boarding House- Video Clip of Victoria's Frightening Nightmare with Amazing Gore and Special Effects??!!!!
Boarding House- Video Clip of a Scene if Awesome Gore and Cocaine!!!


Ships Ahoy A mentally deficient boy's failure to get a circumcision at his mother's request has bloody consequences. Banned from You Tube! Check it out.

Day of the Worms A boy who lives in a cupboard clogs the toilet for the last time.

The Theory of Gravity vs Light The tale of a handyman's magical find.

This is not Disneyland A coonskin cap wearing lad learns that what they say about Satan is true.

An In Depth Look at Science and Oil The cupboard dwelling boy returns to drink more chemicals and suffer at the hands of his mother.

The Bum Meets Rabid Fox When a homeless alcoholic receives a visit from a hostile mammal, the result is pure carnage.

The Face Killing A thoughtful man meets a violent poet.

The Bad Slumber The Horse Head Killer's first appearance.

The Unedited Ketchup Nightmare The uncut, ketchup-gore sequence which originated from the short, An In Depth Look At Science & Oil.

Here are some of the exciting short films which Uncle Jack made in elementary and middle school with his family and friends!! These shorts were made back in the day when video cameras used VHS tapes and were both crappy and expensive!!!

Bag Head- An unsuccessful fisherman meets a murderous girl with a bag on her head!!!
Bag Head Returns- The bag headed girl returns to kill a thief and exact revenge on the fisherman!!! Uncle Jack's favorite home video end (one of the best movie ends ever!!) is featured in this short film!!!!
The Chef X- One of many films in the "Chef" series which feature cooks who have a habit of dismembering themselves!
Gut Ripper- An unfinished film which features Uncle Jack's best childhood zombie creation the "Gut Ripper"!!!
The Tax Collector- A piece of history from the period when Uncle Jack specialized in confusing/strange and violent films!!!
The Wrong Ring- A boy scout learns what happens to forest ring thieves!
Death Joke- Uncle Jack's shortest short ever!!
The Adventures of Farmer Chef- A hastily constructed tale of a farmer's deadly encounter with a barbeque!!!
You're Not My Father- A young man receives a phone call in the woods with gory results!

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