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Pushead- Pushead is the most important artist in the life of Uncle Jack!!! As a young lad, Uncle Jack spent much time admiring Pushead art on skateboards and album covers for bands such as Metallica!!!! Back in the good old days when every skateboard had to have a skull on it!!!! Before most skateboard art started to suck!!!! Pushead is hands down the most radical artist of skulls!!!!!

Usugrow- Usugrow is Uncle Jack's second favorite artist of skulls!!! Like Pushead Usugrow does a lot of art for skateboards and album covers!!!!

ELECTRIC COFFIN- Uncle Jack highly endorses the Seattle based artist Duffy and his Electric Coffin Supply Company!!!! Duffy's collage based art is full of guns and old pulp art!!!- "Electric Coffin Supply Co. is an art based creative firm. Our slogan "Built from Death" embraces the notion of using salvaged materials and reworking old imagery to create something new. Everything we create is handmade and one of a kind."

The Piranha Shop
THE PIRANHA SHOP- The Piranha Shop is an artist workspace which hosts radical art shows and events in downtown Seattle!! Electric Coffin is a member of The Piranha Shop Gang!!!!

STEFFAN HOFMANN- This crazy mofo is the brains behind the Spacecraft brand and the group of artists known as "The Spacecraft Collective"!! Hofmann collects awesome imagery from all sorts of sources and combines them to make often dark pictures which generally seem to comment in some way on the shortcomings of modern day humans!!!! This dude makes some of the coolest shit Uncle Jack has seen!!!!

MAYNERD- A Seattle based artist who is extremely skilled with consistent dark content!!!!

W3 Collective- The W3 Collective are three dudes with mad stenciling skills from West Seattle!!! Their love of Rainier Beer is often evident in their work!!!!

“Macho Man” by Justin Kane Elder
Justin Kane Elder- A talented woodworker and painter, Justin Kane Elder uses layers of geometric stencils and spray paint to create large images of famous people ("Macho Man" Randy Savage Above!!!!) and friends!!!! Elder has recently brought his skills with wood over to the dark side- teaming up with Duffy in the battle of Electric Coffin!!!!

EGO- This Seattle artist kicks a lot of ass and has more twisted talent than most people could ever dream of!!!!!

The The Isabella was a commission project multi-effect.
TIM KAISER- A crazy genius who makes awesome musical machines out of all kinds of old electronics!!!

J. CHRIST AND BEEFETISH.COM- J. Christ is the master of home made comics of craziness which are produced in the classic underground zine style!!! J. Christ's Moon Treatise series will amaze anyone with insanity worms in their brain!! Visit J. Christ's website beefetish.com to view pages from his comics and other intoxicated creations!!!!

Every second Friday of the month in Greenwood Washington, Urban Light Studios puts on a rad art show and has a DJ!!!! The shows feature art from an assortment of local and non-local artists who generally seem to rock!!! The studio rents rooms and equipment for photography purposes or events!! There are numerous different rooms with different themes such as ultra-modern, log cabin, or safari pimp pad (as pictured above)! The themed rooms are cool to check out while drinking cheap beer during the second Friday festivities!!!! In the basement of Urban Light Studios there are rooms which are rented by weird artists who display their work on second Fridays. Bherd Studios (below) is also in the basement and always features talented and cool artists!!!

Twilight Artist Collective
Twilight Artist Collective- A nice little gallery in West Seattle which features work by dope local artists!!!

Bherd Studios is an independent artist run gallery. Our gallery is housed within The Greenwood Collective which is a unique historical building located in the Greenwood neighborhood of North Seattle. We curate monthly rotating group exhibits in the urban contemporary genre. We focus on promoting emerging to mid-career Pacific NW artists, but also work with select national and international artists on a case by case basis. We also currently curate exhibits at Gainsbourg restaurant in Greenwood, group shows at Gene Juarez Spa & Salon downtown Seattle, as well as, "Meet the Artist" events bi-monthly for 1st Thursday at the Alexis Hotel in downtown Seattle.

We are a part of S3A which was Founded in 2007, s3a is a group of artists and galleries committed to raising awareness of the alternative art scene in Seattle and the Northwest by chronicling and promoting events, artists and venues.


Tasty is a little gallery in Phinney Ridge, Washington which is run by Sheri Hauser and Sean "Wilky" Wilkinson!!! Every month Tasty has a new art show with a new theme!! Many of the artists featured at Tasty are highly cool on the Deathwish Scale!!!! Of course, the fact that Raw Garbage has had artwork at Tasty makes it extra rad!!!!!
Tasty opened on Friday March 12th, 2010 to celebrate independent artisans from the NW and beyond. You can find the shop on Phinney Ridge in Seattle at 7513 Greenwood Ave N. Seattle, WA 98103. That’s up the hill from beautiful Greenlake, or just north of Woodland Park Zoo. HOURS:
Tues-Sat 11:00 – 7:00
Sunday 12:00 – 5:00
Monday Closed
Currently featuring original works from 60 unique artists and designers.

DEAR EARTHLING- Dear Earthling is a crazy Seattle artist with a brain which screams drug-space travel-hallucination!!!! His paintings feature the use of acrylic, stencil work, and spray paint!!!! The strange worlds which Dear Earthling creates spawn from journeys which he takes to other realms where he meets distant beings!!!!!!!

Joe Vollan- Another talented Seattle artist that is into dark shit... weird shit... SKULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

BENEATH THE WAVES- This is the website of Lance Benriksen, a super-genius who Uncle Jack bothers for help fixing and making electronic devices and doing computer repairs!!! Benriksen is a master of multispectral photography, programming, statistical audio synthesis, and just about everything which he does- because his brain works too well!!!! (Above is a picture of a very basic device for simulating poor reception via the coaxial RF connector on analogue televisions. Benriksen made the device which Raw Garbage painted for the "Skull Channel" project!)

SCRAME- The weird website of Liam "Killing Log Cannon Death Machine" Kingsley Christopher!!!! The madman who helped Uncle Jack create Deathwish Industries and other now deceased websites such as enemytshirts.com and justonefixrecords.com!!!!


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