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Death Drug (1985)- (Feat. Philip Michael Thomas, Vernee Watson, Rosalind Cash, Frankie Crocker, John Poole)
Death Drug is by far one of the best movies ever made!!! Death Drug is for Angel Dust aka PCP what the film Reefer Madness is to Ronald Land aka Marijuana! The big differences between these two movies are- it is much less hard to argue that PCP is bad for a person than weed, and Philip Michael Thomas of Miami Vice fame rocks the screen more than anyone except perhaps the crazy eyes guy in Reefer Madness!
The excellent story of Death Drug is- Philip Michael Thomas is a PLUMBER! and aspiring MUSICIAN! who makes the mistake of taking a free sample of "Whack" from a friendly drug dealer!! Soon Philip Michael Thomas finds himself completely addicted to "Whack" and losing his grip on his job, his musical career and reality!!! Be warned this movie has a very sad end, YOU WILL CRY?!!! Philip Michael Thomas begins the movie with a one to one discussion with you- the viewer, about how important making this film was to him!
It is exceptionally funny when Philip Michael Thomas begins yelling and crying as he trys to win back his father's love (over-acting to the extreme)!!!! There are many hilarious scenes of Philip Michael Thomas going nuts, hallucinating and exhibiting extreme paranoia!
There are also numerous, wonderful, fake television scenes that take place superimposed on a crappy looking TV! And let us not forget the fact that the movie goes on well after the absence of our star, with fake news reports and other radical crappiness!!!
For fans of "The Gap Band," there is an original song which they play in a club with the help of Philip Michael Thomas' fine piano skills! And, last but not least, there is a really good music video which they created for the film where Philip Michael Thomas displays his fine singing and shirt taking off technique!! Below are many of the more choice video segments from this blockbuster of a flick! Don't watch the final movie clip if you plan on tracking this movie down, it could ruin the magical end for you!
Directed by Oscar Williams
Philip Michael Thomas' Death Drug Introduction Monologue Video Clip!!
Why Don't You Love Me Daddy Video Clip!!!
The Death Drug Music Video With Philip Michael Thomas And The Alligator Comb!!!!
Conspiracies At Work Video Clip!!!
Conspiracies At The Music Studio Video Clip!!!
The Final Freak-Out Video Clip (Movie End Spoiler Watch Out!)!!!!!

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