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About Reviews AKA Who Is DWI?

Deathwish Industries is a great place for the whole family! Uncle Jack (pictured above) is the mind behind DWI's web presence. Uncle Jack posts things which he thinks are important and funny. Uncle Jack does not claim any of his great reviews are well written. Uncle Jack has many run on sentences. The main purpose of Uncle Jack's reviews is to make other individuals who collect horror and action films, horror comics, video games, and drink fine varieties of alcohol aware of things which they may not know exist so they can collect them too.
Uncle Jack is here to warn you what movies are bad and what movies are so bad you should watch them. Uncle Jack is here to let you know Billy Drago is really cool. Uncle Jack is here to tell you most zombie comic books suck!
While Uncle Jack would like to be able to add content to his web page everyday or at least every week, he does get caught up in creating other strange things much of the time, such as drugged-death-beats and his current battle to be the world's best Gun Liquor Stencilist of Junk Culture!
For more understanding of Uncle Jack and what he does see the photos below.
Favorite Food- Real Italian Pizza!
Favorite Alcoholic Beverage- Big Bear Malt Liquor!
Favorite Alcoholic Energy Beverage- Four Loko! 11% ALC. Baby!
Favorite Movie- The Acting Class with Billy Drago!
Favorite Actor- Billy Drago!
Favorite Type of Music- Death Metal!
Favorite Death Metal Band- Kataklysm
Favorite Album- Alibi Montana! "Inspiration Guerriere" (French Gangster Rap!)
Favorite Director- Lucio Fulci (More blood please!)
Favorite Fulci Film- It is a tie! House by the Cemetery and Manhattan Baby!
Favorite Cartoon- Futuropolis!
Favorite Kind of People- the ones that aren't really stupid!
Favorite Activity- Stenciling
Favorite Video Game- Bachelor Party for the Atari 2600! They stopped making good video game systems in the mid 90s! Old school forever!
Favorite Comic- Gore Shriek!
Favorite Comic Artist- Rolf Stark!
Favorite Color- Black of course!
Favorite Place- Washington State Mofo!
Favorite Musical Instrument- Yamaha RM1X!

Uncle Jack's wife shows off his Casio DG-10 digital guitar! Aren't they both beauties?!

Uncle Jack's Hero- Actor Billy Drago Supports Enemy T Shirts/DWI!!!

Uncle Jack used to collect arcade games until he realized he didn't have room for them!

Legion visits an old shed!

"Mark Eats Dogs" eats a scrumptious Spam burger with eggs and bacon!

Uncle Jack believes in the healthiness of Spam!

Techno Man eats a mouth-watering Spam burger while thinking about bacon flavored Spam!

Delicious Eggs go on Spam burgers!

Spam burgers look like burnt flesh!!!!!!

Legion reminds the world that in the words of B Real-
"There is no way out of this mushroom pie!"

Uncle Jack makes beer!

That is how you stir the beer!

The beer flows!

"Day Off" everyday!

Uncle Jack's home boy, the flying monkey!

Uncle Jack's stencil work bench!

Uncle Jack found his friend the inside-out rat at work!

Uncle Jack (Legion) Fixes Pieces of Scrap Wood!

The Jackalope and his Ho at Uncle Jack's Tree House!

Inside Uncle Jack's Tree House!

The Tree House! Needs some stencils!

Tom Vomit discovers the ultimate club sandwich!!

Uncle Jack's Favorite Cooler at the 44th Market!!!

Granfa Grigg Responsibly Enjoys Everclear and Hurricane Ice With His Dirty Child!!

Slash's Younger Brother Shred Partying It Up At 44th Market!!!

Who Wants To Party With Uncle Jack?!!!

Who doesn't need a little fresh oil?!!!

One of Uncle Jack's friends playing in the bush!

Uncle Jack creates a wind chime baby!

Just another dirty, creepy, clown painting in Gamba's House!

Mario partied with Uncle Jack and friends on 4th of July 08!

Mario partied a little to much!!!

This Amazing Picture Was Found On The Ground By Uncle Jack Many Years Ago! Notice The Mystery of the Giant Hole in the Babies Head! You can See Through The Head! Poor Kid! He Must Really Get Teased at School!
Click Here for A High Quality Gif Download of The Astonishing Baby with a Hole in the Head Picture!


Drinkin' and Drivin' with Rainier Beer!!!


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